Trying Desperately To Breathe...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Life has its ups and downs. Sunny, perfect golden-dappled days that warm the heart and ease the spirit; days that beg for breezy skirts, ice cream, a smile on your face, and a joyful spring in your step.

And then there's days.

 Days when you're stretched thin. Pushed beyond limits. Asked to carry too much. Make too many decisions. Be accountable for too much. Make grown-up decisions. 
Days where you're uncertain, fearful of judgment, sick and tired of being sick and tired, overloaded with the mental do-to list that constantly lengthens: sweep the kitchen, finish that essay, plan grocery shopping, email that person back, make those important calls, get gas, study, cook three times a day, do wash, make sure you floss, text a reminder about a meeting, Facebook that person back so they don't think you're ignoring them, make it to daily Mass on time (don't forget your veil!), buy a First Communion card, write a thank you note, cook dinner for a friend in need, carve out time to exercise..........

 Those kinds of days when you can't possibly remember or do everything you need to - and when you're  trying to make the right decision about something important, the tables are overturned on you and you find yourself back at square one. 

Sharing this song that sums up those kinds of days perfectly. Right now, I keep telling myself, "It's going to be okay, Grace. Trust God...and keep breathing."

Sounds easy, no? It's a bit harder than you think. ;)

No matter what's going on in your life, take this moment to breathe. It's going to - somehow - be okay.


  1. Praying for you--here you are again, taking on so much. I'm sure somewhere lately there has been a reminder to self: Say NO (sweetly) when asked to...
    Don't sweat the date too much. C was telling the truth when he said they aren't essential for the next tourney (and boy, am I glad now that I did NOT sign them up for TeenPact --beginning Apr 30th, for 4 days)! This is one of those Phil 4:13 times--HE IS ABLE to carry you through! (And yes, breathing is good.) Love from one of your Other Mothers!

  2. <3 <3 <3 Thank you so much for leaving such sweet words, Ms. Jeanene!!! Your comment made me cry - in a good way. I've laughed at myself the past few weeks: I just can't stay away from plays and being busy. I remember telling Kilah, "Once MAAN is over, I'll be able to relax." Heh. I'm definitely realizing the importance of not overcommitting myself when there's so much going on. You seem to have that down - glad you didn't sign them up for TeenPact also! I'm resting and trusting in God - thank you for the perfectly timed reminder!
    Love, your Catholic daughter. :)

  3. It IS A LOT harder that you think. But knowing there are other girls out there who are in the same boat I'M in is actually very encouraging. Just remember -- God knows what He's doing. St. Therese has really been helping me accept my sufferings and trials as well lately. I highly recommend reading (or re-reading) Story of a Soul, especially at this apex in our lives...the end of high school. I cannot count the number of blessings I've received from reading that book. And just this afternoon I had such a desire just to have St Therese there with me so I could hug her and talk with her for hours about Jesus. :)

    Liz B