Modest Monday

Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm starting a series on the blog called Modest Monday....I thought it'd be fun to start the week off with a day celebrating wearing an outfit that is modest - and cute!

modest (adj)

1. having or expressing a humble opinion of oneself or one's accomplishments or abilities
2. reserved or shy (modest behavior)
3. not ostentatious or pretentious
4. not extreme or excessive; moderate
5. decorous or decent

 Because modesty doesn't mean sacrificing cute-ness.

Because modesty does not equal "frumpy."

Because tight pants, leggings, jeggings, skinny jeans, tiny shorts, mini skirts, and short dresses are not needed in order to look fashionable, pretty or feminine.

 As a young Catholic woman, the Blessed Virgin Mary is my primary role model when it comes to modesty, purity, and clothes.

 I'm a firm believer that we ought to treat our bodies as what they are: tabernacles for God. That means NOT showcasing them for the world to see!

So each Monday, I'll  post an outfit I wear that is both modest and pretty...this is my response to the "But modest means ugly/frumpy/unattractive!" complaint I so often encounter.

 I find, if anything, modesty is so liberating! When dressing modestly, you can be so much more creative with your outfits. Because in all honesty, girls, shorts and tank tops are a dime-a-dozen and hardly what I would describe as a creative, beautiful, feminine outfit.

 Case in point: One of my best friends is Pentecostal and ultra-modest. Yet she is one of the most beautiful girls I know and she has one of the most fabulous sense of style I have ever seen!

She almost never wears the same outfit twice and is the very definition of a "free spirit" when it comes to fashion. I love, love her eclectic creativity and wish I could pull off what she can. (She's also 6'1 and rocks every inch of her height.)

For my official first outfit, here's one I wore for the cast meal after my "Taming of the Shrew" production: a soft striped dress, leggings, black camisole, and comfy Croc flats. Complete with whale purse. Sweet, cute, modest, and comfortable. What's not to love? :)

(Please excuse the bleary, sleep-deprived look on my face.)


Here's some of my favorite modest, yet beautiful, outfits that I'm loving (and Pinning on Pinterest) [credit is given for the original links I could find].

(What I Wore - So Happy Together [<----- love, love her blog!])

(A Beautiful Mess - Cheveron Dress 2 Ways [<-----another favorite blog; Elsie has a quirky, fresh style)

As you can see, there's a gorgeous plethora of fabulous, modest fashion inspiration out there....who said modest was boring? Join me each Monday as I experiment with fun, modest, adorable outfits - and leave a link to a post about your own outfit! Three cheers for proper coverage! ;)


  1. This is such a great idea, Grace! Maybe I can participate every once in awhile. I love your outfits that you posted today... super cute!

  2. Thank you, Clare! I'm so glad you like it...that would be such fun if you popped in from time to time. :) Yes, these are some of my favorite outfits from Pintrest!