Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weary and Wishing

Oh, friends.

It's been a long past few days. And truly, the madness is only starting. I'm involved in the university's production of the Greek tragedy Hecuba. I can honestly say it's a spectacularly impressive play, with full-throttle actors; heart-felt pain and anguish; brilliant costumes that are a clashing yet cohesive mesh of steampunk, post-apocalyptic Greek attire; and eerie, haunting music juxtaposed against a modern warehouse set draped with low, dusky lights of green and purple.

 It's an awe-inspiring play, and I'm fortunate enough to be on the costume crew for it along with my best friend. It's an exciting, yet thoroughly exhausting job. Not as exhausting as acting in it, I realize - there's only one part mid-play where we directly help actors change backstage - but the pre-show preparations and post-show duties are lengthy. Each evening begins around 5 and ends at 10. And of course, each day is a full day of classes before we're on call at the theater. We open tomorrow evening.

It's difficult to believe Thanksgiving is next week. I (and she) want to sleep for two solid weeks, eat a surplus amount of vegan food, home-cooked meals, and not type or write anything. How lovely that sounds. Even lovelier still is the idea of not rushing anywhere. Of not having to get something done, read this assignment, write that paper, turn in this report.

Or eat dining hall food.

It's sure to be a week of little sleep and not much food, but I'm hanging on to Thanksgiving as my motivation.

Granted, I'm so tired, I don't want to cook a single thing. How lovely it would be to just come to the table and see tons of dishes I can just eat... Perhaps I'll be able to hire a personal chef, also known as Whole Foods. ;)

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  1. Praying for you, for endurance and a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. Hmmmm... I have seen vegan turkeys molded out of soy but I'm not sure how they tasted. ;)

    College is so exhausting when you are doing it right. I know some who party through four years but then come away with nothing.

    But studying hard and getting involved in all kinds of activities will bring you not only a degree but a lifetime of memories. Would love to see pictures of what costumes you worked on.

    My son had to attend an extra semester since he transferred from a Community College to the University. With a new wife, work, and challenging classwork... he is looking forward to JUST working!




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