Weekend Pics

Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's been a craaaaaaazy week. Hair-pulling decisions about graduation, driving-me-bonkers-scheduling for a play I'm doing, and final decisions on which colleges I'll spend my spring break visiting.

 But in the midst of all the stress and utter sleep-deprivation, I managed to have some very nice moments of breathing and relaxation that added up to...

a weekend. <3

(Right before heading in to see two best friends in a college production of the musical Titanic! 2 a.m. giggle-fest, comparing handsome actors, and chocolate-eating afterwards was mandatory.)

                                 Striped skirts are a thing of joy. (Borrowed from a good friend.) 

(View from the catwalk - they were sold out, so we got a bird's eye view up by the light crew! Best seats in the house, hands down.)

(Came home, unpacked, and then dove into this -----> SO good so far! The Capitol is horribly cruel. *sniff*)

(Made a version of Lindsay's mouthwatering Mexican Sweet Potatoes Skins recipe for dinner - based on what was in the fridge - over a salad and was about to dig in when this girl showed up....)

(With some Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip gelato: Source. Come to meeeeeeee!)
I'm content as a cat right now...off to pack (again!) and bed. 

15 Things I'm Grateful For

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1. My bed

2. A warm coffeeshop

3. My pink yoga mat

4. My first real yoga class (back in November)

5. Water that nourishes my body

6. Wearing my hair in braids

7. Enjoying the scent of coffee while fasting

8. Late night phone conversations with friends

9. Being able to exercise

10. Making people happy with birthday cakes

11. Kind second-mothers

12. Green tea frappuccinos (my new love since I can't have coffee)

13. Friends coming home for the holidays (spring break!)

14. My favorite food/healthy living blogs  - (shout out to my food blog)

15. Dancing, whether underneath the moon or in Zumba class

(With amazing ZES  -Zumba Education Specialist - Dorie Wexler at her Masterclass last weekend!! Yours truly in the pink pants. ;)