Once "This" Ends, I'lI Be Able to Relax!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Goodness. Life is busy.

I think - well, actually, I know - that life never stops being busy; as soon as one thing ends, another activity, commitment, class, or To-Do slips into that now nice-and-empty-space in your calendar and takes its place. You'd think after directing 4 plays, participating in Shakespeare + Poetry competitions, studying for ACTs and SATs, as well as being a homeschool girl, that I'd have figured that out by now.
 But no...each busy season finds me trotting through a jam-packed week, thinking to myself as I dash from school at home to rehearsals to church to the gym, "Oh, I can't wait until this-and-this or such-and-such ends...it'll be so nice...I'll be able to RELAX!"

 I must make God chuckle. ;)

 There's always something, and this particular season (now well after the holidays and into the new year) is no different. Of course, many of the new things keeping me busy are wonderful and certainly blessings. However, things are quite interestingly crazy 'round here.

 But such is Life. It's a "quick successions of busy nothings," as Jane Austen, one of my favorite authors, says. I have some thoughts on my mind amidst this business and flurry of life that I hope to share in the next few weeks... I'm seeking calm, peace, and order, so I hope to be doing some pondering and resting this week.

 That being said, I'm off to drift into the world of sleep and dreams. One needs quite a bit of the former when one's in college!

 What's the busiest part of your life right now? Church, school, work? How do you quiet your soul and relax? Coffeeshops, reading, and chocolate usually soothe + nourish my soul.


  1. School is taking pretty much of my life as well.

    Sometimes I just like spending some time at home doing housework or especially cooking...I think that really soothes my soul.

    Good luck!

  2. Life is crazy here, as well! School is a major challenge right now. I'm looking forward to Lent... time to detach myself from the unnecessary things and seek out some peace, resting in thoughts of Christ. God bless you, sister mine!

  3. Lillian ~ School seems to be the reason of our existence! It's certainly a full-time job...

    I agree; sometimes I just want to stay home. I've found nothing eases my stress like stirring a simmering pot or rolling out pizza dough. I forget about any stress. :)Good luck to you too!

    Clare, I'm sure things are quite madcap! I hope you'll get to relax on your upcoming birthday, though...and that you have a peaceful Lent!

  4. One of the beautiful things about blogging is meeting people from all over the world and one of my other blog friends (as you are my blog granddaughter, I call him my blog son) is a Franciscan Friar who is currently at Assisi.

    He usually gives up chocolate for Lent but this year he is giving up the Internet (except for e-mails which he needs for his work).

    I told my daughter, it was at that moment I was glad I was Protestant... chocolate and the Internet? Oh, my...


  5. Brenda, your comment brought a huge smile to my face when I saw it. I've been thinking of you recently, and how your blog is one of my favorite little cozy cornerS of peace, tea, coffee, books, and love. :)
    That is so delightful about your bloggy 'son' - Francisican friar in Assisi!

    Ahah, yes...chocolate and Internet is quite a sacrifice. :) But our Lenten sacrifices don't count on Sunday, because Sundays aren't considered part of the 40 days. So there's weekly reprieve! ;)