A Day of Rest

Sunday, June 7, 2009

As today is Sunday, the title of the post is appropriate and perfectly describes today. :) I'm very grateful to God for such a lovely day, especially with my family. IT was a delightful surprise that this day was as nice as I had hoped it would be.

Usually Sunday gets all the chores/family tasks that we didn't get to on the week, mainly because my dad always has the day off, as we have the blessing of working for Chick-fil-A, a company that always closes for Sunday. And when I say chores, I mean cleaning out the garage, mowing the lawn, decluttering the house, ect. We almost always have a wonderful dinner though, at home or the occasional dinner out at a restaurant. Especially since Mother's Day, when we got my dad his Father's Day present - a grill - so he could cook my mom her Mother's Day present: steaks. ;) And very good, juicy, delicious steaks too!

This morning my parents woke us up early to go to morning Mass. It was a little difficult as we had watched a movie last night, Ghost Town, so we went to bed rather...um, late. Heehee. (In case you're wondering, we enjoyed the movie very much. It was a tad slow in the beginning and it did have one bad word and a scene referring to an inappropriate body part, but we laughed and when the credits rolled we were all smiling contentedly. A note: Ricky Gervais has a very good acting and comedic style, but if you're a fan of, say, a more split-your-side-laughing-uproariously kind of movie this might not be as funny to you, but it was still very good!)

We made it to Mass, only a few minutes late, and were able to sit in one of the pews as 9:00 Mass isn't as crowded as the evening one. It was a bright Sunday morning, the morning light filling the church. Having missed Confession yesterday I did not receive Communion so I simply knelt in the pew when my family went up for Communion, and looked at the crucifix and tried to tell God how much I loved Him and how sorry I was for snapping at my little sisters or talking back to my parents.

And out of that, looking back, He moved my heart to a quiet peace and let me know things were going to okay. I left the church quietly and happy, with a smile on my face, ready to celebrate the day of rest. My dad and Faith, Hope and Andrew (my little sisters and brother) walked around the small square garden that framed the fountain which was very pretty with trees, pink-red blossoms and all sorts of greenery. Then we headed to Wal-Mart, where despite my resolvings to not buy any clothing - even if it is Wal-Mart, I still perfer, in my new more-frugal state of mind, Bargain World, the best thrift store in our town - their selection of light thin pajamas in pretty spring colours of lovely buttercup yellow, rose pink and cucumber green was so tempting I fell to their lure.
This sweet little Eeyore shirt sprinkled with the word "Dreams" was calling me as soon as I saw it. Reflecting on it I realized that I did need another "nightshirt" to wear to bed: that, plus the fact that it was marked down to $3.00 cinched it in my mom's opinion.

Then I spotted this bright cheery Caribbean blue shirt; I loved it so much I wore it as soon as I got home, under my quarter-inch-sleeve grey shirt.

After we got back home, being very hungry as I hadn't had breakfast yet, decided to make my Special Sunday Surprise Breakfast. I love the idea of celebrating a mini-Easter every Sunday as the Church encourages, so I wanted to go all out and make something special for breakfast. Because we had gone to Mass and then Wal-Mart, it was nearly eleven when we got home, and half-past when I finally got a chance to breathe after putting the groceries away. So I opened the newly-stocked fridge and pulled out the strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, the almonds and chopped pecans from my baking cabinet, a whole grain waffle from the freezer...and the half-empty carton of vanilla ice cream. ;)

What followed was one of the best breakfasts/treats...

I got my fruit, whole grains and carbs for breakfast. ;)

It's getting late and bed is calling...in the form of my mom's voice. :) I'll be back tomorrow hopefully with the rest of the day's account.


    My friend Keaghan says she knows you in real life!

  2. Thanks! I really like both of them. :) Really???? Are you sure? Lol...oh, wait, I think I do know a Keaghan, but she's a friend of a friend of mine. Can you ask her how she knows me?

  3. ~Jane Austen Wannabe~June 09, 2009

    Or you could just ask me, Raewyn. :-)

    Yes, I know you thru Kyla, :-)
    I was at her "End of the school year" thing last year...
    We saw each other at graduation,remember? You asked me if I remembered you, and I said "Of course!" :-)

    Cool blog, BTW. ;-)

    Isn't it amazing how small the world can be with internet? :-)

    ~Jane Austen Wannabe~
    (Yeah, that's my screen name)

  4. Kheagan Kane =D
    GLAD you like my blog so much!!
    I love yours - wish you posted more often!!
    Yes, I write, draw, love LOTR and Legolas =D =D

  5. Oh my goodness!! *screams, yelps and laughs* Hahah....oy, I have a thick head! Lol...Keagan! Hi! How are you? Yes, of course I remember! Weren't you wearing a pick dress at the graduation? I really and truely cannnot believe that someone my age that I know in real life has a blog and reads mine!! :D

    Thanks! I need to post more often...I'm going to come check out yours. :)

    So amazing...lol...I can't wait to tell Kilah! She doesn't have a blog does she? Hmm...I don't think so.

    Love your screen name. *sigh* Everything about that period was dreamy...Mr. Darcy...tea...long walks...dresses...cakes...balls...Mr. Darcy...did I mention Mr. Darcy? *chuckles*

    Wait, didn't we end up disscussing him at the end-of-school-thing last year? We were going through all the film/book characters we adored. ;)

    Cheers and hugs until we meet again!

  6. ~Jane Austen Wannabe~June 09, 2009

    Thanks, Grace :-)

    Yeah, *sigh* Mr. Darcy. :-)
    "Everything about that period was dreamy...Mr. Darcy...tea...long walks...dresses...cakes...balls...Mr. Darcy...did I mention Mr. Darcy? *chuckles*"
    Definetly! XD

    IDK if Kilah has a blog...*shrug* I don't get to see her much...

    Yeah, along with Josh Groban. That's when you got hit by the volleyball. ;-)
    We were going ga-ga over Josh Groban's voice, and talking about P&P and Mr. Darcy...
    And I believe we were trying to sing a Grobanite song. ;-)


    Don't ask me what I wore to graduation, LOL. I have other stuff to remember. ;-)

    Glad we've found each other on the blogosphere.

    Isn't it crazy that I know both you and Earwen IRL???
    When I saw you follow her blog, I couldn't help but email her and be like, "I KNOW HER!"

    LOL, this is strange, but in a fun kind of way. :-D

    ~Jane Austen Wannabe/Keaghan/Avarona/Whatever else my friends call me~

  7. ~Jane Austen Wannabe~June 09, 2009

    Oh, and I meant to say, Bargain World is our church's thrift store! LOL. :-)

  8. Hooray for updates..I was just coming over here to bug you about updating.. I mean, to ask you nicely if you would update :D

    I love that blue shirt you got. It's really cool. And I wish you made my breakfast. :P


  9. HA! THAT'S RIGHT! Lol...it was getting dark and one of us said something about Josh Groban and the other one said, "I love him!" and then we did start to sing...was it 'You Raise Me Up??...and then yep, I got hit in the face! Hehehehehhe.. :D Ah, the hilarity in this small little world. ;)

    Hahah...yes...I kind of remember colours sometimes that pop/stand out at me. Too true. Same here. *sigh* Darn math...

    I'm glad too...you need to get a blog! It's easy! And all you have to do is post! :D

    Yes! So, is she from "here" *cough* youknowwhichstateImean *cough* too? I don't think I've met her/know her...at least I don't think so! Hahha...I would have done the same thing too - this so cool! Now I can know someone on here that I know IRL! Fun!

    I'm strange but in a fun way.. *grins* Hehe...yes, it is.


  10. Earwen~ Yep, that's her! Thanks for telling me!

    Lol...really? Thank you so much! You helped make my day. I've been on your all day. reading your posts and listening to your pretty music. :) Hehe, yeah...well, I'm about to post right now!

    *giggles* We have so much in common! Ooh, hey, we should do a "A Week Of LotR-Inspired/Elven Dressing" post and take a picture each day of elven outfits! :)

    ~Kheagan, *tries to say it in a Jane Austen manner* You astound me - how truely coincidental that your church's thrift store should be the one we shop at the most! That is so cool!

    Judi~ Hehe...I felt you coming to bug me... *clacks keyboard* The magic keys told me... :) Thanks - I'm wearing it right now.

    Anytime. Just give me a ring, and I'll toodle over with all the ingredients and my apron! :D

    That idea is SO much fun!!
    We definitely should!!

  12. ~Jane Austen Wannabe~June 10, 2009

    I want to say we were singing "When You Say You Love Me," but IDK for sure. ;-)And no one knew what to do, but you and I were on the ground with laughter. XD

    Aye, tis true. XD


    Naw, she's not. XD And I seriously doubt that you would know her IRL. XD Although I answered this question today. ;-)

    LOL, ;-)

    Yeah, isn't it weird?

    Oh, and the look on Kilah's face today was totally PRICELESS.

    Thanks for the laugh today. ;-)

    ~Jane Austen Wannabe/Keaghan~

  13. lol @ Rae, JA and Earwen.

    Would you know that something like this just happened to me? I was at a party at my friends house another girl who was there comes up to me and says "Uh... do you have a blog?" And i said "Yes?" And she said "You are Rose, aren't you! I read your blog!" And i was like "Eeek!!! You do!?!?!" And then she called her sister over and said "Sister! Guess what! This is Rose!!!!" It was so wild. Then another girl who happened to be standing near said "Oh, you're Rose? Are you on the FTN Forum?" And i said "YES!" And she said "So am i!!!!"

    *Joins in singing "It's a small world after all!"*

  14. Oh wow, Rose! Who were they from the forum???

    I actually met two girls from the forum just recently!!! Briar~Rose--they share an account and don't go on very often, but it was still awesome!!!!