Tiptoing into Renia Past Bedtime

Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's past my bedtime, (9:30) but for love of my readers and seemingly adoring fans, I am posting before the month of January ends. Hmp. And I needs to be figuring out how to get rid of the Christmas background. *sigh* Help?

Alright, dears. Come with me, and we'll tiptoe into my world, Renia...even though it's past bedtime. ;) My character - and fictional manifestation of myself - Emma Nels is a Catholic girl with a love of reading, coffee, tea, and other-worlds such as Neverland, Narnia, and Middle-Earth. One day she discovers an entrence to another world - and her's is changed forever. This is the tale of a girl, the world she steps into, a band of friends forged by laughter and loyalty, betrayals, and seven Stones of Destiny.

As she fights, explores, and lives in this new world, she discovers that knowing your Destiny is to trust God.

"But, Grandfather, how will I know my destiny?"

"God knows it. You must learn to let go....and trust Him. All things are in His hands. He will show you your way; it is your task to follow it."

Well? :)


  1. FINALLY! I am anxious to read more about Emma.

    Keaghs and I are happy to see you blogging.

  2. ~Avarona/Keaghan~February 01, 2010

    Ooo, will your dear readers be hearing more from Emma, Wyn? ^o^

    Love your synopsis, and cannot WAIT to read the whole book!!!

    (And I <3 the quote!)

    Keep writing, Wyn, dear.


  3. Ms. K. ~ Thank you! I'm anxious for y'all to properly meet her. I finally overcame some stumbling blocks in plotting so I think I can began writing smoothly now! I kept tripping on the beginning...

    Ry, no doubt, no doubt they will. She won't be able to contain her excitement at stepping into Renia to herself. ;)

    *giggles* So nice to have a gushing fan! Aw, thanks Keaghs. Please, please pressure me to have the first few chapters ready for you to read at our next Pretty Pens meeting!! My goal is to have the 1st draft, all finished by May so I can give it to my mom as a birthday present. Shhhh... ;)

  4. ~Keaghan/Ry~February 01, 2010

    :) That'll be Ryleigh in a few years when she finally gets to meet the Maddoxs, Gaines, and Hynes! LOL!

    ^o^ Well, you're quite a "gushing fan" for me--so, you deserve to have one. Besides I've already fallen in love with Emma and Cor. *crosses arms and looks ominous* GRACE! HAVE THE FIRST CHAPTERS READY! PRESSURE, PRESSURE, PRESSURE! *eases out of stiff posture* There. Does that work? *grin* Oooh!!! *claps and dances about happily* Wonderful idea, dearie!!! She'll be THRILLED! :)

    See you on Wed!


  5. Oh, yes - that'll be quite a reaction!

    Aw, thanks, Keaghs dear. OKAY, OKAY! I just need you to keep hounding me about it! I think so too; hope she likes it!

  6. ~Keaghan/Ry~February 02, 2010

    Hounding you? Okay, I'll try. :) How about every time I see you, I say, "Okay, Wyn--did you write?" LOL. ;-)

  7. Ooh, it sounds so intriguing my dear! When you are done with it you shall have to mail it up to me!

  8. Ry, YES!!!!!!!!! I need you to do that - NO BEING NICE!!!!!!!!!! ;)

    So glad you think so, Mamma Rose. Or better yet, I could just e-mail it to you! :)