Feminine Friday: Advent Colors

Friday, December 21, 2012

Hello! Today I'm joining the lovely Deanna over at A Heart Like Mary's for Feminine Friday.

Every Friday Deanna posts her outfit that day (always a skirt or dress) as a celebration of our femininity and modesty. I've been meaning to join her and have finally gotten around to it!

 Because there's only a few days of Advent left, I thought I'd celebrate by wearing the liturgical color...and do some color blocking at the same time. :)

In other words, I look like a purple Smurf. Most reverent, no? 

Can't go wrong with orange and gold nail polish!

Bag and shirt: thrifted
Ring: Cato's
Tights and scarf: gift
Skirt: Cherokee
Belt: The Icing
Boots: Faded Glory


Slight announcement...my hair is now red! I was ready for a change, so I tried something a bit different. 

I love it. 

Christmas is only a few days away...wheeeee!

I'm ready - bring on the celebrating and good cheer to all. ;)

 I wish you all a wonderful weekend in this last week of Advent and a blessed beginning of the Christmas season!


  1. I sign into blogger- just about to upload my pictures - and what do I see...? Your ff post! LOVE! Love your boots and scarf and the purple... everything!

    1. Thank you, girlie! I went to your blog to link my post on yours, but you hadn't uploaded yours yet, so I decided to wait. :) So glad to finally join you!