Ready For a Holiday

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello, dear peoples!

I did it - I graduated!

 Having finally gotten graduation behind me, I'm just now getting a chance to stop and catch my breathe. I'm extremely weary and worn out -it's been a long week, month, semester, and year (!)- and am more than ready for a lovely bit of respite. I realized with a great shock and deal of delight that I did not have "school" on Monday to do. Sunday evenings usually find me worn out, having spent the majority of the day tidying and getting things on my to-do list (that weren't accomplished during the week) done. This past semester, my Sundays have usually been spent deep within the confides of an armchair at our local bookstore or coffeeshop, studying deeply and heaving a sigh at the rapidly approaching Monday of the next morning. So what a lovely, lovely surprise to realize I had neither a long day of classes OR chemistry and math to do at home.

God is good.

 Quite unspeakably good, because I'm most a-weary, ready to slow down, and not have to think, plan for an important event, contact this or that person for a project or event, memorize a speech/song/lines, worry about a test score, or have an imperative to-do list.

 I'm ready to relax. To go without my phone and social media and Internet for the day - or days. To shamelessly spend hours reading riveting novels, juicy mysteries, and fluffy, glossy magazines after a semester of Milton, Chaucer, and Donne.

 I'm ready for a retreat....a reprise...a rest. To travel and enjoy myself...I'm ready for a vacation, even if it's only for a day or even a get-away at a friend's house.

 As Bilbo said in The Lord of the Rings, "I'm ready for a holiday." I can use some beauty, peace, quiet, loveliness, soothing music, strong coffee, long walks, chocolate, many salads, and glorious naps....calm is a good thing! I'm ready to embrace it with open arms and am looking forward to recharging.

How do you unwind/escape, even if it's for a few hours?


  1. Wooohoo, Grace! I'm so excited for your graduation. From the looks of your photo it looks like it's still sinking in for you, but I bet you're thrilled too. ;-) Here's to a summer of laughter, relaxation, and lots of joy! If only I could have you over for a few days so we could have a grand old party to celebrate the summer.

    God bless you, dear sister!

  2. I usually go hide away on my bed, which is rather cozy. I have the bottom bunk, all my brightly colored scarves are hung at one end making a sort of fun 'curtain', I have white Christmas lights strung up on the bed boards above me and several big fluffy pillows. I'll curl up their with my laptop and watch something or read a book.

    When I was away living at school my favorite place to go would be to walk into downtown and sit in the Barnes and Nobel or Starbucks, or if the weather was nice... a long, leisurely stroll along the Riverwalk.

  3. Thank you, dear Clare! I am VERY thrilled...and admittedly feeling a bit purposeless at the moment (the past few months have been driven by frantic momentum), but I'm looking forward to relaxing, as I'm sure you are. That would indeed be lovely to celebrate with you! And if I took a senior trip to California, I would certainly make sure we'd be able to meet up! ;)

    Amanda, that sounds your own private nook! I usually escape to a bookstore (our town sadly is not yuppie enough for a Barnes and Noble) or Starbucks. A walk along the Riverwalk sounds so nice - I'm sure it had a gorgeous view!