Modest Monday: Traveling In Style

Friday, August 3, 2012

Just joining the Modest Monday party? Here's the original post. Each Monday, I post a modest, stylish outfit that I wear along with some thoughts on modesty. 

Why? Because I believe you don't have to sacrifice fashion for purity. 
 Modesty does not = frumpy. 
These are outfits I really, truly wear in my day-to-day life. I'm a girl determined to live a life of purity, modesty, and plenty of style. :)

All photography credit: Bernadette Marie Photography - check her out on FB and at her blog!

I'm finally settling back into routine and catching up on things after being gone in California ( <3). I didn't have access to a laptop while I was there, so I wasn't able to update with a Modest Monday post like I'd hoped. But I'm making up for it now...and today's outfit is very fitting. 

When traveling, it's all about comfort - and cuteness!

Outfit -
Hoodie pullover: American Eagle (thrifted)
Blue jean skirt: thrifted 
Scarf: gift
Shoes: Toms
Purse: Bungalow360 - also thrifted!
Fabulous Canon camera + bag: the sister's

I love traveling, especially flying...I'm a gypsy at heart and inevitably become exceedingly excited at the prospect of travel. I also love putting together travel outfits almost as much. 

Over the years and flights I've taken, I've established a few guidelines for airport/travel outfits.

  1. It has to be comfortable. Bottom line. When you're going to be confined in a small space for an extended period of time with numerous other fellow travelers, you want to wear something that's comfortable, relaxed, and breathable. 
  2.  I usually make sure I can move easily in it. A tight or restrictive skirt/pants hardly allows for comfort. I almost always wear a loose, swingy skirt with or without leggings that allows me to curl up, cross my legs, or run through the airport like a madwoman to catch my flight. 
  3. Comfortable, preferably flat shoes are a must. Being on your feet all day, running through security check points, and trekking through new cities means flats, sneakers, or sandals are your best bet.
  4. Wear a scarf! That is probably the one thing I'm guaranteed to bring wherever I go, simply because airports and airplanes are usually chilly. Once you're actually up in the air, it can get even cooler. Scarves serve as soft, flowing accessories that can morph into wraps, be used as blankets, or even rolled up and doubled as a pillow. (Bonus: they also cover up stains on shirts. ;)

Traveling usually involves a good bit of waiting, which is why I always try to make sure I wear something that will be comfortable for a long period of time.

 One of my favorite scarves...the colors are so soothing. And the varied-hued threads mean I can wear it with almost any other colors.


I love how these shoes look and had been wanting a pair for some time...the only thing stopping me from buying a pair? Just a little price tag of, oh, anywhere from $44-$68. I have difficulty dropping large sums of money on clothing items without careful consideration. I ended up deciding that was a bit more than I was willing to pay. 

 A few weeks ago, my mother, sisters and I went thrift store shopping for my fall school wardrobe at Goodwill. After a lengthy dressing room session, much "How does this color look on me?" and "Is this too snug?", we were checking out when my little sisters waved me over to the glass counter. Lo and behold...these Toms peered up cheerily at me.

 For. only. $10. 

After I recovered consciousness picked my mouth up off the floor, I asked the cashier with bated breath if I could try them on. She handed them over and I squeezed my toes into the slightly-snug 5 1/2 shoes, determined to make them fit ala the wicked stepsisters in "Cinderella." And fit they did! I practically danced out of the store, clutching my new shoes blissfully. Apparently people had attempted to try them on all day - but everyone's feet had been too large! ^This is exactly why I love thrift stores...some days you don't come up with anything - on others, you find hidden treasures!

Last essential wardrobe component for any vacation or trip?  

Your camera! It is, after all, perhaps the best accessory. 



(What I feel like after a long day of lugging around baggage...or when it's hot.)

Your turn! Show me your Modest Monday. Link up your outfit (it can be as casual or gussied up as you want).

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  1. Very cute outfit! It does look like it would be comfortable on a plane. I'm hoping to link up at some point. Just have to get round to taking some pic's on a day that I have made a bit of an effort :) hehe.

    1. Thanks, Felicity! And I'd love to have definitely should. :)

  2. JMC ZaidmanAugust 03, 2012

    Cute outfit. I'm flying to DR for my sister's wedding...going for some cute shorts, black short sleeve shirt and sneakers. I love your fashion blogs, makes me want to wear more skirts though :)

    1. Sounds like a great outfit - snap a pic and send it to me! Aww, and thanks. That's so lovely to hear that it inspires you to wear more skirts. They really are so feminine and sweet!

  3. Beautiful outfit!! Love the scarf and the shoes :)

    1. Thanks, Jessica! The Toms made it so fun - even if the scarf was tortuous on that hot day! ;)

  4. Way to travel in style! It is such a great feeling to be so put together & having an adventure (traveling). That next to never happens to me... as soon as I say that I am going to 'start packing' all my creativity vanishes! So I end up taking too much.