And now the pain sets in...

Friday, August 28, 2009


Well, I'm home, and holding my mouth as gingerly as one can I imagine. Please keep me in your prayers today and the rest of the week....I was calmed and comforted immensely by imagining a blanket of prayers and love surrounding me. :) St. Augustine and St. Monica, pray for us! Head over to Catholic Cuisine to see some lovely ideas/recipes to celebrate their feast days.


  1. Ack, i know what it's like to have an aching mouth with new braces! Not fun! I can certainly sympathize with you there, dear.

    Be prayin' for you!

  2. Awwwww :( *hugs* I bet you look even cuter with braces, though! :D

  3. ~Jane Austen Wannabe~August 28, 2009

    Hope you get over the soreness soon, Precious. :-D

    *hugs Precious comfortingly*

  4. Oh, ouch. Trust me, it gets better...after the first few days it doesn't hurt and it's mostly just a pain to clean. (Haha, my braces were the consequences of thumb-sucking too. My parents warned me but did I listen? nooooo...) Praying, hope you're feeling better soon!

  5. Oh, I do hold you up in prayer.

    I hope all the pain goes away quickly.

    Your blog grammie. :)

  6. Poor you. I remember when I first got braces . Will be praying you go well with them. Thinking of you .

  7. Dearest Mamma Rose, I'm so glad to hear you sympathize..please send me a rather large and lovely package of your love and hugs! I need them! ;) And please, please do keep me in your prayers, Mamma!

    Lanta~ Oh, you're so sweet! *hugs* I wish I could hear your voice, Glanta-Wanta...I need my Fuzzy-Wuzzy Koala bear cuzzie! :D *sighs* Eh, at the moment I look like a guppy fish - no lie. My gums are all swollen and so I look like I'm pout-(poat ;))-ing.

    Precious~ Thank you, Precious...I hope I do too, and that you had a good day today. I shall miss you sorely at the dance, my beloved Lizzie (or are you Jane in all your sweetness?)...pray thee, have a scone or cup of hot chocolate on your road trip (OOH- A CUP OF LA MADLEINE'S TOMATO SOUP!) for me! *hugs Precious back tightly*

    Kelsey~ Eeh, oow, ooh....I trust you are right. It's only the second day and they hurt quite a bit. *cheerfully* Tis all nothing though, in the Grand Sceme of things...God knows what He's doing - and this has given me such a appriciation for CHEWING like you wouldn't believe!

    *giggles and groans* Why?? Why did I suck my thumb?? Now I'm going to watch my children like hawks (when I have them) and DOUSE their hands in hot sauce if I see so much as even a lick of the thumb! No one should go trough the trial of feeling like they have a cage in their mouths!

    *hugs* Thank you for keeping me in your prayers, Kels - I need them! :)

    Thank you so much, Grammie. If you're praying for me then all shall be well's hoping you brewed a cup of tea and had a sweet Tasha day of loveliness. :)

    ~Your granddaughter

    Autumn, oh thank you so much! This really does mean so much..I'll also be praying the Rosary throughout the day, thinking of you as well. :) *hugs back*

    And I was just thinking how I needed some hugs... :) God is good.