One More Day!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Christmas Eve!! How did that happen? Oh my, the days have gone by so fast - filled with holiday cheer, merry friends, gift-shopping, baking cookies, and laughing parties. If I wasn't Catholic, I'd feel sad that everything ends tomorrow...but it doesn't, my friends! The Christmas season continues into January, ending with the Baptism of Our Lord.

Lots to do today! I've got to wrap all the brownies I've made for everyone at the mall, wrap presents, think of one for a dear rosey friend, finish grocery shopping for Christmas dinner, and help Mom get some stocking stuff.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeehhhhhhhhhh - *bangs head* I'd written more but then Blogger signed me out and it didn't get saved!! *dies*

*comes back to life* Oh, was mainly the list I'd made of everything we're going to do on Christmas Day...hehehe, yes, I planned it all out and made a list. Maybe I'll post it later on today. *sniff* 2o minutes of my life gone forever. Why???????

But anyways, off to spread some holiday cheer and check off everything on my lists. There's *cough* six of them, you know. ;)

What do you have left to do today?


  1. Rae, one question -
    how are you typing if you just died?

  2. Sounds like the house is busy over there! We've already made broccoli casserole, potato salad. We have the monkey bread dough is rising for breakfast tomorrow.

    The tables are set with the Christmas china, red brocade table cloths and gold chargers beneath them. Everything seems to be in order!

    May your family enjoy the blessings of the season tomorrow as you spend the day together.

    Love you all,
    Ms. Kimberly

  3. *ahem* This is Emma Nels, Grace's character in her book. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm currently typing whilest Cor and James (also characters) are tending to Grace...she's coming around now. They managed to bring her back before it was too late. She just fainted very dramatically. ;)

    Ms. Kimberly~ We were definitely hopping! ;) Yay for making dishes ahead! Makes things so much easier, yes? Yum, yum. Sounds delicious.

    Oh, how must have been quite a sight! I can see in my mind's eye. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday season!


    P.S. Congrats on getting your 4 miles in after Christmas lunch! :) Kudos to you and Keaghan!

    *giggles* Nice job with the Regina Doman books - that was so clever of you to sigh them the way you did!

  4. It was really great watching her open them...the first one she didn't catch until she saw the second one...then she was frantically looking for the other boxes. I should have numbered the boxes so that she opened the books in order, but I thought of that AFTER they were wrapped.

    Can't wait to see some pictures...especially of the play food and their reactions.

  5. Fun, fun, fun! I know she was SO excited! ;) Awww, I opened the camera after they unwrapped the felt food so no pics of reactions, but I could snap some of them playing with it!