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Friday, August 1, 2008

I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the advice and best wishes from everyone.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't be trying out for Annie after all. I emailed a friend of mine who had been in a previous production, the Sound of Music, with the same theater and director. She wrote back:

First of all, I would advise you not to audition. Yes, our family did audition and get parts for Sound of Music there, but our experience was quite unpleasant.

The director was very rude (to adults and children alike), the building itself is ill kept (fire regulations were not followed, there is no air conditioning backstage, men and women do not have separate dressing rooms, costumes are not washed, backstage is so filthy rats were found, there are no bathrooms backstage to use during shows), then adults smoke and curse openly in front of the children.

Also, there are many hidden unnecessary “fees” put upon the volunteer actors. Ex: they are expected to pay for their own scripts, costumes (even ones we made ourselves. Go figure.), etc. which is quite unprofessional on their part. On the set construction days they let 10-15 yr old kids handle table saws and heavy duty equipment without supervision or eye protection.

Finally, it is in a very dangerous neighborhood with barbed wire surrounding and hobos wandering the neighborhood.

Frankly, we didn’t find it to be child friendly, or adult friendly for that matter.

So.... My parents have decided no, and I find myself agreeing with them. I also find myself thanking Our Lady, because as I read my friend's advice and realized my parents decision, and that I would not be auditioning, I felt a great weight lift off me. I didn't realized just how frantic and worried I felt about the whole thing until after I knew it would not happen.

Now, I know some of you might think, 'yes, but you'll still be nervous when the next play or musical comes along.' I know I will be nervous, but I will have time to prepare, and most helpful, my friends (her and her sister) will probably be auditioning with me. :)

After cautioning me, Chickadee, (don't ask. ;)) mentioned that this fall, auditions will be held for You Are A Good Man Charlie Brown at a different (and better) theater, and auditioning-wise: You wouldn’t need to prepare anything for Little Theater. They give you a script upon arrival and you read from it the part they would consider you for.

As for general advice on auditioning, just be yourself (or, rather, the person they consider you for) and have fun with it! The best way to learn about auditioning is to actually do it over, and over, and over! ….and everyone get nervous auditioning and being on stage…everyone.

So hopefully, I will try out for that. That is if it doesn't coincide with the FT get-together!

Once more, thank you so much for all your kind words! It's so nice knowing I have a blogging 'family' to fall back on for advice and help! :)

Relived and content,



  1. Oh dear! Yikes! But that's great that you found out in advance. :)

    Oh, I LOVE You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown! My mom played Lucy in that when she was a kid, and the music is so fun. I think you could be Lucy, with your curly, dark hair, or Snoopy.

  2. Rae,
    Yikes! I am glad you found that out before you got a part! Definitely not worth it, from the description!

    Script auditions are fun! I've only done one, but I really enjoyed it! It was for the Girls Club play "Remember Me" and we had to do two scenes from "Anne of Green Gables"
    (!!!!!!!) The first one was where her and Matthew were coming home from the train station, and the 2nd was where Matthew died. (Let's just say I enjoyed the first better... at the time I couldn't "cry" in front of people.) Actually... that's right! We did do one scene from the actual play as well. Ah remember now!
    But anyhow...
    I hope you do get a chance to audition for the next play! They are so much fun!

    ~ Mamma Rose

  3. Yep, script auditions are fun. For my Comedy of Errors/You Can't Take It With You audition I read a cheesy romance scene from You Can't Take It With You as Alice. LOL.

    Tony: You know what? I wouldn't trade one minute of this evening for all the rice in China!
    Alice: Really? *dreamy sigh* Is there much rice in China?
    Tony: Oh, terrific. Didn't you ever read The Good Earth?

    It was embarrassing, but fun.

  4. Oh, the theater sounds horrible. Good thing you got that email! If you do get to try out for the Charlie Brown play, I hope you get the part you want. :D Good luck!

  5. Oui, oui, mamselles. (Is that even how you spell it? Sorry, my brain is malfontioning. I'm beat, sore too. Worked today; it was fun and my feet hurt, but it's the good-kind-throw-yourself-in-a-chair kind of beat/tired.) :)

    Thanks for all the love, guys! It really means a lot to me.

    Yeah, script auditions sound more like my thing. I love to sing; it's just hard to burst out in to song in front of complete strangers. Reading and acting written lines: much more comfortable and reussuring. :)

    How exciting, Mamma! Sounds like lots of fun. I hope so too, it sounds really good.

    Cool, Delaney! Tell your mom kudos for me: she must have passed on her love of theater to you! I've never seen the play/musical (is it a musical?), but it sounds like alot of fun! And of course anything with Charlie Brown I love already.

    Ahha, I'd love to play Lucy. "All I really need is love for Valintine's Day, but some chocolate wounldn't hurt either." A girl after my own heart. ;)


  6. Yes, it's a musical. It's got some really fun songs such as The Book Report, and The Baseball Game. Look up "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown" on YouTube.

  7. Wow! Good things to find out beforehand. I'm so glad to find another Dark Knight fan! It is now my favorite movie of all time...and I have to say, I love the name of your blog :-)

  8. Cool. Will do so, Delaney. Thanks for the heads up!

    Haha. Oh yes, Edge. ;) Hee hee, me too! I really need to write that review... Really? Thanks! It just came to me. I felt it fit perfectly.

  9. So Wyn dearest... when shalt thou doest your post on the Fellowship blog?

  10. well, raewyn [i fear i shall steal your name for my book characters!, or perhaps tis not your real one?] you are and intresting character... pray u know Olivia do you not? i am a friend of hers, fellow author. i must leave, my blog and utube awaits me!
    Much Love,
    Asiat Averas

  11. Mamma Rose~ Aah! I know! Ifeel so horrible about it...I'll go do it right now. :)

    Asiat~ Greetings! Of course you may use Raewyn; it's so cool isn't it? I really like it.

    *laughs* No, I'm Grace in real life, but thou has mine full permission to use it! ;) My, I feel so flattered. What is your book about?

    *sighs* I need to get back to working on mine...

    Yes, I know Oliva and am very happy that I do. Well, then any friend of hers is a friend of mine!

    Ooh, what do you do on youtube? I love watching Harry Potter fan vids. Lord of the Rings are good ones too!