The Gift of Today

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I know I promised Romeo and Juliet pictures as well as a full recap (it's coming!) but here's something that I was thinking about this morning...ah, the musing that waking up at 2 a.m. stirs.

It can be so easy to fall into despair. I know, because I have. Many times before. Often at the end of the day…you know, one of those flop-down-and-sigh-because-nothing-is-going-right-you-didn’t-get-any-school-done-your-chores-are-waiting-and-you’re-exhausted-but-still-have-20-things-to-do-before-bed…the kind of day that leaves you wondering ‘Where did it go?’

I think those emotions are especially magnified in larger families, specifically the variety with many younger siblings. It’s a given when you’re born into a large family (not to mention a taste of parenthood), can seem like a burden, and yet it’s a sweet, hidden blessing. Much like Lent.

I once heard a Catholic homeschooling mother speak at a Seton conference who said, “If the Devil’s not yanking your chain, you’re not doing something right.”

I must be doing quite a number of right things then. ;)

I agree with her. It’s often a during a special period in our lives that the Devil knows we’re growing closer to God, spending time with good friends who inspire us to goodness, or his least favorite thing, that we are content and happy with our lives. He appears in our ear, in the guise of common sense or the world and whispers to give up. To despair. It’s so easy. Simple. Allowed. Common. Everyone’s weak – everyone can give up, right?

What we often fail to realize is that he is thoroughly miserable and wretched, and wants us to share in his misery, much like an upset child who wants the world to fume too. If we can’t be happy, we want everyone else to feel our pain as well.

However, just as the Devil may be whispering to give up in one ear, our Guardian Angel is always at the other, ready to offer comforting words of strength.

With each dawn and cool, calm morning is an invitation. Just like laying out clean, pressed, fresh Sunday clothes the night before and rising to put them on, God lays out a new day and invites us to “take it on”.

"Do not worry about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself. Sufficient for a day is its own evil." (Matt. 6:34)

After all…everyday is a new, fresh day. Every day is a chance to start over. We were meant to live today. Not yesterday, not tomorrow. So, today, I shall finish my school. I’ll sweep the kitchen merrily with a song in my heart and on my lips, I’ll dance my way outside in the sun, I’ll murmur the prayers of the Angelus, and I’ll live today.

After all, it’s my day. :)

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