Joining A Catholic Young Woman

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Exciting news! After many months (ok, probably a year) of prodding and gentle reminding on Clare's part, I finally joined the contributors to her beautiful blog, A Catholic Young Woman.

I love Clare dearly - she's my adopted older sister - and I'm tickled pink to have such an honor. She and ACYW are wonderful inspirations to grow closer to God, live a life of holiness, and be an old-fashioned girl.'s my first post on one of my favorite blogs. I've been a reader for 3-4 years, back when she had just started it, so it's surreal to see one of my posts on there! I'll be blogging about living my Faith as a young woman, courtship, marriage, and the loveliness of home and beauty. Come say hello!

 Oh, and there's a few new posts up on my food blog, Graceful Eats. I wrote today about my goals for 2012 and the Inspiration Board I made to help me visual them.

 Enjoy! :)

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