There and back again: thoughts on being sixteen and Lent

Monday, March 16, 2009

*giggles* Weeeeeeeell....since I've been noticeably threatened by Judi if I don't update at ONCE, here goes. :)

So. March has come, February is over and I, it might be worth mentioning, am now sixteen. A funny thought, and one that stuck me with more humor recently when I was re-reading the more recent entries in my diary.

"February 2, 2009: 'It's nearly two in the morning and I just realized that I don't think I'll ever stop writing Cor and Emma' -the main characters in my book. 'It's a strange thought, even stranger - lol...well, not quite - than the fact that I'll be sixteen in six days.

'It's really ridiculous - the thought of me being sixteen: able to drive. I have no idea why I'm so excited for my birthday but I'm so not ready to be sixteen - it's like I want to stay fifteen. *sniff* Fifteen's a perfectly good age...what's so wrong with fifteen?!

'Ha, there you go. Further proof I'm not ready -I'm being melodramatic.'"

A few days later. (--Keep in mind this is my true coherent self at nearly midnight)

"Well, it's my last day as a fifteen year old; I'll be sixteen in 56 minutes.


Where did the days go?'"

And then after that, I get a little nostalgic, musing on my girlish dreams and hopes that only a fourteen yrd girl can have. :)

Just in case you're wondering, Disney World was a blast. :D I loved every minute of it and I can't wait to go back. I think in terms of my family, it was the most magical it could have been! It wasn't very rainy; we mostly had sunny, sunny weather which was nice but a nuisance when it got hot. Oh well, at least it wasn't August.

Now that we're back home and in the middle of Lent, it's been incessantly rainy over here, which I'm over the moon about, as I love grey, rainy, melancholy days! My co-workers and family don't seem to share my affection for such weather, but I'm pleased as a cat that are seasons finally seem to be in order and March is behaving as expected: "Rushing in like a lion." I hope it comes out like a lamb for Easter.

This Lent is the first that I'm trying to make a real effort. A prayer book expressed the meaning of this liturgical season wonderfully, explaining that we all promise God to do better, to sin no more and that we will love Him as we should. Then, so soon after Christmas we slip and fall into our sins again despite our promises.

So God, in His Infinite Mercy, gives us the season of Lent to "go for forty days into the desert" and do penance and fast that we might prepare for Easter: the Resurrection of Our Lord, Jesus. :)

I had never thought of it that way and was humbled and reminded once again that our God truly is perfect. The Creator that has fashioned the world, formed us in our mothers' wombs and created even the smallest creatures with a purpose, has even designed a time of repentance for His Children, when they fell from grace. :) It's rather a lovely thought, isn't it?


  1. FINALLY! An update..I was about to go insane..and.. *Gasp* I would never ever ever ever threaten you, Grace..just complain until you update.. :P
    I'm about to turn 17..and I feel old :(

  2. JUDI!!!! Lol... *gasps* Noooo - I would never want you to go insane, especially on my account! Awww... Thanks, dearie....please, DO. I'm horrible at pushing myself to update. Really. :P

    *gasps again* No...really???? Seventeen? *feels very young* ;) Aw. *hugs* We can feel old together! Hehe...I thought you were my age. When's your birthday?

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!! *gives her balloons and chocolate* :D

  3. I'll be 17 on May 26th..It makes me feel so old :( But, that means I'll be done with high school in a year and a half *throws confetti around in the air*

    I will push you to update, though, mainly because no one likes it when I complain too much :P

    Aww..thank you. Happy belated birthday to you, Grace. *Sings Happy Birthday off-key* :)

    PS: I wrote this comment up once and demon blogger deleted it *growls*

  4. You're alive!!! :D YAY! And happy birthday! Sweet Sixteen only comes once, so enjoy it :p. Aw, well, I'm glad you updated.

  5. Hey Judi, you are 6 days younger than I am!!!! I just turned 17 on March 20th! Cool. =)

    My baby! *glomps Grace* I'm glad you had a wonderful time in Disney!
    Happy 16th birthday again! ;) 16 was great, I was sooo sad to leave it behind! I was like, "WAH! I don't WANT to be 17! I like 16!!!!" So I've decided I shall always be 16 at heart. =)

  6. You've heard of writer's block? Well, I've got commenter's block. Can't think of anything. :)


  7. *knock knock knock*

    Anybody home???