Just to clarify -

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My mother rather insisted I make some matters clear...

The date that I went on was NOT a romantic date. At all. However, it was a lovely evening with a friend. In my family, my mom or dad will go out on "dates" with us; it's a special night with just one on one time with that person. We call it date night...I was also using the word "date" to a describe my friend who took me out to dinner.

It was quite a something when I arrived home from Mass and my mother asked if I had met a boy at church. Um, no!

So, my dears, I am sorry to have led you on - I had wanted to post a picture of my friend and I, and do a separate post about the dinner/my birthday. It was not a romantic date in the very least, and there's absolutely no possibility that it was/could be.

Kilah, a very good friend, surprised me the Saturday before my birthday by taking me out to dinner. She showed up on my doorstep wearing a new elegant and tasteful black leather jacket, with orchids in her hand. She is one of the sweetest, kindest girls I have ever met, and a very good friend. She had decided to treat me to dinner as my birthday present. So, we went outside where her older sister and father were waiting in her sister's new silver car, and they drove us to the restaurant. Kilah and I had a blast that night, laughing, talking, and enjoying our meal. It was a wonderful evening with a wonderful friend.

There, that is all. I hope you aren't disappointed or upset with me! Please know I would never really go on a date with a boy, and neither would my parents ever let me go on one alone. I firmly intend to court, and that will be when I am older. I also hope I haven't given anyone the wrong idea...I have a small group of friends who are all dear old-fashioned friends and we often get together for a girls' date night at one of our houses. This was just simply my first time going out to dinner with a friend without all of our families being there as well. :)

Happy Birthday To Rose

Happy Birthday, dearest Amanda, my Mamma Rose! You are now 18, a grown up young lady who is standing on the threshold of womanhood. You are so special to myself, and countless others in so many ways. Here are a few...

Just like Lucy, you are tenderhearted and as kind as a lioness. And yet you fiercely defend and protect those you love. You show great courage everyday when you proclaim your beloved Catholic faith to the world and the blogsphere. Purity shines forth from you in all that you do, say, and how you dress.

Like Arwen, you wait for your beloved steadfastly, for you know that there is always hope. Your grace and elegance in serving your family (both RL and forum one) is beautiful in itself, but you are also graceful and elegant in bearing as well! Your beauty shines brightly in Christ's garden of many flowers...a Rose is the loveliest, however. Just as your second name that we have all come to know you by means love, you too are filled with love. I smile each time I think of you, and I think of your love with which you are overflowing.

You are like a Rainbow!

You are sweet just like this lovely blushing shade, and as feminine as a Rose.

Calm and comforting as this soothing color, you are a loving mother and older sister who tends to her many children and sisters lovingly.

Your boundless energy and vitality is like the color green; you are as fresh and vibrant as a green, spring day!

As (Daddy's) King Peter the Magificent's wife, you are Queen of Cair Paravel, and of all of your family's hearts! You are every bit as gracious, regal, and kind as a Queen.

You are as warm as this lovely hue that denotes fall; with your beaming smile and sweet words, all feel your warm presence, especially when you wish others Happy Birthday!


Ah, dearest Mamma, you are like with the golden sun with your radiant smile and happiness that you emit. You belong in Narnia where the sun shines golden upon Cair Pareval and all laugh and smile. Whenever any of us are feeling sad or alone, you are there with your gentle beam that brings a smile back to our faces.

Red is for your larger-than-life heart that loves us so. You are always so kind and filled with compassion, and we love you so dearly.

You are truly a Shieldmaiden of Heaven, and certainly of Renia. ;) Thank you for being my Mamma, my older sister, my companion, letter-writer, prayer warrior, and most importantly, for adopting me and loving me. I love you so much and pray you have a Wonderful 18th year, and Many More Birthdays to Come!

~Your loving daughter,
Grace Proudfeet-Baggins-Brandybuck-Took

A toast to Amanda!! *cheers*

P.S. I hope you don't mind I borrowed your Lucy picture. :)

Yawn, Groan, and Giggle

Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm yawning because I'm about to trip off to bed, groaning because I can't "spill my guts" and tell the enchanting tale of my first date until I find a camera cord...because I want to show y'all my gorgeous date, and giggling because I can't wait for a second date! Hmm... *checks calendar* This Thursday looks good...

Ah, life feels like a checklist, and yet these past two weeks have had some very moving moments. On a sad note, my grandmother (my dad's mom) passed away in her sleep after a heart attack, so we spent last week with his family. We cried with family, and then came home with my mom's sister and laughed again, with family. I feel my grandmother is Heaven, and that has helped a great deal. Because of traveling for the memorial and my aunt's visit, I've had spare time - took off for school and got to relax.

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Is anyone else excited for SPRING?