Yawn, Groan, and Giggle

Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm yawning because I'm about to trip off to bed, groaning because I can't "spill my guts" and tell the enchanting tale of my first date until I find a camera cord...because I want to show y'all my gorgeous date, and giggling because I can't wait for a second date! Hmm... *checks calendar* This Thursday looks good...

Ah, life feels like a checklist, and yet these past two weeks have had some very moving moments. On a sad note, my grandmother (my dad's mom) passed away in her sleep after a heart attack, so we spent last week with his family. We cried with family, and then came home with my mom's sister and laughed again, with family. I feel my grandmother is Heaven, and that has helped a great deal. Because of traveling for the memorial and my aunt's visit, I've had spare time - took off for school and got to relax.

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Is anyone else excited for SPRING?


  1. GRACE! I'm going to kill you!!! I want details on that date! I demand info! Immediatly.


  2. *is thinking about how lucky Grace is for having a leather jacket-wearing boy*
    *squeals* I'm happy for you! I can't wait until you can "spill your guts" about it all. I'm waiting in anticipation :P
    PS: my sister's really big on leather jackets. I should show her James Dean....

  3. *groans* Graaacee! I'm gonna kill you if you don't find your camera cord!

  4. EEEeee!! Auntie Vicky, spare me!! I promise to tell all as soon as I can! ;)

    Judi, Hehehe....me too! I really want a leather jacket - or just a Twilight-ish jacket in general. My old one from Gap is too big for me now. *laughs* Thanks! Glad you're happy - nice to have such loving friends. :)

    Yes, he's the King of Cool! James Dean rocks, plain and simple.

    Mamma Rose~ I'm trying to look for it! No one knows where it is. Pray to St. Anthony; I'm afraid only he can find it at this point. :(

  5. Gracie dear, take your SD card from your camera and slide it into the designated slot on the side of your laptop. THEN UPLOAD YOUR PIX BEFORE WE ALL LOSE OUR MINDS!!!!!

    Lovingly yours,

  6. Ry dear, that's just it! I didn't take any pictures that night because I didn't have my camera!!!