Modest Monday: Being a Girl of Substance in a World of Fluff

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello, everyone! Happy Monday - Modest Monday, that is.

 If you're new to My Spare Oom, this is a weekly series on dressing with modesty while still looking feminine and pretty. Each week I post my outfit of that day - not just an outfit "idea." It's my statement to the world (and the surrounding culture) that modesty does not mean sacrificing beauty, loveliness, and style.

Here's today's outfit that I wore to a lunch date with a dear friend and her beautiful, oldest daughter (who's an absolute sweetheart).

It was a blue and green kind of day!

I love this teal shirt (only $2 at a friend's garage sale). Because it's a V-neck - and those are always tricky blighters - I added a black camisole. It was very sunny today, so this outfit fit perfectly.  I loved the cute, summery, bright look...and of course, denim is a classic summer staple. I love this little blue jean swing skirt that I found at a thrift store. I usually wear leggings beneath it if I'm going to be running around or curling up in a chair. It allows me much greater freedom of movement that way!

And of course, my St. Joseph medal which I wear always. I also had Our Lady's Miraculous Medal on the same cord but it came off and I haven't gotten around to putting it back on, but I need to!

Carrying on the blue, I added a dark teal headband I crocheted a few years ago (<--- love it. Great at keeping my hair out of my face during yoga)

And some cute chocolate flats rounded out the outfit with a classic touch.


Most of the blogs I read are food, health, and fitness ones....that's not to say I don't love fashion, everything ultra-girly and frilly, and a good fashion magazine, but reading the blogs of these real women who are strong, smart and beautiful the way they are with all and any imperfections that they have, it's permanently changed how I look at things.

Now when I flip through fashion magazines and see the models/celebrities on the page, I'm struck by how unreal they are. It's like food - when you're accustomed to eating a nourishing diet of eggs, fresh spinach salads, creamy oatmeal, succulent chicken, juicy fruits, nutty whole grains and you suddenly switch to one of soda, chips, and fast food, it's a shock to your system.

It's void of nutrition, leaves you feeling sick, and lacking substance.

Most pictures in magazines and of celebrities or models are airbrushed and enhanced.

[I find the above picture ridiculous...I don't know why the ad company felt they had to photoshop Jessica Alba!]

 Each woman or girl whose picture is taken usually has an entire team devoted to making them look as stunning and flawless as possible.

  I've realized how unhealthy and empty it is being preoccupied with such gorgeous people....most of us don't need to, want to, or can't get "made up" like that every day for our work or school. There's no need - and honestly it'd be a pain. Looking beautiful and perfect is highly time-consuming and attention-absorbing. And once you're all prepped, you usually don't bound around or relax on the couch. Heaven forbid you slouch or play with your hair - it took hours and a great deal of money to look like this, remember?

 My main point is not a new one. Our world and culture has a monumental obsession with how we look. In the grand scheme of things, however, I fail to see how being thin, looking sexy and alluring, or getting the perfect tan line is important.

If a woman can laugh without worrying about wrinkles or laugh lines, smile lovingly, go on a walk, give wonderful hugs, and keep you in her prayers, she is beautiful.

Not if she has toned arms, skinny jeans, red lipstick, or no "jiggle".

So am I a rarity because I choose not to display my body?

No. I am an exception. 

In a world obsessed with "sexy"....with glossy, with tanned, tantalizing, fierce, the "peekaboo" underwear look....

I choose modesty, femininity, and purity.

Surrounded by a culture saturated an bombarded with numerous made-up starlets in mini dresses with barely-there backs and necklines low enough to make a Greek blush...

with films, books, and magazines devoted to appearances, fashion, and how to make yourself look beautiful...

with how to look perfect....

with fluff...

 and glossy, empty, material things....

I choose substance.

 I choose wholeness.

 I choose fresh, natural, pure goodness.

It's not always easy. It's certainly not what everyone else chooses. But it is always worth it.

Every time.

Today, when you go to your closet, when the fashion magazines, Pinterest, the girls you see each day, and the world tells you what you have to wear to look beautiful...
What will you choose? 


  1. Hi! I arrived at your blog through The Catholic Young Woman. I was very excited by this feature! I also am constantly looking for inspiration to create modest and yet young outfits. I'll sure be coming back! xx

  2. Hi, Paula! So glad you dropped in and that you like the series...I agree, I'm always looking for inspiration as well. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Those before and after airbrushing photos are always so disturbing. Meh. :/ THANK YOU, Grace, for choosing true and substantial beauty, and encouraging the rest of us to do the same. God bless you! <3

  4. Hello!
    I just happened to find myself on your blog, and I wanted to say: God bless you!! This was such a good post that made me so encouraged, I am going to try to be more modest than I already am. I definitely will be reading your blog more!!

  5. Hello, hello, Juliet! Your sweet comment made me smile - thanks so much for saying hi. :) It's always nice to "meet" new readers/bloggers. That's wonderful that you found the post encouraging. That's why I'm writing them, to show girls we CAN do it!

    Hope to hear from you again!

  6. Awesome post, Grace! Thank you for standing up for modesty! :)