Modest Monday Week 4: Summertime is Here

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hey, guys!

It's the start of the week...another Monday, which makes today Modest Monday!

 (Yes, I'm oozing good cheer and pep right now ;)

Welcome to Modest Mondays! If you're just joining us (or are a new reader), here's the original post. I'll simply be posting a modest, stylish outfit each Monday along with some thoughts on modesty. 

Why? Because I believe you don't have to sacrifice fashion for purity. 
 Modesty does not = frumpy. 
These are outfits I really, truly wear in my day-to-day life. I'm a girl determined to live a life of purity, modesty, and plenty of style.

A lovely surprise today: Bernadette Savage, a friend of mine and a faaaabulous photographer, offered to take the pictures for MM. 

(Credit: Cameron Durham)

She did a wonderful job - thank you, Bernadette! Check out her blog and her Facebook page here for more gorgeous photography.

All photos: Bernadette Marie Photography

Y'all. Maybe you're not in the South wherever you're reading from right now, or maybe it's cool and breezy in your neck of the woods. Or maybe you're incredibly fortunate and live somewhere rainy and overcast like Seattle (can I come live with you? I'll cook dinner + bake cookies for you!).

 In any case, down here in the South - in the oh-so-lovely-and-unbelievably-humid-Louisiana -

it's hot.

Summer is officially here. Weather-wise, that is. I felt like summer began back in May, around all those graduations (like right after mine), but the heat is setting in, and it's only June. 


 With the scorching rays, ever-present trickles of sweat, and lack of wind that comes with summer, it's all too tempting to lounge around in shorts and tank tops. It's all too easy for modesty to be flung out the window when the temperature rises...or to think, "It's too hot to wear a skirt or make sure I'm properly covered. I can be modest later on, when it's not so uncomfortable."

But as I can honestly testify, you can still dress modestly without dying of heat stroke. (Yes, I promise; I'm not just sayin' it to say it.)

Today's outfit screams Summer! One of my goals this year was to wear more color

I think it's safe to say I'm making headway on that one.

Dress: Cato
Camisole: Gap (I stock up when they have a sale and found this camisole: it's sleek + high quality)
Cardigan: thrift store
Belt: Cato
Cherry vintage heels: thrift store {I absolutely love these to death and scored them for maybe $2}
Beaded Marian bracelet, St. Joseph's medal, and Cross: I'll probably only mention these once, because I wear my medal and Cross every day and usually wear the bracelet. 
Purse: T.J. Maxx

(Pssss. Confession: this outfit is actually almost entirely my little sister's. I borrowed the dress, belt, and purse from her. She happens to have some veddy cute clothes. I will take full credit for putting together the outfit though!)

When in doubt, put a belt on it. 

I love chunky belts even though it's generally a no-no if you're petite (which I am).

To which I say...some rules are merely guidelines. ;)

The shoes....let's just have a moment of silence for the shoes, y'all. 


Love this purse! It's a mixture between dark coral and watermelon in the best possible way, and slings over my shoulder like a breeze. Every time I use it, I realize I need to stop lugging the entire contents of my bedroom around in my purse. Light and simplified is the way to go, says my shoulder.

Think pink!

Fuchsia is the perfect summer color for nails. (I almost didn't go through with the color choice, but so glad I did.)

It was extremely hot when we shot these pics, but thankfully I didn't shrivel up and die (although I did vow to never, ever live in Florida or somewhere tropical). I thought'd I share some of my favorite tips on how not to die of heat stroke while dressing modestly!

Tips to Beat the Summer Heat Modestly

  • Wear Bright Colors

So many people step out into the sun, dressed in black (Don't worry, I'm guilty of this too). Bad idea.  
Black = giant hole that sucks up heat. 
Call it crazy, but that's how it is. Any dark colors are going to soak up the sunlight and heat, so bright, vivid colors like coral, orange, aqua, white, green, yellow, or pink are your best bet. That's why they're known as tropical colors because people who live in those areas know to wear bright colors. 

So, black - no more! 

  • Think Thin, Multiple Layers

 I've always found that I'm actually cooler when I'm more covered/wearing layers. A friend asked me, "Aren't you hot?" as she looked at my outfit which consisted of three layers: camisole, dress, and short-sleeved cardigan. But I wasn't, so I shook my head with a smile. 

 Not wanting to go sleeveless but far too hot to wear a quarter inch sleeve? My favorite trick is to wear a strapless or spaghetti strap top with a short sleeved cardigan unbuttoned over it. If I need to, I'll add a camisole, like above. Because the top of the dress is a thread pattern, I wore something underneath.

  • Cotton is Your Friend
I read once that cotton is the best fabric to wear in the heat because it wicks away sweat and the natural oils from your skin. That seems to be the case; anything that's synthetic is going to cling more, especially when it's hot. 

  • Skirts and Dresses = Cool, Refreshing Ease

I love wearing skirts in the summer because they simply are more cooler than pants or shorts. You 're not squeezed in hot, constricting fabric (jeans are the worst during summer!). Skirts, by virtue of being swingy and made of lighter material, are breezy and cool. Dresses tend to be like this also. I was much more comfortable in these pictures in my dress then if I'd been in pants or leggings. 

 Also, the more skin you show, the more sun will be directed to it...ergo, you're be hotter! And end up with an  interesting tan. 

And no one wants that.

Your turn! Show me your Modest Monday (or Tuesday/Wednesday). Since this post went up so late, I'll be leaving the link-ins open until then. 

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{If you missed them, here's Week 1, 2, and 3 of Modest Monday}


  1. I live in Washington! You can come make me cookies. :) I have found that I tend to wear dark colors a lot, so I am with you with needing to wear more color. I love you outfit! :)

    1. Hi, Elizabeth! Thank you! Washington sounds amazing right now...I may take you up on your offer. ;) I know exactly what you mean: I was surprised when I took a good, hard look at my wardrobe. So much black! (I must be a New Yorker)

  2. Given my usual criteria for shoes, I should hate those heels. I can't. They are freaking adorable.

    1. Maddee, we're in perfect agreement. They'll have to be pried out of my dead, cold hands before I give them up. What's your shoe criteria? Do tell.

    2. My heels are all non-patterned and either black, or brightly colored. I'm a fan of the classics :P

    3. Nothin' wrong with the classics. :) But you should definitely be bold and try something patterned!

  3. Super stylish, Grace! The photos turned out great and you are, as ever, the sweetest. God bless you, dear!

    1. Always love seeing your comments, sis! Thank WAS dreadfully hot, but I'm glad they turned out well. :)

  4. Gorgeous Grace!! I love that dress -- and you are oh so adorable. I definitely know I wear tanktops and shorts because it gets HOT. And while there are modest tanktops, and I only wear shorts that are at least mid-thigh, it's so much more fun wearing a skirt! They really are cooler too :)


    1. Liz!!! Zank you, darling. I, too, love the dress - and the fact that my sister has such cute clothes. It's so fun to "shop" her closet when I'm tired of everything in mine. :D Ugh, I know what you mean. Down here, the heat slaps you in the face. I've seen some cute tanks and shorts that are longer too - that's good to know the market hasn't been taken over by mini shorts!

  5. Hi! I would like to participate. I don't see a place to link up, but here is my Modest Monday post.

    I am new at this blog thing. Is there anything else I need to do? What is a meme? I know you talked about that last time.

    1. A meme is where you link up your post with another blogger who's posted about the same thing.

  6. Hey, Jessica! So good to see you again - and I'm so happy you're participating. Thank you! Oops, yes, it looks like the linky disappeared. I'll try and fix it. Once I fix it, you should be able to put in the link to your blog like you did last time. I think you got everything! :)