My Story...

Sunday, December 16, 2012

My name is Grace.

And I have a story.

It comes from deep within me, born of wonder and childlike curiosity...fed with rich tales of goodness battling against evil, braveness shown in even the smallest of persons, friendships that bolster one to stand tall and proud, a Faith that is beautiful and mysterious and can never be fully understood by earthly minds or explained by earthly tongues, and a Love that transcends all thoughts the world urges upon us.

It's a story of inescapable awe. Of might and majesty. And the people fantastically blessed to dwell in it - this wild, wide, wonderful world, carved by the breath and hands of One who is greater than any of us can ever imagine.

It's one of laughter. Rich, deep, bubbling up and overflowing from one soul to another. A shared mirth, merriment passed on - blessing, healing, rejuvenating others.

This story is not particularly grand nor loquacious. It is not a sparrow masquerading as a peacock. It is, rather, simply and straightforwardly, a tale. Of a very small girl, a very large world, and the very wonderful people she meets.

 A story of scones, adventures, Stones, shrieks of laughter, elves, arrows, and a sprawling, breathtaking land that is both strange and yet homelike. 

These are my characters...each one as dear to my heart and as real as the people who walk alongside me on my path.

This is my world. 

My story.

- I'm back home from finals and delving delightedly into my novel, reintroducing myself to my beloved characters, and planning to plot, type, and develop The Book as much as possible over Christmas break. I might even share some snippets on here. :)

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