The Door In The Air: Leaving Childhood and Crossing Into Adulthood

Thursday, May 31, 2012

 Having graduated, the long, arduous, rich, both tear-and-joy-filled homeschool journey of high school is now behind me and college and the thrilling, unknown future lies before me. I stand on the cusp of adulthood, at the very threshold of all that is familiar and beloved of my childhood; behind me are the memories, toys, books, and safety of teenager-dom and little people-land. It's almost like the door in the air in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian...

"At the end of the glade Aslan had caused to be set up two stakes of wood, higher than a man's head and about three feet apart. A third, and lighter, piece of wood was bound across them at the top, uniting them so that the whole thing looked like a doorway from nowhere into nowhere.
'And now," said Aslan, '...(it) is open...but this I must warn you, that once you have gone through, it will close behind you forever.' 
 There was silence for a moment. Then a burly, decent-looking fellow among the Telmarine soldiers pushed forward...he squared his shoulders and walked into the Door. Everyone's eyes were fixed on him. They saw the three pieces of wood, and through them the trees and grass and sky of Narnia. They saw the man between the doorposts: then, in one second, he had vanished utterly."

What appears to be only a frame of thin wooden strips standing upright seems ordinary...but in delightful, magical reality, it's a gateway - a door into an entire new world. And just like in Narnia, the side waiting outside the doorway looks like the side on the inside.

 But, oh, it is not.

 It is anything's a door in the air. A brand new world with untold possibilities. Terrifying and threatening, yes. But also overflowing with promise and adventure and excitement.

And I am ready to step through it.