Prayers would be nice...

Monday, June 15, 2009

My mummy had the sharp sensation just before lunch on Friday, and said it felt like my 4 yrd little brother was sitting on her chest. When it didn't go away, she called her doctor and he told her to go to the emergancy room. Yikes. Both she and my dad didn't tell us, but dropped us off at the house with my cousin and her boyfriend. They took us to go see Up - which was amazing btw. GO SEE IT! It is so sweet and beautiful and heartfelt and funny; I teared up twice - and my dad took my mom in.

They ran a test (Catscan? Not sure if that was the one they did), but let her come home yesterday. She went back in this morning for two more tests at 1:00. My dad just called and said that the tests are almost over and they'll be heading home soon. I'm taking that as a good sign, but please keep her in your prayers, as well as Emily, who I believe is going through cancer.

It's these little moments where I remember what Earwen wrote: "We should praise God when things go wrong; not just when things go right!"

Okay, so maybe her exact words were: "But we need to praise God anyway! Then we will shine brighter for Him. It's easy to love God when things are going well, but when the road gets slippery and steep is the time we need to cling to Him and believe in Him and love Him most! When you were little and you tripped, did you push your father and mother away so you could fall, or did you grab their hand to keep from slipping?"



  1. I'll keep her in my prayers!


  2. I will be praying for your mother dearest!

    In reply to your comment on my blog... ;)

    You simply must watch Amazing Grace!!!! IT is a WONDERFUL movie!!!!

    :) Yay! You like my art work!

    Yes, Yavi and Kath are my sisters. =) They are both on the forum too, under those names.


    lol, thank you for the brilliant sign dear! ;)

    Lotsa love,
    Mamma Rose

    Ps. *weeps* I don't know! Probably not, but please pray that i can! ARE YOU GOING!?!?!

  3. Definitely praying for your mom. :) Hope all is well!

  4. ~Jane Austen Wannabe~June 16, 2009

    I had heard through email (and my mom) what was going on.

    I'm praying, and will continue to pray! :-)

    Oh, and Earwen? Great way to put it!

    ~Jane Austen Wannabe~

  5. Grace, I will be praying for her. My sister once had to spend the night in the hospital and it was no fun for anyone. I hope everything turns out okay.

    Yeah, my family's in Wal-Mart A LOT. 4-5 times a week. It's a lot of fun really. :)

    I love poptarts. I can't believe you guys don't. I like muffins and French Toast..but I really like Toaster Strudels :P YUM!

    Oh yes! A picture of something would be wonderful. The photo I saw on your blog of breakfast just about made my mouth water. And I don't even really like fruit.

    I LOVE TWILIGHT! One of the best series ever! The movie is wonderful, and it doesn't hurt that Carlisle is really good-looking in the movie. I was like (:-0 watching him.

    I'm already at a legal age for marriage in some states. I'm not sure if it is in my it'd matter. I'm not ready for marriage, even though I have names picked out for my six kids. And one middle name. And what house we'll live in once I get married to this guy I have a crush on...

    No, wait, do throw your bouquet at me...because I think that maybe the only way to reel a certain someone in. If I say we have to because of the bouquet it might work better than physically dragging him down the aisle...

    As if I would ever do such a thing......


  6. I'll be praying for your mother! Hope all is well with you, Grace! Miss you!


  7. I just love having you comment again on my blog! You can be my blog granddaughter although I think my younger child (son) is about your age.

    I'm in my early 50s but my mother was a grandmother in her mid-30s, so it would be possible. :)

    Do write soon how your mother is doing.

  8. I'm definitely praying! Please, keep us updated. I am so glad you're back in the blogging sphere! *hugshugshugs*

  9. Thank you Katie! She came home with the all-clear sign so she's all good! YES, IT WAS!!! I was hoping we could go see it today as a family for Father's Day, but God had other plans... :) Such as getting tires fixed, the house cleaned and baking cupcakes before heading off to Mass.

    My grateful thanks, dear Mamma! She got the results back and nothing's wrong, thank God! :) And to the prayers, no doubt...

    I know, I want to see it so! It looks sooo good.

    Of course I like it! :)

    I thought so! Hm, I have not had the pleasure of meeting them on-forum... :(

    *hopes-fervently-Rose-is-right-because-she-really-wants-to-get-married!* ;)

    I'm glad you liked it; anything for you!

    I WANT TO!!!! SO MUCH! *sighs* I still need to get all the info, but I'm hoping and praying my parents will say yes!

    Oh thank you, Clare dear! :) All's clear according to the docters, so we're very happy.

    Trina, thank you so much for your prayers - all is well now! Everything seems to be fine, so she's back home as if it never happened. :)

    Thank you for your prayers, Kheagan and please tell your mom thanks! Yes, we were so blessed to have Mrs Lorena put it out on e-mail...yes, Earwen put it perfectly, didn't she? :D

  10. Thank you, Judi! :) Ugh, yes, I's never fun - and the food! Lol...we cooked steak and I made my homemade rolls from scratch (which she loves) and my dad took it to her, so she got to have a good dinner while she was there!

    Good news, because things did turn out okay! There was nothing wrong with the tests - hooray!!

    Ha! Us too! In fact it's hilarious, because if we're in the car and my dad asks us where we want to eat, my youngest brother (four) always shouts gleefully: "WAL-MART!" Why...I just don't know. ;) We think he gets it mixed up with Sam's, where we'll pop in just to eat their pretzels, pizza and hot dogs.

    Eeh...I guess I just like the taste of homemade/bakery things; case in point: just now I started thing about a homemade version of pop tarts: a delicious crusty tart with real strawberries/rasberries....AND I'M STARING AT THE SCREEN WITH GLAZED EYES, AND DROOLING! Hahah...can you say "foodie"? ;)

    Aw, thanks! *hugs her tightly* That's just about the best thing you can say to a cook: the fact that you don't even like fruit but the picture made your mouth water!

    One of my philosophies in life/food actually...if it doesn't look good and make you hungry... :D

    ME TOO!!!!! Ohhhh...I was melting in my seat in the dark theatre -I wanted to jump in Bella's place in Edward's arms! *sighs dreamily* Heheheh...I KNOW! I LOVE Carlisle - noble, kind, inteeligent, a docter...the fact that he's georgous doesn't hurt either... ;)

    I think I'm legal in one or two (maybe - I have no idea) states, but you know what kills me everytime I think about it? I'm a SIXTH YEAR IN HARRY POTTER/HOGWARTS YEARS!!! *faints* I'm nowhere near mature as I think Hermione to be in her Sixth Year...the fact that I'll be a Seventh Year soon is even more frighting!

    I'M NOT READY FOR THE WIZARDING WORLD! *cries* *blows nose with pink hanky*

    Oooh, same here! ( Ok, after my next post bug me to write one on baby names) I have mine all picked out - that's another reason why I want 8-12 kiddos...I want to use all the names I picked! ;)

    Oh, my dear, you make me feel so happy...I thought I was one of a few girls who did that: I have a dream of the little house (well, it'll have to be bigger if we have a household of 10-14!) I want... *sigh*

    I actually have a really good story idea in my head about a younger couple (think our age for the girl) on the never-ending road of Parenthood... :D Remind me to type it up and out of my head and send it to you.

    Ok! *write Judi's name down on list, frowning with concentration*: "...Throw"

    Aw, I'll tell you what. You just get in your place by the alter and I'll push/throw/guide/steer him down the isle! :D if you ever would. ;)

    Thank you, Paul! :) Same here! God's Will be done though...I hope you're doing well!

    Brenda~ *blushes* You're much too nice...thank you for that sweet compliment! I love commenting on your blog, and reading it too!

    In fact when we were waiting at the hopital for the docters to release my mom, I read your blog for two and a half hours on my dad's phone! Probably a year's worth of 'Afternoon Sunday Tea' and your 'Deepening the Pantry'...not to mention most of the other 'Coffee Tea Books and Me Favorites'!

    Hooray! I have a blog-grandmother! And such a lovely one as you... :) Hm, I think (at least from what I've read on your blog) that Christopher is a little older..he's in college, correct? I'm only sixteen. *thinks* I would guess his age to be anywhere from 18 to 19...unless...he's not seventeen, is he?

    Very possible, and most welcome as well! I have all sorts of questions of about loveliness, books, tea, and home. Shall I drop you a e-mail? Or simply let me know a convinent time for you...perhaps when you are back from vacation. ;)

    She's much better, thank you! All seems to be well. :)

    Thank you Edge!!! *hugs* I missed you!!!

  11. I am SO glad!
    Raewyn, I was flattered that you quoted me. Thank you! *hugs*
    I am glad she's better!!!!

    Jane Austen Wannabe a.k.a. friend in real life - Thanks!

  12. RAEWYN!!!

    *mouth waters* Steak! I love steak and rolls...mmmmmm... *must stop thinking about it*

    Hooray! I'm so happy to hear your mom's okay..I know how it feels to sit and wait and wonder :) so hugs for all of you!

    Oh yeah, we call walmart our second home...we're there sooo many's so weird..we could walk there if we wanted to but I'm so lazy that I prefer the easy way for me :D

    Mmm..bakery..we got a gigantic cupckae from the bakery at a super bi-lo and the frosting was like as tall as my arm..must post picture on blog somewhere...

    I soooo wanted to go to the theatre to see that movie :( but I almost melted on the couch in my living room. If Edward weren't so strong, I'd tie him up and drag him to my house. :D

    And don't even get me started on Carlisle..speaking of drooling.. *sighs* oh, Carlisle..I think I'd take him over Edward :D

    I KNOW! I'm a seventh year in Harry's my last year! I'm only means I go on to something maybe a little frightening..but as least I don't have Voldemort waiting for me at the door :D

    BABY NAMES! I have six. Plus one middle name :D And they all match with the last name of the guy I'll drag down the aisle heehee :D *rubs hands together evilly*

    *Reminds self to push Raewyn to send story* Okay, I'll remember now :P

    Okay, he also might need some coaxing..and maybe a little pushing...some meds would probably help..just enough to sedate him..I don't think he believes in divorce.. >:D

    And I might, God knows I want him enough....