The Good Things in Life

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I've been thinking a lot about Life lately.

It's sort of what happens when you're going through a early/beginning-of-life crisis. I mean, what else is a rational 19 year old cooking-addict and bookworm about to graduate supposed to do?

"Two pictures for the graduation invitation or - gasp - THREE???
Should I bake a vegan cake?
I wonder how hard it will be to completely prove everyone who says it's harder to climb higher up the ladder if you go to a small school?
Do I really need to take writing classes to be a good writer?
I think Europe sounds nice; I should take a year off and go eat gelato.
I wonder if you can be paid to give your opinion on coffee flavors....
Has no one else noticed that Jane Austen never went to college but managed to be one of the most famous and brilliant writers EVER? 
Why don't we have a Pinkberry in town?! This "self-serve" fro-yo thing is going to ruin me (wallet and waist-wise)."

I mean, seriously.

Thankfully, when the rest of my small-town-world is going haywire and spilling over like a overzealous tea kettle on a lovely rainy day, there's some things that are always constant.

Like yogurt breakfast bowls.

Super soft and stretchy black yoga pants almost worn to death.

The 5 packages of chocolate stockpiled in my room.

My little sister's wardrobe. It's quite hilarious, but I've utterly morphed into that sister that constantly borrows from the other's closet. Cute jeweled silver sandals? The Little Sister's (yes, she started a blog and it's too cute - go check it out :).

Cute zebra striped bag? Hers. Adorable white dress in the picture below? Hers. Lavender and blue newsboy bag? Hers.

It's gotten to the point where my best friends compliment me on something that I'm wearing and then follow it up with " that hers?"

My lovely, soft bed and pillow. No matter how hectic or lazy the day's been, my pillow is always there for me. <3

Blue jean skirts and leggings. Honestly. I love 'em almost as much as my beloved yoga pants. They're crazy comfortable, you look cute and modest, but can curl up or sit cross-legged in them. The scary part? I'm completely in a rut and wear them almost every day.

Send help - and new skirts.


  1. Europe? Yes please! I definitely want to go there...but I think my only option will be study abroad through college. So I'm crossing my fingers for that!

    It feels so great knowing WHERE I'm going to college, but that doesn't tell me exactly WHAT I'll do with my life - that's up to God, and I just need to remind myself of that sometimes. And, even if I know where I'm going next fall, that doesn't mean finishing up my current course-work and graduating will be any easier. In fact, it will be difficult because I have so much to do.

    Liz B

  2. Same here, Liz - I can't wait to study abroad...although, honestly, I really want to go just to eat and hear the accents!

    And I completely sympathize with you...the uncertainty can be terrifying! We just have to trust in God's wisdom. He knows exactly what He's doing. Thank you for the tip about St. Therese and her book. I've read it before (not recently though) and it's truly beautiful. I know prayer will give me peace about all this! :)

    I'll be sure to keep you in my prayers. Please do the same for me. I have a feeling we can both use them!