Musings on Sweeney Todd while packing for another trip

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hello, lovelies! Can I fall over myself apologising for being gone so long? ;)

Good news is that I am updating, bad news is that it's 7:04 A.M. and we are leaving for the Valley again. So I'll be helpless, blog-wise for nearly all of today. Hopefully my mum will let me on my grandfather's laptop, but if not, you know where I am being held... ;)

However, do not despair, loves. I shall leave you another post, scheduled to be posted while I'm on the road. I'm having some doubts about it though....the first three paragraphs are all about how miserable I felt that day, I'm so behind in school, blah blah blah. On the other hand I was so sad about returning my Sweeney Todd soundtrack to the library, having kept it as long as I could. (It had to be pried from my fingers.)

O, to cheer myself up I decided to go for the next best thing: listen to it on, and was so cheered up by it I have decided to open your eyes to the sheer genius and brilliance of and enlarge the walls of your world with SWEENEY TODD!!!!!!!!! *fan-girl shriek*

So that will 'your way come' soon - the SOUNDTRACK OF SWEENEY TODD! As you may have noticed I'm a huge fan. Haha. I know (nearly!) all the lyrics, love love love Johnny and Helena in their roles, sing the songs all the time, and oh yes, will not see the movie. Why? Well, as I listened to the soundtrack at night before falling asleep, I painted in my mind what they were doing while singing the songs - their actions, expressions. When I saw clips of the film they were different then I had imagined, but I still love the movie!!

Uh, just don't see it if you are squeamish about blood and guts, and even, well, *cough* burning alive. It's Tim Burton of course, so you are forewarned. He loves soaking his movies in blood and stuff. It is rated R for 'Graphic Bloody Violence' for a reason. I just saw the opening credits accidentally and um, well it shows bright red paint-like blood pooling in Sweeney's barber chair, spilling down the trap door and then switches to...meat coming out of a meat grinder. Eeeeh...

If you don't know the plot already, the film tells the story of a young talented barber on Fleet Street, Benjamin Barker (Johnny Depp) was happily married with a little daughter, Johanna. His life was ruined through, when the lecherous Judge Turpin (Alan Rickman) sees his beautiful young wife Lucy:

There was another man who saw
that she was beautiful,
a pious vulchur of the law,
who with a gesture of his claw
removed the barber from his plate
and there was nothing but to wait,
and she would fall!

Benjamin is falsely imprisoned by the Judge, for sixteen years, and at last returns to Fleet Street but not as Barker, but Todd. Sweeney Todd. He is surprised to find an old neighbor, Mrs. Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter) a baker who resides on the first floor below his old shop. Mrs. Lovett runs her meat pie shop - selling the worst pies in London. She recognises him and tells him what befell of Lucy and his daughter, how the Judge tricked Lucy, and now he has Johanna, locked up as his pretty little ward. Sweeney burns for revenge, and in alarm at being recognised by a former apprentice, slits his throat.

Mrs. Lovett is horrified at first, then her cunning and cleverness sets in. Why get rid of...good meat? Lots of other gentlemen'll be coming for a shave. Sweeney can practise 'on less honorable throats' and sharpen his skills 'til Judge Turpin steps in his shop. The victims are made into Mrs. Lovett's meat pies and her business booms. But blood does not always come off, and such doings are very, very dangerous.

'Sweeney Todd - a wink in his eye, a smile to beguile. Sweeney held his trusted razor to the skies and freely flowed the blood of those who would Moralize'

And my dears, adieu! *blows kisses* Au revoir! *runs and climbs into the car*


  1. *sniff* Bye.

    *looks horrified* You mean... cannibals???? *faints*

  2. Hooray, you're back!!! I didn't see the movie, but I listened to clips of the soundtrack on iTunes, and was pleasantly surprised with Johnny Depp's voice.

  3. I love Sweeney Todd. I loved the look and feel of the movie but I think Burton played for a lot of gross out humor. The makeup and costume's were amazing.

    You'd better welcome Bridget & I when you get back, or I shall send a poat after you! (You'd have to read my blog to understand that ;))

    Ah well, I forgive you for not having welcomed us yet! You've probably been too busy. :(

  5. Hullo!

    I found your blog either through the FTN forum or Delaney's blog, or maybe both. So yeah, this isn't a random stalker dude or anything. ;)

    Onto the interesting stuff.

    Sweeney Todd is brilliant. I love it. Ah, same here--I listened to the soundtrack and knew the story looong before I saw the movie, which isn't nearly as frightening once one knows when to expect the blood and can shut one's eye's accordingly. :P Have you heard the original cast recording or just the movie soundtrack? I love the singing in the movie (mostly) but they cut SO MUCH from the original, it's crazy.


    Have a good trip! :)


  6. Eeeehh!! *sqeals and hugs her delightedly* Yay! I'm so glad we got to meet 'off the forum'. ;)

    Ahha, no worries there. I know the name of Alyosha veddy well. After all, did you not provide my avatars and puzzled and worried with me as to why I couldn't figure out how to paste it in my profile?

    Ooh, guess what? I finally read The Thief, The Queen of Attolia and the King of Attolia!!!! They were every bit as excellent as you said they were, and are three of my favorite books! :D

    Whee! Another fan! *hugs again* Yeah, the last musical sequence left me sitting there in horror at what had befallen one of my favorite characters...course when I saw the actual film ending, I was left staring at the screen in a daze. Poor Toby! *cries* I felt so bad! A quick note to those who don't know - no, Toby doesn't die.


    I think it's a brilliant film in terms of the fluidness of it all - the costumes, the hair, the settings, props and plain atmosphere was just wicked! I also loved how it was never sunny in the film, always grey and overcast - except in Sweeney's flashback with his wife. *grins toothily*

    I've seen bits and clips of the origanal cast on Youtube, and it was quite a start going from Helena Bonham Carter to Angela Lansbury with her redish, cone-shaped hairdo.

    Plus, I think Johnny's much better looking and has a better voice then the other guy. The origanal Sweeney is a bit "Oh!" cause he's so much older, and that hair! Ugh! It bothers me, lol...

    But I have a huge respect for the first cast. :)

    Haha, yes, that's what I heard. Appearently Johanna and Antony had a song, 'Kiss Me' that was cut out? I know all of the "God, that's Good" was cut out of 'God, That's Good' too.

    Ooh, if your a huge Sweeney Todd fan as I think you are, you might like this. (I know you got into - read so on your blog!) Here's a girl who's written some awesome ones! Have fun!

    Thank you! you can probably tell, I'm at our destination, banging away on my grandfather's laptop.

    Thanks for dropping by to say hi! :)

  7. *sqeaks* EEEHHHPP!! I'M SORRY, LANTA!!!!!!!! *showers with hugs* There. Better? Please don't be too mad! *smiles hopefuly* I'm popping over right now! *scurries over*

    I'M COMING, I'M COMING! No need to send a poat (whatever that is!)!

    Aw, thank you my dearest Evil cousin for being so understanding! *hugs again* cousin is turning 5 tomorrow so there's a huge party. Pretty sure I shall be camera happy, so expect pictures when I get back!

    *blows kisses*

  8. Bye, Mamma! *sniffs as well* pulls out hanky* *floods the room with her tears* *can barely type because she has to hold her grandfather's laptop over her head while she wails* :D Aren't I just cheesy and lovable? ;)

    *shifty eyes* Um...yes? *loves her Mamma so much, is undecided whether to faint as well, in loyal support or run around screaming and try and bring her back, and in the end does a combination of both*

    *protests* But the people don't know they're being cannibals! They don't realise that succulent roast beef is dead human flesh- *Mamma Rose, having just opened her eyes, faints again* Ooops. ;)

    *dances with Edge* Hee hee, yes, I'm back! Lol..and then I left. Haha. Heehee. Hoho. Hehe. (Gotta love the Joker!)

    I knew we were going to be going through Houston so I got all excited about maybe meeting you and then I found out that once again, we're just passing through. *goes and sulks in the corner*

    *wistfully* Maybe on our way back up....????? We're planning to leave early (ha! Try, that is) Sunday morning, so we'd probably be pasing through Houston in the afternoon...

    Yes, he's got a lovely voice, doesn't he? I melt when I listen to 'Pretty Women'. :D The soundtrack is difinitely worth the investment. It's on my Christmas List!

    MJ~ We are in perfect agreement. I would SO own and covet the film if weren't for the sheer goriness of it all... I wish all days were like the days on Fleet Street.

    I loved how they did Johnny's costume, make-up and hair. It was utterly perfect, and I adored Mrs. Lovett's hair and outfit, only I'd like my neckline higher, thank 'ee very much, love. ;)

  9. Paul: Ah, well, now... *blushes* I won't be gone that long; I'll be back Sunday night! Of course I have Co-op all day until 3, then I have dance and- I MISS YOU TOO!!! I WILL!! 'I'LL Be BACK...' :D

    Are you getting on horribly without having me to talk to, ignore and abuse? ;)


    Your Pookishly Evil Niece Grace *hugs*

  10. Well...finally an waited too long, you like doing things like that to me?? Because, it's not real nice...even me, who hasn't updated since monday..would never go that long without updating...

    I've never seen the movie, but I REALLY want to...but, i don't think my mom wants me to see it...a little gruesome..but, i mean, i've seen die hard and, maybe if i beg she'll rent it for me from blockbuster...of course, i don't think i'll show her your post...maybe she'll just read the back of the movie case... :)
    PS: Don't ever do that to us again. We're faithful followers of your least, i am. :)

  11. Hmm. If it's Sunday afternoon, there is every possibility I will be in town. And if I quit blogging right now, that I will have all my Plato read for Tuesday on time, and will be free Sunday afternoon :p

  12. Come back soon or we shall drag you back, Grace! That's a warning!!!!!!!!

    And--I think that movie sounds just too creepy for words. How do you not have nightmares??????

  13. Wait...whats with the blushing?....after that chat conversation, I am very...uncertain of your intentions. STATE THEM!!! *draws sword threatenly* Haha...We have ways of making you talk Mr. Bond...tell us the password. ;) Lol

    Um yeah...get in touch when you can! email or something... Its been quiet without you...and can be hard. Talk later!

  14. JUDI!!! *hugs and never lets go*

    Yeah....I am really bad about that. Heh, sorry. No, no! I would never like doing things like that to you! You are one of my newest, dearest friends!!

    No, it's not very nice, ruins ours days when thingss not updateds...makess uss saddd! ;)

    It really was a combination of a bunch of things; for one, I lost computer AGAIN, and oh, the hecticness of life! *grumbles under breath*

    Hmm... *is sceptical* How die hard? I suggest looking up some clips on youtube and then see if you don't feel sick. If your mom is sqeamish, it's probably not a movie for her....

    I thought at first, when it came out last December, that I would be able to stand it and it wouldn't be that bad. I know now, my mom probably wouldn't and shouldn't see it, because she agreed with me that the Dark Knight was brilliant, but she says it's a movie we shouldn't see again.

    Although...if you know when the throat-slashing scenes are, it probably wouldn't be too much of a problem. You'd just have to stay alert as to when to shut your eyes and stuff your ears.. *grins* Have fun! I hope you enjoy it!

    I promise! Faithfully! :)

  15. Edge: Bleh... my mom says we probably won't stop in Houston. *stamps foot* This is getting very annoying...

    Hahah, that's better then what I have: two weeks of Latin homework to be done in time for Monday morning, plus another week of homework so I can easily answer and follow along as we go through the third week's stuff in class. *groans*

  16. Lanta~ I'M LEAVING AT A UNEARTHLY HOUR (according to my mom) TOMORROW MORNING, AND SHOULD HOPEFULLY BE BACK BY MIDNIGHT ON SUNDAY!!! Hahaha, don't worry, I'll be back before you know it. :D

    *is warned*

    Well, I haven't seen the movie yet, just listened to the amazing soundtrack, which I advise you to check out. I have nightmares where creepy older guys want to marry me, or a bad guy is trying to get me to roll down the window of the locked car I'm sitting in... Believe me, if Johnny Depp turned up in my dream, that would NOT be a nightmare! ;)

  17. Paul~ was blushing because you said "I MISS YOU!!" and it gave me a nice, cozy feeling. It's a nice thing to be missed. :) Boosting to the self-confidence. Usually I'm the one missing someone... plus it made me laugh, which is always great! :D

    Hahah, I didn't mean to scare you! I was in a joking mood...and are you really going to tell me you have never cracked a joke about me to your friends, or the people who think I'm a crazy fan-girl?

    Lol...I guess you won't want to talk about ideals of marriage and your beliefs, then? *snickers*


    Oooh, password: PRECIOUS!!!

    *falls over laughing* Omg, I actually heard the Bond music/theme today in the car!!!

    I will! :) Well, you could always e-mail ME amd then I could, thanks. Glad to know I make it loud... ;) *sighs* Yes, it can be.. Talk soon!


  18. *mouth hits the floor*

    We WILL talk later....

  19. *shoots pudding into his mouth, and watchs in glee as he sputters* *decorates him with a bright pink bow*

    *giggles furiously* I do have the right to a attorney; anything I say, can and will be used against me...

    Hahah, you'll have to catch me first!

  20. Dearest?? do you mean it?? huh? huh?? really??? :D

    I was afraid i would have to contact my friends in high places to make you update. >:)

    My mom's not squeamish..i'm worse than she is, actually..i just talk big...but, i really want to see it..i LOVE Johnny Depp..especially in What's Eating Gilbert Grape and Benny and two favorite movies with him. :) haven't seen Die Hard?? It's like 20 years old..but, it's Bruce Willis..and come on, who doesn't like Bruce Willis?? Terrorists take over a building and his estranged wife is, he has to take on all 12 terrorists on his own...he's really good...

    I want to see the Dark Knight, too...but, everyone says the Joker's really creepy..i'm going to try to get mom to rent it from blockbuster when it comes out...

    Creepy old men trying to marry you??? Are you serious??

  21. HI! I don't know how I find your blog... I probably found you through Regina Doman's blog post about the Shadow of the Bear movie and than through Elenatrinal's blog. I found most of my favorite blogs that way.

    I tagged you for the six random things meme. :)

  22. *revives* Well, certainly sounds interesting, and definitely not my type of movie.
    But I am confused... have you or have you not seen this movie?

    *sniffs.. then wails* COME HOME!!!! I Miss you! Not that we ever get a chance to talk... but that's just it! We never get a chance to talk!!!!! *wails* WE MISSES YOU PRECIOUSSS!!!!
    *glares at Paul* MY precious!
    LOL, don't think he will argue with me on that... but then, you never know with him.


  23. Judi~ Aww, of course! Yes, yes, yes. *hugs* Definitely dearest!

    Oooh. 'Friends in high places'? Cool. Don't worry. I'm updating right now. :)

    Haha, same here. I could never be able to sit through a horror movie. :P I always tell my friends that if a guy really did want to hiding in his arms, all he'd have to do is take me to a horror movie, or something like I am Legend. *shudders*

    Me too! Love, love, LOVE Johnny! ;)I love Pirates of the Carribean, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sleepy Hallow and Chocolate! :D

    Nooo...Alan Rickman's in though, isn't he? *perks up* I know OF it...never actually seen it.

    Heath Ledger is creepy, but AMAZINGLY so as the Joker. It was hard to watch though, because he plays such a twisted, warped demonic character... He HAS to get a Oscar nom when award season comes up. The film was amazing....if you see it, you'll love. It dark, but brilliant. Even better then the first one. :)

    Good luck trying to rent it!

    Ha, yes. It was very creepy. He wasn't that nasty, just "ugh" and he wanted me to marry him and help take care of his older kids..yuck, right? But I got away from him, and some good-looking guy I knew in my dream saw me and put a arm around me and kept me safe.. so it finished on a good note! :D

  24. Katie~ Hee hee, I understand. I've found a lot of my favorite blogs through peoples' blogs...spread the love! ;)

    Thanks! I'll do that next after the Sweeney music.

    Mamma~ Yes, it's quite bloody. :) No, Precious has not sen the movie, just some clips.

    *sniffs.. then wails* COME HOME!!!! I Miss you! Not that we ever get a chance to talk... but that's just it! We never get a chance to talk!!!!! *wails* WE MISSES YOU PRECIOUSSS!!!!
    *glares at Paul* MY precious!
    LOL, don't think he will argue with me on that... but then, you never know with him.
    I KNOW!!! I miss you too! *hump!* As mother and daughter we should be able to talk! We MISSES YOUS TOO PRECIOUSS!!!!

    *steps between Paul and her* Now, now, Mamma..don't hurt! HA! *feels loved* Yes, I am YOUR Precious!

    Actually...he wants to know if I like him. :D He asked me a little while ago, but he's at fencing right now, so we're going to have the pow-wow later... ;)

    *blows tons of kisses and lots of hugs*


  25. YAY!!! *hugs*

    Yes, friends in high places...and they're all ready to help me need be >:)

    Yeah...same with parents wouldn't have to worry about a boy taking me to a romantic'd be a horror they'd have to fret about...

    I want to see Pirates of the Carribean, but that has yet to happen..

    Oh, yes...Alan Rickman is in a bad dude..he's awesome!!!

    Oh, yes..i can't wait to see the dark knight...everyone tells me it's really good... cute!! What a wonderful ending to the weirdest dream ever!! I hope he's a nice guy...:)
    PS: Finally!! A comment on my blog!! I'm so happy!!! Yes..boys are tough...i know...hence the poem..and yes..i finished Man in Uniform, finally...I'm glad you liked it...:) I do it all for you...:)

  26. *glares furosiously at paul and auntie rose*
    MY PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!