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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Here's the Honest Scrap Award, which I believe both Clare and Miss Eden gave me.

The Rules:

* Thank the person who gave you the award.
* Post 10 honest facts about yourself.
* Pass the award on to 7 others.

1. I am a dreadful procrastinator in many things. But you knew that already, no? ;)

2. Christmas is truly my favorite season - there's just something in the air this time of year...perhaps it's because we near Christ's birthday and the entire world quivers with anticipation.

3. After many months of having no idea which saint to pick for my Confirmation saint, St. Joseph chose me. After fighting it a bit, because I was really leaning toward St. Gabriel the Archangel, I sighed, gave in, and now have one of the best friends I could ever ask for. I can't count the number of blessings and gifts he has granted me, and I firmly believe St. Teresa of Avila in her declaration that St. Joseph will deny no prayer request. Whatever you ask of him, he will grant it. It may not be the way you expect or when, but he will. :)

4. I've become much more healthier and keener on exercise this year, especially after I lost about 30 pounds and a much more happy me now.

5. I'm writing a book about a girl who discovers another world, and falls deeply in love with it, God and the people she meets there...all while fighting against Evil, of course.

6. I haven't really written anything for months. School kind of overtook me completely.

7. I love the group of people of the Fairy Tale Novels Forum, and got to meet some of them this summer. They are all coming to my wedding and will even be in my wedding party! Lol...if that ever happens!

8. I have a baby name book that I have written ALL over in - I read it. Not sit down and flip through it.

9. I hate getting off schedule and not getting a bunch of things done each day. It also bugs me if something takes a long time....I've gotten very time-efficient.

10. I am a enthusiastic list maker. Every few weeks or so, I serious make a list everyday of what I want/need to get done, and then derive a singular pleasure in checking off each thing on my list at the end of the day. :D

Ok, that was fun! Eeeh...who to tag? 1. Keaghan again, 2. Earwen, 3. OurspareOom, 4. Vicky, and whoever else wants to do this!

Miss Eden tagged me as well with the 8 question meme. Here goes!

Six names you go by:
Hmm... 1. My real name

2. Rae, which is my little siblings' attempt to pronounce my name.

3. _____ (real name) - Bear! Two friends frequently call me that - I guess that means I'm related to Bear somehow!! Yay, I'm a Denniston! I've always wanted an older brother and now I have two! Both Bear and Fish. :D

4. "Precious". *cough* Yes, my family all calls each other Precious. :D My five year old little sister started calling my mom Precious, after seeing Lord of the Rings and then we all caught on..much to the amusement of Keaghan, her mother and their family.

5. Slim. Ok, I was called that once, but it was recently! ;)

6. Amazing _____.

Three things your wearing right now:
Er...layered shirts -it's cold!- capris and fuzzy socks. Hee hee.

Three things you want very badly:
Normalcy for Christmas, which for me means going to bed sweetly early before 9:30, having a blissful night's sleep, and waking up at 4:40 and going on our morning walk every morning.

Narnia, Middle-Earth, and Renia ( the fantasy world in my book) to be real. :D Alright, to finish my book by Easter...the first draft at least. I'd like to give myself 'til my birthday in the beginning of February to finish it but that's very soon, so we'll see....

More time with my family at home. I'm nowhere near ready to go away to college.

Three things you did last night/yesterday/today:
*cough* Ate one more homemade roll than I should have at a Christmas party last well as one and a half caramel brownie.

Made my little sisters' Christmas present, felt play food, with Keaghan yesterday and had a BLAST!!

Fell asleep listening to Chet Baker and Ella Fitzgerald, after a small cry. Music does indeed do wonders for the does God gently telling you there's a time and place for everything, and He knows exactly when you're ready for that part of your life to begin.

Two things you ate today
Hehehehe...OATS!!! Pumpkin whipped banana oatmeal, hot and tooasty with golden rasins, granola, peanut butter and almond butter, consumed before the hour of six in the morning. Mmmmmm. And currently sipping on water = happy Raewyn. Yes, water DOES count as something to eat - it's amazing!

Two people you last talked to on the phone:
My daddy and Mommy when they came to pick me up at Keaghan's.

Two things you are going to do tomorrow:
Not have Shakespeare, finish wrapping presents for everyone at the store and bake tons of brownies for them!

Write. Definitely. I will bang myself over the head with a pot if I somehow do not end up writing tomorrow -or today!!!

Your three favorite beverages:
Water. Can you tell I like water? ;) Starbucks' signature hot chocolate/hot chocolate in general, and frappachinos. Yum.

There, all done! Tag 5 people. Now I tag Mamma Rose, Keaghan, Earwen (just because she always gets tagged for everything!), Elena, Vicky again, and....and...oh, anyone else who wants to do this - OOH, and Lanta!!!


  1. *stifles laugh*
    Yeah, an elvish fir tree...
    I would have preferred a Mallorn, but you know how hard to find they are.
    And you know Keaghan TOOO well - she sent me an email in CAPS XD
    I'm so glad you liked her present!
    If you want elvish, I just drew some elvish dresses I'll be posting today, so be sure and stop by (today, preferrably - I'll probably drown it in more posts XD) Hannon le for the tag, mellon-nin Raewyn!

  2. Thank you for the tag darling daughter! =)

  3. Glad to see you back blogging, Precious! I've missed your little smiles from your corner of the world.

    Ms. Kimberly

  4. Earwen~ Well, it does....sort, anything could look Elvish if it really does! *realizes she made no sense there* ;)

    Hahhaha, well she was SUPER excited about your present!! Hee hee! Yes, the book was so cool! You have very good taste. :)

    Ooh, pretty elvish dresses! I saw them and they are beautiful!

    My pleasure, mellon-nin Earwen!

    Mamma Rose, you're so welcome! :)

    Aw, thank you, Ms. Kimberly...I've missed y'all too....although it helps that I get to see you nearly every other week! Thank you for the sweet sentiment. :) I'm looking forward to blogging regularly now!