Future Plans as a Mother

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I have determined a few things concerning the education (and life in general) of my future children.

First, I'd like to have some.

Secondly, I'm going to start homeschooling them as soon as possible. And there will be math -just a bit- done in the summer.

I'd love them all to be a grade ahead...merely for the reason that come their senior year in high school they can study/concentrate on their passions (read: relax and have fun) instead of burning the skin off their noses from application to the grindstone.

I'd love for them to grow up in the country, on a farm, preferably. Or at least as close to the "country" feel as we can get; not too far away from civilization. I'll need a Starbucks nearby.

I want them to grow up and do what they absolutely love for a living - not what makes money. We can be starving artists together. :)

I plan on having them in the kitchen with me all the time and teaching them how to cook as soon as they can stand....even babies can appreciate good food!

I will feed them delicious, nourishing food - including nut butters, cake, bread, and Green Monsters. ;)

And lastly, I will love them so much it'll hurt. In a good way.