Hooray! And thanks be to God!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

THE DOCTERS SAID ALL IS WELL! Thank you so much for all of your prayers! I must fly now, but I'll be back to elaborate!

Much love and hugs to all,


  1. Hurrah!! I'm very happy to hear it, dearie!

  2. ~Jane Austen Wannabe~June 24, 2009

    Praise the Lord!!!! :-) I am so happy!!!


    *hugs Raewyn out of happiness*


  3. Grace,
    I'm always missing your link and have been worried about your mother. I've been meaning to call her so I was very, very glad to get your message and see this post. It truly made me day. Give your mom a big (((HUG))) from me. :-)

  4. Huzzah! That is awesome. Thanks be to God, indeed. (Late as this is *blushes*)

    Up was good!! I love the idea of floating away in a house with balloons :P And it was the opposite of the usual "follow your dreams, real life is boring, and kids are the only ones of any importance or intelligence" message found in most kids' films. Shocking!

    RYC: Yes, exactly...oh, the inconvenience of Customs. Not long to wait, though! Well--relatively speaking. :P

    Haha, yes, I used to be on Xanga but I finally got fed up with it. Blogger is heaps better/more user-friendly/more new and shiny/etc.

    Ah yes, I'm doing schoolwork over the summer too, well studying for CLEP tests mostly. Algebra and I forget what else--woe is us! All my condolences, and best wishes for your continued survival ;)

    I write sporadically, and badly. LOL. At the moment I have mostly roleplays/stories written with other people, and stories planned, and stories just begun--I will definitely let you know when one of those is edited enough to be somewhat readable. :P Do you write?


  5. *HUGS*
    *Throws confetti*
    I'm so happy she's okay. :)

  6. That's great! That must have been scary for you! :(

  7. Hey there! I awarded you over at Shakespeare & Showtunes :)

  8. Grace, sweetheart, I have an award for you at my blog.

    And just so you know I haven't forgotten you: I haven't. :) I've been so slow about finishing up that letter, and I'm sorry about that. I'll drop you another comment when I finally get it done. Sorry I'm being such a rotten correspondent.

  9. Very glad she is okay!

    Those are very scary symptoms.

  10. Daoops... Now it's my turn to be sorry. Sorry!!!
    I haven't written on my blog for aaaages BECAUSE I've just moved to the other side of the country. 9 day drive. Joy...
    Anyway, were finally here! I should probably post on my blog. I'm now a Twilight fan *grimaces*. BUT I reckon Jacob is better than Edward.
    I'm praying for your mum, that nothing else bad happens. Last time my mum had really bad chest pains dad didn't even tell Sam and I, just ran mum to the emergency room.
    Oh, I'm also starting school. It's a strict Anglican school AND my dad is a teacher here. Don't worry, were not in the same classes. That would really be mayhem. =P
    God bless you sooooo much,

  11. Clare ~ Thank you so much! :) We're happy as well, although unfortunately she's still having the pressure, but not sure as to the cause...hopefully she'll go to get a second opinion.

    Oh, Clare dearest, I know you must be so, SO busy, and these are your last months at home! I was quite sure you hadn't forgotten me...but it's glad to know for sure you didn't. ;) I JUST got home from being out of town for nearly a week, so I got your letter and read it.

    You are NOT being a rotten corespondence AT ALL, Clare Marie-Therese Duroc and don't you dare think so! Your letter was so beautiful and I will treasure it forever, but I'll save the rest for my reply! :)

    Keaghan ~ Thank you! I know, praise God! And all things Elvish! *falls over laughing, having just gotten home from Kilah's birthday party and knows only Keaghan will understand what she's talking about* :D It's an obsession AND a passion!

    Miss Cay ~ Do you have the link to my blog subscribed like you told me, so you can see my updates? It was wonderful seeing you at BaM with Chealse (Thank you so much for putting that together by the way!!), and at the Co-op sign-up.

    Oh, I love your new blog and your posts; you are definitely one of my favorite authors/bloggers, and I constantly sit back in awe at the way you craft words, finding the beauty of our faith, family and this amazing place where we live, in the simple everyday objects and routines. You are a true writer, Miss Cay. Thank you for sharing your words. :)

    I will! Give Chelse and Annie BIG hugs from us girls! (Garrett probably doesn't want any of that... ;))

  12. Must go - I'll be back!

  13. Alyosha~ *grins* "Huzzah"....heheh. Sorry. It's just so PotC/British soldier I can't help smiling - in a good way! ;)

    Pft. Pshaw. Please...there is no need for blushing. *sigh* I know too well the trails of midnight posting. Lol...

    I know! I was actually contemplateing whether my parents would let me float off and see the world from the sky for a day, while I was sitting in the theatre! ;) Don't you wish we all had balloons hidden in our house like Carl did?

    On Customs ~ Hopefully! Heh, there is the 'small' matter of my ticket being in order but with *ahem* The Agent's grace, there won't be any nasty luggage/"carry on". ;)

    Good for you! Blogger is much nicer and easier, I think...but then again I've never been anywhere else. *is perfectly content and happy to stay*

    Oh! *tear of happiness* You understand my pain.. *hugs* :D Hah, I'm in Pre-Algebra so it's nice to know we're semi-on the same level...well, maybe the same platform. ;)Ah, thank you my dear! Regrets to you as well, and best wishes in unflagging health and sanity during your period of trials - Tests- may you soon be free!

    Sounds terribly interesting. :D Screenplays and stories and beginnings? All ringing familar in my ears - 'tis pretty much the same here, except for the past 3-4 years of my young life I've been writing a book, about MY world, one that's good and true and beautiful and inconviences/time-suckers like machines and teconolgy don't exist - well, really, isn't used. Renians see/have no need for it. The Fathers of the Church all managed to get along without it, eh?

    Not that I'm hating e-mail, computers, phones or the Internet...I just have my world, Renia, in my head and it's such a lovely place to be. :) Basically think of it as a girl from our world also living in one like Narnia or Middle Earth. That's the simplest description I can think of, but I'm quite fond and proud of it, my little world, and it's as cozy as a Hobbit hole and as adventurious as the White Stag Hunt.

    That sounds nice, doesn't it?

    Judi~ *HUGS BACK* *hangs streamers* Yay! Just please keep her in your prayers that she continues in good health - she still doesn't know what it is and it hasn't gone away.

    Thank you Lanta!! Well, I was hoping everything would be okay, so... :)

    Ooh, thanks Katie! YOu're so sweet! *hugs*

  14. Thanks for the award, Clare! I'm so delighted you gave it to me. :)

    Thank you, Brenda...they were and are scary symptoms...she's being awefully brave, and I don't think she's felt the pain recently, thank God. :)

  15. Lizzie ~ IT'S FINE!!! I'M JUST HAPPY YOU'RE ALIVE! Lol...I was seriously starting to get worried - neither you nor your mum had updated! You moved? That's great! :) 9 days? eeh..

    Excellent! Hooray for Twilight! Noo, Edward is nice. :D Jake too..but Edward's beautiful.

    Thank you, Lizzie! How aweful...glad she's better. Best of luck with your new school - ugh, I can't believe term's going to start soon...help! ;)