*Two Days Later*

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ok...so perhaps I wasn't able to "post more" on Monday, but I'm posting now! I have to hurry, as dinner is cooking -hot dogs and burgers on the grill - and there's still about two hours of daylight left. :)

The day was spent at a homeschool-moms-book-sale, which was delightful. I got to see many of the mothers, especially Miss Cay; and I found a whole stack of little pocket sized books, many for $1.00, .50, and .25 cents! *cheers* All in all we got about 14 books for $14.50...so I consider the day a sucess. :) I also bumped into one of my "lovely readers", Miss J. Austen Wannabe/Kheagan and we both burst into laughter at the sight of each other, because we had just "discovered" one another in the Blogsphere...I'm over the moon that someone I know in real life reads my blog!

And now dearies, I must leave you! I've been soaking delightedly in the curriculum/bookish way of life all day and am brimming over with inspiration, thanks in part to the lovely Miss Cindy Rushton and her book on the subject, so I'm off to start Notebooking!

I'll pop back in as soon as I can to answer comments - I'm not ignoring y'all, Earwen and Kheagan - I simply must fly! :D


P.S. ....This is the good life...flying on the edge of your seat, living spontaneously, and clacking away at the keys as the kids play outside, knowing that you're about to enjoy a dinner at home with the little ones and the rest of the evening waits for lovely writings and curlings on the couch. :) But I wax poetic....fare thee well!

*sighing-over-the swiftness-of-time-and-realizing-she-has-about-four-years-left-at-home-with-her-precious-family-before-she'll-be-of-age-for-marriage*


  1. Mmm..I love hot dogs and hamburgers..I love that stuff..

    And I will give you a call to come and fix my breakfast sometime soon...I can only hold in pop tarts for so long :D

    You made a comment about Twilight on my blog...did you watch it, read it, or are you just saying that you have no desire to do either one of those two????

    Be of age for marriage? That's a scary thing..especially because it's only one more year until I'm officially an adult

    *gulps and runs around screaming her head off*


  2. Aww, Grace, I love reading your blog posts. Have I mentioned that lately? :D

    Bargain books are the best!

  3. *joins-Grace-in-sighing-over-the swiftness-of-time-and-realizing-she-has-about-four-years-left-at-home-with-her-precious-family-before-she'll-be-of-age-for-marriage-then-realizes-that-since-she's-17-she-has-less-than-a-year-until-she-is-of-marriageable-age-though-she-probably-won't-marry-until-she's-at-least-19-and-faints*

  4. ~Jane Austen Wannabe~June 12, 2009


    :-) But yeah, I agree. You don't realize how fast time flies until you think about something like that! :-)

  5. Judi ~ Yep, they were delicious. :)

    Haha. I'm not the hugest fan of pop tarts...too manifarctured and artifical for my taste. I like "baked" things...you know, like you'd find in a coffee shop or at a resturant: muffins, French Toast, waffles, toast, crossiants, cinnimon rolls, banana-nut chocolate chip bread, fruit salad or hard boiled eggs. :D Nasty bacons and eggs? Noooo. We hates them, yes we do Precious. ;)

    Hm...haha, I don't remember where you live butsend me your address/*a* address, and I'll could send you something I baked! ;) I'll have to send you a picture of something yummy that you can mentally eat for breakfast!

    I read it, I watched, I LOVE IT!! :D You?

    I get scared when I think about the fact that I'm going to seventeen less then SEVEN months - I'll be legal age for marriage in some states!! Lol...no, I know I'm not ready; I was just stating the fact. Twenty seems like a good age, but we'll see if I'm more mature in four years. ;)/:P

    *calms screaming Judi down* I promise not to throw you my bouqet at my wedding then, if you're so terrified! :D

    Delaney! *GLOMPS* I've missed you! *blushes* Well, no you haven't, not lately, but I've been such a terrible friend and cousin - I haven't commented on yours in ages! *weeps* Forgive me... *puppy dog eyes*

    Heehee, I know! They ROCK!


    *catches-Mamma-Rose-and-starts-to-wake-her-up-but-then-thinks-better-of-it-and-puts-her-on-bed-and-hangs-sign:-"Sleeping-Beauty-Must-Live-Near-Precious-Family-and-Raise-The-Little-Prices-and-Princesses-There* ;) I DO do good, dont I? *winks*

    *calms-Miss-Jane-Austen-Wannabe-down-and-offers-her-a-peppermint* *puts-on-wise-Gandalf-voice-"You-will-Know-when-the-time-comes.-Be-at-peace-and-in-good-health."* :D

    *mornfully* It flies like a clock falling out a window...with wings!

    I'm cuckoo...lol. :D