Weekend Pics

Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's been a craaaaaaazy week. Hair-pulling decisions about graduation, driving-me-bonkers-scheduling for a play I'm doing, and final decisions on which colleges I'll spend my spring break visiting.

 But in the midst of all the stress and utter sleep-deprivation, I managed to have some very nice moments of breathing and relaxation that added up to...

a weekend. <3

(Right before heading in to see two best friends in a college production of the musical Titanic! 2 a.m. giggle-fest, comparing handsome actors, and chocolate-eating afterwards was mandatory.)

                                 Striped skirts are a thing of joy. (Borrowed from a good friend.) 

(View from the catwalk - they were sold out, so we got a bird's eye view up by the light crew! Best seats in the house, hands down.)

(Came home, unpacked, and then dove into this -----> SO good so far! The Capitol is horribly cruel. *sniff*)

(Made a version of Lindsay's mouthwatering Mexican Sweet Potatoes Skins recipe for dinner - based on what was in the fridge - over a salad and was about to dig in when this girl showed up....)

(With some Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip gelato: Source. Come to meeeeeeee!)
I'm content as a cat right now...off to pack (again!) and bed. 

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