How Distracted Do You Get?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mental workout =  ignoring distraction.

 I know I am easily distracted. Especially by the Internet and my phone. In fact, I've really been trying the past few weeks to not be online as much and improve on getting things done. And friends, is it hard... It's HARD not clicking on favorite links + resisting the lure of the Internet! Sometimes I think I need to unplug the modem or turn my phone off!

So, I'm getting myself out of the house, away from the computer, out in the fresh air. I've got pen and notebook in hand and I'm going to make myself write...because I know myself and it's too easy to open up an internet tab on the desktop while I'm typing away on Microsoft Word. Even got the timer on my phone on!

Want to join me? Pick one thing that you need + want to get done (but have gotten distracted from) and do it!

Let's get it done by July 1st. (Yes, that's the day after tomorrow. You and I both know we can get it done - we're just horrible at procrastination!)

Ready, set....go!


  1. I have a goal in mind now (I have a love/hate relationship with deadlines--but they do motivate me). Ask me on Saturday if I got it done! Maybe ask me early on Saturday so that if I've lost focus, I'll still have time... :)

  2. Ms. Jeanene, I'm the same way - I dislike them but they force me to get things done. And will do! Hope we both accomplish our goals! :)