Isn't It (Not Really) Funny?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Funny when laughs turn into tears...and suddenly it's not funny any more.

 Funny how you can never cry just one tear...

 Funny when crying makes you feel better...even when the reason you're crying isn't so funny. tears are salty, as bitter as the reasons that cause them.

 ...that just when you think you're done, a fresh flood surges.

 ...despite being a rational creature of intelligence and logic, emotions can move you so.

 Isn't it funny?

 Not really...but with a good sniff, a few shakes of the head, and some soothing Irish music, you're all right, having weathered yet another storm.

And you hope you find an umbrella with pink polka dots before the next one. :)


  1. Wow! I so know how you feel girl.
    You are okay I hope? Thank God for soothing music!

  2. Hello, dear Autumn! Yes, I'm was just a rough week that culminated in one day. I'm much better now. :) Yes, music is so therapeutic!