A WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLCOME!!!! And a *cough* update, among other things - such as a meme

Thursday, November 13, 2008


MY FUZZY-WUZZY COUZZZZIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehehe.... Yes, I get excited, and when that happens I go into caps and exclamation points. ;)

Anyhoo, the Fuzzy-Wuzzy Cuzzies are brilliantly evil, and hilarious. You MUST go and visit them, and say hi!! Or I refuse to answer comments! *realizes she's already doing that; not necessarily 'refusing', but neglecting* Sorry!!

So here's the update, started last night:
It’s nearly 11:00, but it feels waaay more later….like a unearthly hour. And I know I should go to bed, especially as I’ve been on the computer for hours and my mom is going to come and drag me off any second now. *looks around paraniodly*

(The dictionary, the world, English grammar and spell check say that paraniodly is not a word. The dictionary, the world, English grammar and spell check are WRONG.) (Heh, stole that from one of the AWESOME Evil Twins, Bridget. *hugs*)

I’ve been tagged by my newest ‘sister’, Katie, and she’s my new sister just cuz she’s a Shakespeare ‘freak – like me.’

The rules are: Link to the person who tagged you, list the rules, write six random things about yourself, tag six-ish people by leaving comments on their blogs and let the person who tagged you know that you've written the post.

1. Um……um….here’s one: I am such a huge fan of Lord of the Rings and the characters, I agonize every time I see the movie, read the books or the ridiculous number of fanfics, over who I love more: Frodo, or…. (Come on, you all know what name I’m going to say) Legolas. Cause, well… *wrings hands* I CAN’T CHOSE!! Elijah Wood was not only my first actor crush, but my first character love. And let’s face it, who can withstand those gorgeous blue eyes? The pale skin, the dark curly hair? The fragile Hobbit-strength? The gentleness, the determination?

And then you have Legolas. *swoons* What can I say? I met him before I met Mr. Darcy - no harsh judging please, ladies; I'm swooning over the Elven prince, the CHARACTER.Ok, so First off, he's a ELF! And he's beautiful, and he's kind, and he's a wicked warrior, not mention the BEST archer in Middle Earth and every world on top and bottom. ;) *coughdream* Exhibit A:

*goes slightly mad* LEGOLAS GREENLEAAAAAAAAAAAAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dances to the music with stars in her eyes*

Every single time I play this video or watch it, I sqeak. No lie. As soon as the music starts I go, "Eeek!" and "Eeep!" *sigh dreamily and lovingly* Lol...yes, I have a problem. *puts her 'I'm a Legolas fangirl and I have a Serious Problem' button with a picture of that elf's gorgeous face, on.

Now, I'm not obsessed. But...I have had one dream about him (or was it two?)...and I love love LOVE really good fanfics about him. The first real one that was any good, and my ultimate favorite: Lament of the Niphredils. I really, really love how the authoress wrote Legolas. It is NOT a Mary-Sue love fic, but it has the feeling of romance. It's a very sweet story of friendship, and a lovely look at how a mortal and a elf can be close. So, yeah, it's a very sweet story and whenever I think of it, it's with fondness. Most unfortunately, the author seems to have disappeared or forgotten about her fic, because it hasn't been updated since 2005. :( So...it is unfinished, which kills me...I'm hoping and praying she comes back because frankly, I NEED TO KNOW THE END!!!

So in concluding, how can you not love, or even admire that elf, I ask you? :D :D :D Can you imagine having him as your husband? The chivalry, the pure love, the HAIR??? :D

*musingly* One can almost say the same for Aragorn.... *new train of thought* Ooh...Jk!! ;)

. HA! Yep, haven't even got to 2 yet - I'm such a LotR fangirl! Here's one: I painted my fingernails black last night and liked it for about four minutes, and then I missed my nice, clean, natural nails!!!! It just looked so cheap. (I'm not insulting people who do like black nail polish - I know there are a bunch of girls that look great with it. It just didn't look good on me.)

Eeh, like I said, I donno, I just felt so weird...like I had finally succumbed to trendy-ness.

I shuddered, at the though this could be the first step to being a modern teenager. Skinny jeans could come next - then a hair straightener - a cell phone - I had a sudden image of horror, of myself texting on a cell phone with chipped black fingernail polish, wearing contacts, with straightened hair, chewing on bubble gum. With my mouth open. AAAAAAHHHH!!! SAVE MEEEE FROM THE MODERN TEENAGER!!! *hides*

(I actually did straighten my hair once; last November, the night before my mom and I left for Hawaii, and it looked very nice. I liked it a lot. :))

3. I am a computer/Internet addict. Which most of you can probably tell. Heheheheheh. :D I spend way to much time online...and yet I don't update as much as I should. *squirms guiltily*

4. I am a very giggly person, especially when I don't hear what people say. I think I have terrible hearing. I'm constantly asking people to repeat themselves. ;)

Like for instance, at work today, a little bit before I got off, I had another 'incident' with a guy. Lol...I couldn't hear him very well, but I caught the gist of what he said. He basically told me something along the lines of , "You know, you've going to be beautiful when you get older. Just giving you a warning; a head's up!" Then he said something which I didn't catch and added, "just tell her to send 'em to your dad!"

Lol...maybe he was talking about future guys, for my mom to send them to my dad??? Ha. If he had been older I would have been creeped out, but as it was he was like twenty-something, and cute (blushes) and I somewhat know him because he works in the mall. I'm still suspicious that he kind of flirted/hit on me, but what do I know?*cough* So...yeah. Anyways... moving on.

Number 3!! I love music so much. I really don't know if I can express how powerful it is, and how much it means to me. I can't imagine not singing, or even a world without music. Some of my favorite music and songs comes from the world of film, which I love, I think almost as much. Some examples: the Phantom of the the Opera, West Side Story, Beauty and the Beast, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and countless others. I sing all the time, so much in fact, there have been times where I haven't realized I was singing until someone mentioned it! :D

4. I am a gushy romantic puddle of mush and darn proud of it! As cheesy as Titanic might be I always sob and bawl at the ending... :( It's- it's...just so SAD! *blows nose* I'm both a hopeless and hopeful romantic. Hopeless, because I know there's no cure, and I'll never change. Hopeful because I dream that 'somewhere, out there, there's someone waiting for me...' :) And if it is God's will that I do not marry, I'll still be in love with love. Because that is the most beautiful thing in the world, after God and our Faith.

And when I say 'romance' I don't necessarily mean lots of smooching (through there's nothing wrong with that!;)), but just *sigh* pureness, and real love. :)

5. I have recently fallen back in love with the Disney movies! Pocahontas, Cinderella, Snow White - I'm talking about the old 'real' Disney movies. :) John Smith and Pocahontas are so sweet together. :):):)


First Glances....

Wow...his skin is really yellow in the last picture. I just realized I got all the way to number 4 and the I started back up on 3...hahaha.

One last thing. For the first time in my life, I have a midterm test. A Latin midterm to be exact, and I'm dreading it. Aah!