I Love...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Colored tights
Hot chocolate with whipped cream

Soup (apparently I'm always eating soup when one of my classmates sees me in the dining halls)
College (so, so much)
Having a set of keys
Walking around campus

That I'm about to be 20 (!)
Elsie's blog
Fur hats
Sparkling apple-pomegranate juice
Nail polish

British accents
Wearing perfume
Being a redhead

Men with bow ties
Doctor Who (see above)
The thrill of re-reading something I've written, as if for the first time

What are you loving in 2013 so far? 


  1. I'm loving my last semester of college. I know I just started but my professors are all really awesome, and I think being a senior just gives me a positive outlook on school ;)

    I love the SoCal weather that we are getting.

    I love wedding planning actually. I haven't been stressed out by it at all, and it has been a really positive experience (this far)!

    I'm with you on this one, I love lists! Super helpful little things.


    1. That sounds like a great semester, Chely! I'm excited for you as a senior - and having awesome professors never hurts. Mine are looking pretty great too, which is a huge blessing. I bet y'all's weather is fantastic! And I'm glad you're actually enjoying the wedding planning process rather than being stressed out. I think that'll definitely help when the actual day comes! :)And yep - I'm addicted to lists. Make one every day!