A Loud Cry for Stillness

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

There's a hunger in my heart.

An aching, yearning.

A deepening of spirit. A tug at my soul.

I know what it is.

Who it is.

Whose Voice is calling me.

Amidst the scurrying of life, the mounting sheets of notes and essays, the clicking of keyboards, and the constant thinking, thinking, thinking.....

there's a small, still Voice that says:

 'Come to me and rest...just be. Because that is good enough for Me.'

I serve a jealous God who loves me deeply. And in this flurried autumn season, this whirligig of life, when I find a spare, rare moment to catch my breath, I'm reminded of this...and how He wants my time. What an honor - and yet what a challenge. I'm challenged to make space in my day for Him. It's there, so I should take full advantage of it.

Because even if it's only for a moment, I can shut out the cacophony of outside voices, grades, tests, deadlines, to-dos and just rest in Him. In peace. 

And that is the strength I need to keep going. 

He didn't promise us it would be easy.

But He did promise to always be with us.

And I'd rather it that way, wouldn't you?

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