No school, and a demon barber: the Music of Sweeney Todd

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hello dear ones! I'm baaaack! ;) I had a blast - my little cousin's birthday party was so much fun. There was this huge joyjump-thingymagjig/inflated obstical course. Pictures soon...

Anyhoo, here's the new post. Enjoy!

'Dear me; how far I have fallen behind in updating. I think I'm finally starting to see the beauty in shorter posts. They don't take as long, and I'd be able to update more often. One of the reasons for my absence is I've lost computer prilages again. :(

Here's the beginning of a post I started to write a few weeks ago, but never finished -

The teenager is feeling grumpy, tired, bloated and ivreccovably stupid. She is also referring to herself in third person or what-ever-the-heck it is...

She feels at the moment like I'm a size 40, which I'm not, but it sure feels like that. There has been practically no school done today, and she's feeling the after affects of not catching up during summer. At the moment she feels, nay, knows a five year old is brighter. And she's supposed to be in high school. :P

So now that depression and certainty have set in, she's trying desperately to get back into rhythms of things and just do it! Just the thought of college is enough to make her groan and want to hid in her bed under her blankets. Her brain feels like it's mush slopping around and she's frankly terrifed at the prospect of 10 grade. She also wishes she was a normal Catholic homeschooler who was properly at her age leval, and knew Latin well enough.

She's been visiting Mrs. T, Mrs T's Academy, and her high school English blog.

On a brighter note she has fallen in love with the gory film musical Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street! Checked out the soundtrack from the library and proceeded to fall head over heels for it and now dreams of playing Mrs Lovett onstage. What a role!

A warning: The first song and Epiphany have the word sh--, in the songs. I believe it is only mentioned once in each song.

The Trailer!

There's No Place Like London

The Worst Pies In London

Poor Thing

My Friends

Green Finch and Linnet Bird

Alms, Alms

Perilli's Miracle Elixer

The Contest


Ladies In Their Sensitivities

Pretty Women


A Little Priest

Johanna (reprise)

God, That's Good

By the Sea

Not While I'm Around

Final Sequence - (SPOILERS!)

Well? :)

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Judi said...

Looks really creepy...i do, however, like the way they have Johnny Depp's hair styled in this...he looks like a real creepy guy...very unlike his other charactes. :)

Raewyn said...

*grins* But you still want to see, eh? I know, it's perfect! I love Mrs. Lovett's hair - I want it! :D

Judi said...

Of course I want to see it! It's Johnny Depp!! It does look creepy, though...i don't know how well my mom will go for it.... :)
I'm so glad you're back in the blogging world...I missed you. :(

Angel_Horses said...

YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Oh dear, I've been around you (online :P) too much!!! I am starting to get as excitable as you! :P

And yes, it is the third person you were--sort of--using :P

Erin said...


*attempts to calm down*
*doesn't succeed*



Lady Merilwen said...

My dear, you are not bloated and irrevoccably stupid. You are a beautiful, brilliant, wonderful young lady, and I love you!

Don't even worry about college, you don't have to go! College is not a requirement for life. So don't worry about the future, just focus on doing your best where you are at. Here and now.
"All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well."

Lady Merilwen said...

I tagged you for a meme on my blog!

Lady Merilwen said...

[...]*sniffs* What?! I didn't get tagged?[...]

Grace! Don't you ever read your comments or my blog????

Victoria said...

I tagged you on my blog! I know Lady Merilwen did too, but I don't care! :)

TrinaBina said...

Oh don't worry, I have days like that ALL the time! And I personally think you are very smart, so you have nothing to worry about. (Yes, my opinion counts just THAT much! ;) )

And wow, somebody's a little obsessed with that Sweeney Todd thing...
I don't know if, personally, I'd like to see it. Looks a little creepy...

Angel_Horses said...

GRACE!!!!!!!! IF YOU DO NOT WELCOME ME SOOON, EVIL WEASELS WILL EAT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edge said...

Definitely don't worry too much about college yet. You have plenty of time. And even then, things happen relatively last minute. Point in case: I thought I was going to Rice until this past summer and ended up switching.

*sighs* We WILL meet someday, I know it!

Alyosha said...

Eek, I took forever in replying to this. Apologies! Good thing you aren't one of those crazy post-a-blog-post-every-day people. ;) haha.

Aha, so you're Grace! I suspected so, but wasn't *quite* certain. Very nice to remake your acquaintance. =D

Loverly videos. *happy sigh*

Poor Toby indeed! Though compared to the others he got off pretty well...of course, they had it coming. In the stage play he goes mad, and his hair turns completely white, or something. :P

And ditto; I love the whole atmosphere of the movie, much more than the way the play is done. More serious and less goofy. Ha, I never noticed that--even By the Sea is overcast, isn't it?

Yeah that's right--Kiss Me is basically Sondheim making fun of Anthony and Johanna's love-at-first-sight Romeo-and-Juliet-ish type love story. Pretty funny though it might not have fit with the darker-ness of the movie. Also they took out the chorus parts, in GTG and Pirelli's Miracle Elixir, which I think makes the identity of the beggar woman way more obvious plus chorus parts are just cool to begin with.^^ But yeah, loved the movie despite those quibbles.

Thanks for the FF link, I shall check that out!

*squee* I am SO glad you liked the Attolia books! Now you can join the I'm-going-mad-waiting-for-book-the-fourth crew. What fun. :P


The Real Katie said...

I TAGGED YOU TOO!!! muahaha! come back and blog! you can make my day... and just think of it this way: if you don't blog, i won't be happy. i'll be sad. and i'll have a sad, lousy, non-happy day all because you didn't do one simple blog post.


Judi said...


Raewyn said...

Of course I want to see it! It's Johnny Depp!! It does look creepy, though...i don't know how well my mom will go for it.... :)
I'm so glad you're back in the blogging world...I missed you. :(

Lol...I know, I was just teasing! ;) *giggles* Innet 'e dreamy? Hehe, I know I wouldn't be able to get my mom to see it. *doubtfully* I MIGHT ..

Angel_Horses said...

YOU DON'T LOOOOOOOOOOVE ME!!!!!! :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Jo said...

Alright now I'm hooked. I've missed you so much Gracie!!!!!!! ;) Forgive me for running away... I'm reading your thoughts right now... oh you're wonderful... i wonder if you'll ever realize just what a great writer there is inside of you... you amaze me.

Paul Xavier said...

YOU DONT LOVE ME EITHER!!! *CRIES* GRACEEYYYYY I MISSSSS YOOOOU!!! *clears throat* Seriously...I'm beginning to miss all the fun conversations we used to have and such...its a torment without you! *sniff* When will this be over? *whimpers*

Judi said...

GRACE!!!!! GRACE!!!!!!!!

Raewyn said...


*attempts to not get ridickerously (I spelled it that way on purpose) excited and fan-girl-ism* *fails miserably* :D

I have ALL the songs memorised.... *sighs dreamily* I haven't seen it at all, but must be amazing. And unbelieveably gory at the same time. ;)

Ha, me too! I knew the trailer by heart! I'd wanted to see it so bad.

Thanks Victoria! *hugs* I'm about to post my new tagged post right now!

Mamma Rose~ I've been cut off from the computer - we keep getting viriuses! :( I would never willing STAY away....

The Real Katie said...

Hi Grace!

For the interview, could we do it over email, my email address is

Please email me so I'll have your email address to email it to you. ;)

Elizabeth said...

You know what? Your not reading my blog and your not responding to my comments. Now I'm being forced to go BACKWARDS in posts and comment just to see if i can grab your attention for 3 seconds together!!! Grace!!!

P.S. I'm not a spanner wielding serial stalker. Um... was that too obvious in the way i said it? Cause i was trying to get across the fact that I'm NOT a spanner wielding serial stalker by saying that I'm not one even though i am... i think. I can't even make up my mind if I'm a spanner wielding serial stalker or not! GRACE! HELP!