A Stirring in My Heart

Saturday, June 23, 2012


God's been moving me. 

Stirring my heart.

Drawing me closer to Him. 

Opening my eyes to some amazing TRUTHS.

I want to shout it from my roof. I want throw out my arms and sing for pure, sheer, unadulterated joy. 

My God is an amazing one. He is not one of fear....and girls, oh, girls...He's got this!

What "This"?? Our lives, our path, our worries, our hopes, our dreams. He's in control - He's got our back. 


All my fears, my "what ifs", my "I'm-not-good-enoughs", my "I-can'ts", my doubts....


 My God - our God - wants us to stand tall. 

Dream BIG.

Take that jump.

And trust Him.

Girls, what are you holding on to? What fear is making you sick, feel inadequate, keeping you stuck, or holding you down? 

Today, I'm stopping. I'm letting go of the fears that paralyze me. I'm DONE with fear. With second-guessing myself. With telling myself that others are better, more talented, smarter, kinder, or more worthy than me. 


I. Am. Worthy. I am God's own child - He wants to give me the world! He wants me to be one with Him! He wants ME. 

He chose ME. 

So why am I letting fear rule my life?

Why am I holding back?

It's time for me to jump and trust Him. It's time for me to tell Him all the big, crazy dreams I have - and release them to Him. 


  1. Amazing post, Grace. Thank you for the encouragement today. May He bless you!

  2. Clare~ <3 Thank you. Praying He will watch over and bless you also!

  3. Raewyn! Just what I felt last month..you are not able to contain that joy..its so so pure!

    1. Ruth, exactly! It's such a wonderful stirring. God is doing some amazing things. :)