Belated Modest Monday: A Peek at Colorblocking

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just joining the Modest Monday party? Here's the original post. Each Monday, I post a modest, stylish outfit that I wear along with some thoughts on modesty. 

Why? Because I believe you don't have to sacrifice fashion for purity. 
 Modesty does not equal frumpy. 
These are outfits I really, truly wear in my day-to-day life. I'm a girl determined to live a life of purity, modesty, and plenty of style. 


Yes, I missed the last two Modest Mondays...I'm figuring out the photographer situation and in the middle of school which started back up last week.

But...I do have a peek at something fun fashion-wise that I've been playing around with.


Colorblocking is essentially taking a bright color and juxtaposing it against other bright colors...they can be opposites on the color wheel (such as deep purple, coral, and verdant green) or different shades of one hue (like the purple outfit I wore for Advent a while back). It's a really fun way to be more adventurous and put together colors and pieces that you might not have ever thought went together cohesively.

Today's outfit was an almost exotic, ethnic-looking print dress. I've wore in with red tights before, but I really wanted to play up the varied colors in the dress, so I went with bright purple leggings, a black skirt for an added inch or two at the hem (the dress went a little higher than I liked), and some shiny red heels.

Toto, we're not in Kanas anymore. More like Technicolor. ;)

Want to join in? Snap a pic of your outfit - today's counts too! - and link to it below in the comments, or Instagram it with the hashtag #modestmonday (I'm raewyn83 on there) or Tweet me the pic (@gracefuleats). I'd love to see your outfits, casual or dressy, fun or relaxed!

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