Still Here! (A Real Life Interruption)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hello, everyone!

Just dropping in to say I didn't get swallowed by the earth or kidnapped by the Capitol as Tribute for the Hunger, almost as exciting, but a bit less dangerous:

I started college! I've spent the last three weeks shopping like a crazy person for dorm stuff, packing my life up, moving into my dorm room, and getting settled on campus + in my classes.

It's a grand adventure so far, and every bit as terrifying and thrilling as one can imagine. I plan to post about it soon and give y'all the late Modest Mondays I owe you! I haven't had a laptop or lengthy access to a computer the past three weeks, so that's why thing's have been a bit quiet on the blog.

But anyhoo, my laptop's finally in, so you'll be seeing more of me soon!


(Went for a new look with the bangs..I felt ready for some change! :)


  1. How fun, starting your new academic adventure! Those first weeks can be daunting.

    Should you ever (?) get the time, I posted today about a "new to me" cooking show available on You Tube.

    You may have seen it already, it reminded me of something you would like. :)

  2. How exiting! Best of luck to you with your studies, Grace!

  3. Good luck on your new adventure, I know you will love the experience. I can't wait to see your Modest Monday