My Last Braces-less Post

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm not sure if that's even grammatically correct - but I have no time! We're about to fly out the door to the orthodontist's; yes, I'm getting braces. It's rather a surprise to me as well, but it's a much more welcomed alternative to jaw surgery... *shudders* I sucked my thumb when I was younger, so now some of my teeth aren't touching properly. *sigh* So now I'm getting a mouthful of metal - for three years! Eeep.

I'm actually fine withe the whole thing, only....I can't imagine myself with braces; you know, what I'll actually look like!

Aah, the chariot is here - I must go! Please keep me in your prayers everyone! Giant vat of ice cream and yogurt here I come! *dives* ;)


  1. Ah, alas alack, but at least you can look in the mirror and go "They look ELVISH!"

  2. ~Jane Austen Wannabe~August 27, 2009

    Hope you're back up and running soon, O long-lost-sister! :-D

    Really, braces aren't as bad as some people say they are; they really hurt the most at the very beginning, and for a few hours after you get them adjusted. *grin*

    And as for what you'll look like--You'll look just as beautiful and elvish as you did before. *busts out laughing as she hands Raewyn another ice cream cone* Trust me.

    Love ya!

  3. Joining the club, huh? hahaha I've had my braces for about a year and a half. Pretty much the only thing you'll be able to eat at first is mush, but that won't last forever, I promise!

    Good luck, and you're in my prayers :)

  4. Earwen~ I NEVER thought of that!! Lol... *slaps self* Why didn't I?? *puts hand to brow* It must have been the pain...oh, the agony! ;)*peeks in the mirror* You're right - They DO!

    Keaghan, we just got back from our "wagging" (HA!) which was then followed by a very fast bike ride with my dad...the night went fairly well, but Yeow, these things have a mind of their own..hee hee. *snorts* I walked through Wal-Mart the first two hours I had them, thinking, "Oh wow, this isn't so bad." Then five o'clock came and I crashed. Severely. Lol.. ;)

    Uuh, I hope so...I have confidence in your promise, Precious!

    Aww..thank you; I feel/look rather like a blowfish again today... *pricks pointed ears up* Ooh, I looked elvish before?! Yay!! You're so ice cream! Yum... *drowns herself in the ice cream cone* Bliss... I think I'll have yogurt for breakfast, pureed with some fruit. If only I had some Cool Whip. :(

    Trina~ Yes, I am now an Honorary Member!!! *looks around* Do I get a badge? *grimaces* Mush...eeh...I know. I have absolutely no desire to chew. Wow, a year and a half? Oh thank you so much, cuzzie! Please, please do keep me in your's such a comfort. :)

  5. Right! The... er, agony!
    Braces, though. Very elvish.
    Take it from one.
    Elf, not braces.

  6. I love your cheerfulness and how you make the best of anything you go thru. Did it hurt when you first got braces? Does it hurt when you get them adjusted?