Hurrying from a Hurricane

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A quick goodbye, dear friends, for I must hurry. I live in Southwest Louisiana, which means we are right in Hurricane Gustav's path. I woke up to hear from my parents that electricity will be cut off some time today, so the order to evacuate will probably follow.
Last night everyone was scurrying around, trying to pack. My mom woke up at four, and was very angry I was awake, but now with so little time, I'm glad I stayed up to get my things together.

I was going through all my writings and scribbling, which are my dearest possessions, books nearly even, but still a second compared to my writings. Books can be replaced, but my writing would be lost forever as a great deal of it is on paper.

I quickly decided which papers I couldn't leave behind (half of the rest was typed up on the computer, and a quarter were song lyrics I had printed out from the web), and put them in to one of those plastic school folder. I tried to put two or three pages in each plastic sheet thingy. I managed to get most of it in there, which is a relief. I picked which clothes I'll be taking - two soft, goucho's (scrunchy, loose flowing bottoms), one like this in gray, one black, oh, and my brown one.

I always wear them when we have to drive in the car, I call them my "traveling pants". I'll have six shirts, one jacket/sweater, two skirts, and I think that's it.

Last night, I cooked a whole chicken to keep it from going bad. I ended up making smashed potatoes with cheddar cheese, rice, Caesar salad, and homemade rolls. It was so good. I felt like I was at a restaurant, and I cooked! My farewell dinner to Louisiana.. :)

I have to rush off now, because I'm going to work. My parents are going to try and sell as much chicken as they can before everything closes.

If you don't hear from me for a while, you know why. I'll try and get to a computer. Please pray!

Much love,



  1. :=((
    Oh, Grace, I was just reading about the hurricane on the news. :(
    I hope you and your family are alright...I'll be praying for you guys. Stay safe. :D
    *Reaches through cyber-space to hug, again* :)

  2. Oh wow!! I'll be praying the storm passes over completely without harming.

    *screams* you were in Houston??? OH man, I am so mad that comment didn't come through. If you are again, PLEASE let me know - we can meet at the Galleria! That'd be so awesome!

  3. I'm praying for you and your family, Grace! :)

  4. Thanks, Judi!! *hugs her back tightly* Yeah, I just watched some news, and sheesh, it's a doozie. ;)

    The mall got closed down, so we were giving away food over the counter. Then we were cleaning, putting trash bags over the registers, counting EVERYTHING (for inventory), all the packets of mayo, ketchup, mustard, ect. Had to count the bags...sauces...

    Then we were giving food to our employees and the cookie place next to us gave their cookies away! We have like three boxes and two bags of COOKIES!! Yay! Lol...almost makes the whole storm thing worth sugar. :D

    Yes, please keep us and everyone in LA in your prayers. Hopefully by God's grace, it'll pass, and just be a lot of rain.

    The damange wasn't too bad last time with Rita/Katrina, just some windfalls and stuff. With our old house that we were in at the time, (we moved last winter) the foundation was moved so we had little cracks here and there by the ceiling.

    We're going to try and leave tonight, I guess, and make our way to Texas. We'll head down to the bottom of Texas where my mom's family is.

    Oh boy, my mom just told me: "I don't know if we'll have a house to come back to." EEP! She told me to get any special books and take them with me. *feels faint* THAT MEANS ALL OF MY BOOKS!!! There's not going to be room for thirty books in the car! *screams and pulls at her hair*

    I think we can stay safe, but - it's my THINGS I'm worried about! *sobs* ;)

    Thank you, Edge!!! Please, PLEASE pray it does pass; I don't want our house to be gone when we come back! *sighs* Ah well. It's all in God's hands...'not mine but Thy Will be done'....I trust Him, whatever may happen. :)

    *screams* I Know! I could have sworn it published the comment, but then when we got back and I checked it was nowhere to me seen. I was huffing. *wacks computer*

    Anyhoo, like I said, my mom and dad want to leave in the middle of the morning, cause they need to sleep, but I think we should leave late at night, say midnight or one. Less traffic then, don't you think? I know we'll all be awake, jittery and running around making sure we have everything.

    I'm pretty sure we'll go through Houston! I'll talk to my dad when he gets back from Wal-Mart (he's buying yarn for my sisters and I, so I can crotchet in the car, and teach my sisters). I really am quite sure we will go through Houston; whether we'll stop is another story. I'll see if we will stop to eat, hopefully at the Galleria!! :D

    Thank you, Delaney!!! Please continue to keep us in your prayers! :)

  5. please be safe. I hope the hurricane pasts through quickly and maybe dies down(aka category 1) AS a past florida resident i understand hurricanes and they are scary but just pray and you'll get through it. The cooking of the food i totally get, one time after we lost electricity we cooked anything that would go bad on the grill. Grilled chicken nuggets are pretty bad.

  6. Thanks, MJ! *hugs her* :) We've thankfully never had to ride one out...we got out in time. I just hope we don't get stuck in traffic; last time my mom was so desperate to get us kids away from the storm, when we were in bump-to-bumper traffic, she went, "EEEEE," and drove countcross (?) or did something ilegal to drive, drive, drive. dad kept waking up (he was resting in the passanger seat) and saying, "Bunny, what are you doing?" Every time she would just wave her hand at him and say, "Go back to sleep, go back to sleep." Hehe... that's my mom: like a lioness protecting her cubs. ;)

  7. I know how you feel, Grace. Almost two years ago there was a huge fire (known as the "Day Fire" because it started on Labor Day) near where I live, and we had to evacuate. It was really scary - by the time we left, we could see the flames. Yikes! *hugs*

  8. No, I don't have classes until Tuesday!!! I'm going to be checking my blog like I have OCD. The Galleria is about fifteen minutes from my school - I'd love to meet you in person! And I LOVE La Madeleine's soup :-)

  9. Okay...when you come back through, definitely let me know! I haven't been in school long, so I haven't been there yet (and the Cheesecake Factory is WONDERFUL too :-)

  10. I have my schedule stacked on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so MWF is open :-) And my real name is Maddee, just FYI - thought you might want to know in case we get to meet :-)

  11. Southwest Louisiana!!! That's a whole three and a half states away from me. :((
    Stay safe, Grace. *cyber hug*

  12. Oh my goodness dearie! Fly far, far away and write when you have the chance... bravo for preserving your books and writings... they are indeed your dearest companions - they'll never leave you. I've sent up a prayer and will continue to do so... love you!

  13. When did this happen? *gasps*
    Oh Gracy dear, stay safe! And let me know how everything goes.. your mamma shall be terribly worried about you! And of course you know I will keep you in my fondest prayers!

    And don't worry about your things, they can be replaced. (If that is any comfort. But really they can, it is people who can't be replaced.. so stay safe!)

  14. Okay, I know you're busy and all...but could you like, update so the rest of us will know that you're okay....please???? :)

  15. This is just great. I'll be praying for you! Miss you dearly! You're never on it seems... Keep safe!

  16. Grace,
    Hope you are all safe.
    We just returned home this afternoon (Tues.).

    The hardest things for me to discern packing are my books...which ones?! Never an easy decision. :) But, yes, they can be replaced.

  17. Oh my goodness! I hope you're all right! I'll be praying!

  18. Dear Grace,

    We will be praying for you. On the news it said that it had gone down to a category one. Have i misheard? I just got your comment. If you still intend to buy a rosary we can hold the yellow brown one for you. If you however don't intend to buy one anymore thats alright too.
    Hope to hear of your safety soon.

    God bless,