Herein begins the First Year of the Tenth Age... *cough* to speak

Monday, January 4, 2010

School's begun again and I'm settling comfortably back into routine: waking up, walking, school, breakfast, dashing to the gym, and even a bit of writing!!

Lol...I've probably seen Keaghan at least 5 times in the last two weeks, and last Saturday I helped her come up with a new character! It was awesome - sooo much fun! I'm not sure if she realized, but pretty much all of the ideas I was offering for "Nessa" were all based on me! Lol...I guess I'm guilty of writing myself in her head/books! ;) I'm really, really excited to see more of "me", because, truth be told, she is an AWESOME character! I even got Keaghan to "nick"name her after me: "Wyn"...hehehehhe....of course I'm also tickled pink because *ahem* Wyn is the girl that turns a certain smiling hero's world upside down. :D

This new year, one of the main goals I've set for myself is to finish my book, so au revoir, mellon-nins! I must set my hand to pen (or in this case, keyboard)!

If y'all ask nicely -or even want to know at all, lol - I might do a post just about my book! :)

P.S. New post up on my other blog, Good Eats - it'd really mean the world to me if you guys read it and dropped a few comments. Be a lovely early birthday present! ;)

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~Keaghan/Avarona~ said...

Oh, yes, I was very well aware that Nessa was based off you, dearie. *grin* Especially when you chose her physical description. LOL!

(Oh, and I'm quite happy we've seen each other so much!!!)

And yes, Nessa's an awesome character--who, BTW, has her questions posted on my blog now.

^_^ Ah, yes...Wyn. Hm. LOL, can't wait to write her turning his world upside down. So much fun!


PS: Nessa really is a great character. Hannon le, mellon-nin!

Rose Marchen said...

Yessssss!!!!! Must post about your book precioussss!!! We wantsss to hear aboutss it!!!!

If you do, I'll do a post on my blog about my story!

~Keaghan/Avarona~ said...

Oh, and did I mention how clever you were to use the certain "smiling hero's" name meaning instead of his name? Very clever, Precious. Very clever indeed. Mr. Thornton would approve. *wink*

Monica said...

Hi! I'm Monica,
Can I get to know you?
I'm also a Roman Catholic, Home-schooled. And we like of the same things!!
I can't tell you how happy I am when I find another girl out there, that's a Catholic or at Christian. It's another sign that I'm not alone in the blog world!
I hope we can get to know each other.


Monica said...

I absolutely love your blog!!


Raewyn said...

Keaghan~ *cough* And I thought I was being subtle...hehehhe. ;) Well, I couldn't help it! You're just like Ry, so I couldn't help but suggestion my appearence for Wyn. :D

I'm happy we shall see each other three days in a row!!

Yay - OKAY, I WILL GIVE YOU A POST ABOUT MY BOOK!!! *grins* 'Tis nice to be in demand. ;)

Until Wed. my dearest Ry!

Mamma Rose, very well, presssciousss....wesss will posts abouts ours book - buts you mustss post about yours, Mamma preciouss!

Keagh, Oh well.... *blushes modestly* I do all for the approval of Mr. Thorton, of course. *cough again* But you already knew that, no? ;)

Hello, Monica, very nice to meet you! I know - isn't it so much fun to meet "kindred spirits"? :) Oh, my dear, you will never be alone in the blog world. It's amazing how many like-minded people you can meet.

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. And I'm glad you love my blog - thank you very much indeed! :) Look forward to seeing more of you soon!


~Avarona/Keaghan~ said...

Wyn--Weeeeeellll...Perhaps you were being subtle, and I'm just perceptive. *wink* And besides, she ended up so perfect, I cannot even complain. And who wouldn't want you as a character in their book??? *hugs Wyn*

Yes, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday! *tries to contain squeal of joy*

*grins* Yes, I knew Mr. Thornton had SOMETHING to do with it. *muffled chuckle*

Until Wednesday!!


Raewyn said...

Keaghan, thank you. know me so well. ;)