And Now to Bed...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm absurdly tired tonight, and ready to go to bed. It's been a long day *whew* but a good week so far overall. :) I started a post about Earwen's romance tag, two awards I've been gifted with, and a wedding we attended over the weekend/various wedding thoughts, but it will have to wait. "God comes first. Then Sleep." ~ Yours truly. ;)

We got home a little later then I would have liked, so no time for letters and writing, but just enough to have a bite to eat, put on some beautiful music, say my evening prayers and rest my soul and body. :) I hope the same to you, dear readers. I'm exceedingly grateful to you who have stuck it out with me, through my many absents, periods of silence, and moments of need. I love you all. :)

But I at last with weary feet
Will turn towards the lighted inn,
My evening-rest and sleep to meet. ~ Lord of the Rings, Book I: The Fellowship of the Ring


  1. Hey, Tears!
    I love that LOTR quote (but as you know, I'm pretty much LOTR crazy ;)

  2. lol, have a good rest dear one! I can't WAIT to talk with you over the phone at the FTN get together!!!!! I shall simply scream!!!!

  3. Earwen~ And so am I!! There's nothing wrong with it... *sighs happily* It's so beautiful... :D Haha, Keaghan was threatening to send Legolas over so he could hold hid bow above my head until I write something for her to critique!

    Thank you, Mamma Rose! Eep, I know! I'm counting down the days eagerly!!! *faints of excitement* :D

  4. Hey, I'M reading the Fellowship right now, too!!

    Oh, Eristor doesn't think much of anything right now... he's giving me writer's block. RRGH!

  5. of luck to you! I somehow fell behind in reading in...and I'm a little too scared to start back up - there's 300 and counting posts! *faints*

    Aw...poor you! Bad Eristor! Hehe, I'm a wee bit in the same boat myself. *grins sheepishly*

  6. ~Jane Austen Wannabe~August 24, 2009

    ROFL @ Earwen and Raewyn.

    Would it help if I said Avarona's giving me a fit right now too? ;-)

    Uh-huh, I'm stuck mid-chapter, and I have absolutely no idea how to extend's really confusing to explain, but basically I have to take a half-page excerpt and stretch it to about four or five pages. O_O Yeah.

    Earwen? Tell Eristor to help you out, or I'll threaten pink sparkles again. XD

    Raewyn, Precious, (LOL) You had better tell those characters to behave and help you out! Show them who's in charge! Uh...never mind...'cause they're kind of in charge...most...of...the...time...*ahem*

    Hope you figure out your writer's block soon! *grin*

    Oh, and to reference your post, Raewyn, I know how you feel about "I AM GOING TO BED! YEAH!" *wink*

    But soon, watch out.
    Those characters won't let you sleep. *evil laugh* Mwahahahaha...
    Right, Earwen?