Five Things Friday

Friday, September 7, 2012

Heya! It's Friday - anyone else excited for a beautiful day and the opportunity to breathe over the weekend?

Because it's Friday...and the weekend (even through I'll be partying studying up a storm with my books), here's a few of my recent favs. 

1.  Starbucks Green Tea banana smoothie. I'm obsessed with all things matcha green tea - so fresh and so, so clean.

2. Tuesday night concerts (O Lovelace, comprised of Steven Curtis Chapman's ultra talented, down-to-earth sons) at a quirky, indie coffeeshop. 

3. Calm, beautiful canoe ride - my first! - with some sweet girls on my hall during a dorm retreat.

4. This scarf. It's Gap, a graduation present from a sweet friend, and I adore it. (Unofficial Modest Monday! ;)

5. Iced latte. Egg, cheese, and hummus bagel on a sunny day. Doesn't get any better. 

Oh! And it's September!! C'mon, South...I'm ready for it to feel like fall. Bring on the cold weather, scarves, boots, crunchy leaves, cinnamon, and pumpkin!

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JeaneneC said...

I'm glad to see you are finding time to blog (along with all of the "official" writing I know is going on)! A certain daughter is excited to be headed your way soon--maybe she'll get to experience a few of these new finds in person! :)

Rose M. said...

Oh, goodness! I love your scarf! Stunning. :)

God bless,
~Rose M.

Clare Ryan said...

It looks like college has been treating you well so far! I've been thinking of and praying for you a lot. God bless you!

Raewyn said...

Thank you, Rose! It's very prettiful - makes me happy. :)

Raewyn said...

I'm officially a zombie and trying to keep 20 balls in the air, but I've met some beautiful, amazing people. :) Thank you so much, Clare. Love you and think of you, sister-mine. We need to Skype!!! God bless you too. <3

Raewyn said...

It was out of the question the first two and a half weeks, Ms. Jeanene, but I'm glad I'm back too. It's a lovely release and one that brings me joy.. And yes - I am BEYOND excited to see her and enjoy some of these together! Miss my Awiel. :)

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