Celebrating Narnia-day while the World Celebrates Halloween

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hello, everyone! Happy Halloween for those celebrating! (And an early Happy All Saints Day!)

I'm sorry for such the long silence (grammar? :P)....these past few months have flown by! I keep thinking, "I need to update, I need to update" and somehow it always slips away! :(
But if anyone is still there/reading, I'm here and posting again!

Somehow it's Halloween and about to be November...where did the time go?! Thankfully, I have started on my Christmas shopping and found one gift already!

I thought I'd write briefly about today, my favorite day... :) Sunday has always been a day of peace, spiritually, mentally and physically. The seventh day was made for us to rest and be. I like to think of Sunday as a long sigh and deep breath after the hurried flurry of the week...Sunday is the Narnia-day, Middle-Earth-day of our week. A day to pause and bask in the loveliness around us: the sunbeams brushing over verdant grass, the quiet sound of our breathing, "setting" on the porch or on a swing, a mug of hot tea, a hymn sung devoutly by many gathered as one in a sacred gathering place before their King...a day of joy.

Time slows and the world pauses on the day set aside to worship our Creator. How great is our Lord, who gives us this day to rest from our heavy burdens and find sweet rest in Him. Sunday is our day of thanksgiving for all of our blessings, trials, and experiences. Our Lord knew we needed a day of quietude to breathe - a sweet lull in the ordinary that is rather extraordinary.

My Sundays are not always idyllic days where everything goes perfectly planned. I can be stressed, angry, upset, cross, exhausted and bored on Sundays...I am human. :) What I love about it though, is that it is the most special day of the week - a Holiday that I can look forward to. And indeed, I do look forward to it, as much as I do to other annual holidays...only, Sunday is more special....because we have it every week.

Happy Sunday, and may you have had a lovely day of rest and prayer. :) (I plan to post about Sunday activities that help make it special/ways to celebrate our weekly Holiday next.)


  1. I know what you mean--it seems like this year has just flown by. Where did the time go?

    How much He loves us to give us an opportunity every week to rest and meet with Him. :)


  2. I don't know, but it went far too swiftly!

    Exactly, Keaghs. :) Glad to have someone understand.