I'm A Pile Of Mush Inside

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Really, I am. Why? I know so because I nearly melted Monday when I was talking to a dear friend and fellow blogger, Mrs Gibson.

Two of the moms at Co-op have new babies, little darlings Stewart and Nickolas. During lunch earlier that day I had been holding Nickolas, but handed him over to Annie, Mrs Gibson's 7 yrd daughter who was cooing over him. Her older brother Garrett (16) had wandered over and was watching when Nickolas reached out with his chubby little hands and putting on an intent expression, attempted to cross from Annie's arms into Garrett's.

Smiling, Garrett had picked him up and - much like the picture - looked happy to be holding a bouncing baby.

Later on, when Co-op was nearly over, Mrs Gibson and I were sitting cross-legged on the floor in the foyer discussing babies, with baby Stewart on her lap. She mentioned that she wished she had another little baby, and remembering Nickolas earlier, I told her about her son holding the baby.

Miss Cay: *chuckling* "He loves babies. He wishes he could have a little brother. In fact whenever" ( I don't remember if it was her daughter's god-child or her sister's baby - but it was a baby!) "the baby is across the street, he's over there in a flash, playing with baby on the floor!"


Really, that's so refreshing and delightful to hear! Honestly, when was the last time you heard of a teenage boy who loves babies and playing with and taking care of them?

Not very often.

Good to know young Catholic homeschoolers still love family and the beauty of life!


  1. Graceeeee! You're back!! It's been so long!!! *Sadness*
    Aww..that baby's cute. A family friend has a 7-month-old granddaughter that she brings over. She is so cute...I love babies *sigh* :P

  2. Aw, that's so sweet!

  3. Awwww! That is sooooo sweet!!!!

    *glomps Grace* YAY!!!! You POSTED!!!!!

  4. Grace, honey, it was so good to see your comment on my blog. I hadn't heard from you in such a long time, and I was on the verge of sending you an email when your comment popped up in my inbox!

    If you do start up a "homey" blog (and please do!), make sure you tell me about it. Then we can visit back and forth.

    Also... I don't know what question you wanted to ask me, but I wanted to ask you one! :) Providing your parents give permission, would you like to exchange snail-mail letters? I'm heading off to college soon and would love to have someone to write to, particularly as sweet a friend as you.

    You have my email address, right?

    God bless you, dearie.

  5. Yes! The absent-minded-often-disapearing-into-the-bowels-of-the-earth-girl has returned!

    This is getting to be far too repetitive....

    Juuuudi! *hugs* I know...I can't belive March and (nearly) April went by without a post! *tear* Think of all those lovely possible posts...just gone... *weeps dramaticly* NO! Cheer up! I am back - no sadness allowed! :D

    Aww, I know...isn't he? Absolutely precious. Lucky you - you get a baby coming into the house. Who doesn't love babies? They are universal!

    TrinaBinina~ Isn't it? S CUTE! Thanks for commenting. Nice to know you're still reading! *hugs*

    Mamma!!!! *GLOMPS* I know, it's been far too long! *smiles* Not as sweet as you. :D :D :D I owe you a birthday post... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  6. Dear Clare, thank you so much for replying so promptly; it's lovely to hear from you again! I was half afraid you thought I was ignoring you and you would be offended, but I should have known better than to think that of you! :)

    You were going to e-mail me? *is surprised and delighted* Why thank you! I'm glad you got my comment!

    Oh but of course I would tell you about it; I'm only torn between making the blog I have right now more "homey" or starting a new one just for matters of the heart and home. :)

    *laughs, giggles and looks up at Heaven, shaking her head* That's what I was going to ask you!! As I was reading your blog, I thought, "Hmm,I'd love to write to her!" and when I read your post about the maiden's challenge (cooking a meal, writing a letter, doing something for your father's house), I decided I'd ask my parents. And I did, this morning. I came into my mother's room and said, "Mommy, remember the girl who has the blog A Maiden's Wreath? Well, she's going to St. Thomas Aquinas...can we be pen pals...may I write her?" And she said yes! :)

    Yes, I should have it. I think we had exchanged e-mails before, both on the forum and on Gmail. Um, may I ask what you mean by "Snail-mail"? I confess I'm a 'leetlee' puzzled.

    Oh, dear, I'm very touched that you consider me a friend, and a sweet one at that. Thank you! It means a lot. :)

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  7. Yes, it is too repetitive, Grace. We're getting depressed. :(

    I'm glad you're finally back! I've missed you so much! I've missed your posts, too. They're so great to read.

    Yes, I love babies. They're so cute and sweet and I just love them! You should see me around babies. :P It's terrible. I'll do anything to get her to smile. :P


  8. Grace,
    I am anxious to hear, and would love to see, your thoughts on "matters of the heart and home."


    Btw, we grilled hot dogs today w/ our friends and Garrett rocked his sister's god-daughter and gave her a bottle then let her play w/ his cell phone. He fell asleep in the rocker while Ariana climbed down and toddled off to play. LOL

  9. Judi~ *looks stern* What did I just tell you? CHEER UP! No sadness...I'm sorry! Truly I am! I hearbye give you permission to poke me everytime I fall behind in posts. :D

    Really? Aw, thank you thank you! *hugs supertight* That makes me feel good! *glows* :) Well, I missed you too, and your posts that are wonderful and so very you!

    Me too! Hehe...I will beg to hold a baby...really - on my knees with hands outstretched and everything! Whoever's with me when I see a baby must roll their eyes because I swarm to them like a bee to honey, and I won't be unglued. It's very happy, baby prison. ;) The jailer is the most adorably sweet thing in the world. :D

    Miss Cay, thank you so much for leaving a comment! I was delighted to see it. :) I'm glad to hear you would like to see and hear my thoughts on "heart and home" especially as you were also a part in inspiring me to write more about those things.

    Hot dogs, yum...Aw...He did? *melting* How sweet; I hope you got a picture! I would have liked to seen that! :)

  10. My dearest Grace,
    Thank you so much for the lovely and wonderful comment you left on my blog!!! Surely, it i who is blessed to know you You always make me feel so special and so loved!

    *gasps* Do you think DD (dear daughter) that since your mother said yes to you and Clare being pen-pals, we might be able to as well? I would be able to e-mail you photographic proof that i am indeed real!!!! That would be wonderful!

  11. Dearest Mamma Rose-Amanda,
    It is my pleasure! Thank you so much, but I suppose we can both be exceeding blessed and thankful for God pointing us both toward each other!!! And I am only returning the favor; no matter what, whenever I think of you, I instantly brighten up and smile comes to my face. :)

    I can certainly ask! *giggles* Or I could just show her your blog which already has pictures of you on it! That would be wonderful - we shall see!

  12. I am cheered up! Because you're finally back and you promised you won't leave us again! Don't let us down...

    Yeah, I gotta update again soon. I'm going to do that today..it's been almost ten days! I can't believe that. I hate going this long without updating..it bugs me

    I'll beg to hold a baby, too. You should see me when I'm around the one that comes over all the time. 7 months old and the cutest thing I've ever seen. :P

  13. Gracey love,

    *gasp* IF YOU'RE WRITING TO EVERYONE ELSE, CAN YOU WRITE TO ME TOO???????????????????????

    And I'm soo happy to see you occasionally posting on here and FB and FTN... I've missed you, i really have. You just have this God-given gift of making everyone happy and feel loved whenever they're blessed to be around you!!!! And I've missed my happiness! :P

  14. Judi ~ Oh goody. I hate to see you depressed! ;) Gah, I know! It's killing me that it's been three weeks AGAIN since I've updated but I seriously have not been able to get back on - SOOO busy! When I'm not running out the door for work, brushing my teeth or trying to do school, I'm cooking! Meh. *collapes in a heap* *thunk*

    Yesss...babies are wonderful! Yay, another baby-lover! *hugs*


    Gah. *sniffs* I'm going to cry...I am!!! *hold it together and lets it out by GLOMPing Lanta* Yes...I honastly can't believe that I'm not being able to get on as much as I used to - BUT THAT IS ALL GOING TO CHANGE!!! Lol...

    Thank you so much, Sara! I've missed you too, so much. I love being around my favorite crazy cousin who is so sweet and funny and always makes me laugh and feel loved.

    *gasps and tries to hold back the sniffles* *repeats to herself: "I'm not going to get emotional, I'm not going to get emotional..."* Lanta love, you have no idea how blessed and happy I am to hear that. That makes me feel so wonderful. :) You just made my day, cuzzy. I've actually been feeling a little down, that I bore people when I'm around and they'd rather be spending time with someone else, so thank you so much. I feel so loved! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! I'LL ALWAYS BE YOUR HAPPINESS! *hugs tightly* I miss my always-smiling craziness. :)

    Barrelfulls of love,
    your Kowala Bear,
    Gracey-Wacey :D

  15. Graaaaacey--YOU HAVE A PM!!!!!! :D Hahahahahah. *is very pleased with self*