Oh My Word

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I walked in after being dropped off from youth group by a girlfriend, and the first words out of my soon-to-be-eleven brother's mouth are, "Can you cook something?"

I feel proud and then amused that he is staring at me desperately and and most incredibly, is asking nicely.

So I tossed aside my purse, rolled up my sleeves and made dinner. His birthday's tomorrow, so I really wanted to do this for him. Even though we are the only two kids in the family that fight all the time, he's annoyingly and obnoxiously my brother, and deep, deep down I love him. My mom drives us both crazy by saying we're twins,which kills both of us. ;)

I made chicken and rice, and I think I'll try to make yummy cheesecake for tomorrow, only I don't have the dang recipe at the moment. *sighs* Oh well. And on top of that, Blogger is acting up... a little note in red is popping up by the Save Now button: Could not contact Blogger.com. Saving and publishing may fail. Retrying...

I had Sprite the other day for the first time in... ages. I don't like Sprite. It's way too sugary. Too sweet for me (which is saying something; I think my entire mouth is full of sweet teeth). I just don't like my drinks that sugary.

As I stop to think this over I realise I have no problem chugging down a Icee, but I can't drink white soda. Well, I drink it when it's put in punch or something. You know, that big bowl of fizzy punch that shows up at showers and dances?

But Sonic sprite I can drink. I like the Sprite from Sonic, I probably even love it. I love Sonic's ice which is crumbly and soft and perfect for crunching. :D

Oh my goodness. I just nearly had a heart attack. I was typing that last sentence when I paused suddenly and then heard a unbelievably loud crash. My little sister was screaming in the garage. I ran to the garage and threw open the door to see the heavy 7/8 ft. metal locker/shelf thrown across our bikes. Fey (eight) was screaming my name in terror, beneath it.

I ran to it and lifted it up, so she could climb out. Thankfully she wasn't hurt at all, she had only been trapped beneath it, in a hollow, thanks to the many bikes and stuff around the locker. I hurriedly got the Little Man (my three yrd brother) and Precious (my youngest sister, six) out of the garage feeling weak, and hugged Fey as tightly as I could.

I know her Guardian Angel protected her and saved her life. I was truly afraid I would lift up the locker to find her bleeding, but she doesn't even have a scratch. We knelt and prayed, thanking God for keeping her safe. My heart still can't slow down.

Aaahhh! I just caught my little brother dancing with a cord, innocently wrapping it around his neck. *mutters* I feel close to collasption. Prayers, please, dear friends and readers.


  1. *laughs* Fellow big sister here, praying for you. ;)

    I'm glad Fey is okay. :) And heaven protect the little brothers of this world. Their Guardian Angels truly have their work cut out for them, don't they?

  2. *laughs as well* Thanks, Delaney...I need them with five kids to help look after. ;)

    Me too. Haha, oh yes. That little boy was just twirling around happily, no idea he was close to cutting off his circulation. I think Guardian Angels have a harder time physically with boys. Little brothers love to run around, wrestle, climb trees and all sorts of things like that.

    I think girls are more easier to keep safe physically, but harder to keep from swooning over heros like *cough* Mr. Darcy...or Gen. ;) After all, our minds are deep as the chasms of Middle-Earth!

  3. Ooh, chicken and rice. That's a staple for me. Maybe it's a Texan thing? I knew there was some reason we hit it off :-) Sounds like you have your hands full - I only have one sister who's a couple years older, so my rescue operations aren't performed too often :-)

  4. wow..that sounds scary..I send prayers to you and to the boys' guardian angels. :)
    PS: I just reread my latest comment on your last post...that thing is soooo long..no wonder my arms hurt afterwards.

  5. Also a big sister and babysitter. I feel your pain. ;)

    I've already taught my little sister how to swoon over Mr. Darcy. Everytime she sees him she promptly puts a hand to her head and falls over. :)

  6. I just read your comment on my blog. I'll miss you, Grace...hurry back so we can send obnoxiously long comments again. :)
    Enjoy the trip, and be safe. *reaches through cyber-space to hug* :)

  7. Yes, *cough* our Guardian Angels certainly would have a hard time with Mr.Darcy. I'm so grateful your sister wasn't hurt. Your brother sounds just like me. Except i know what i'm doing. You remember in the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean and one of the pirates puts a rag round his neck to show Elizabeth what Norrington means?
    Well i do that to mum. Sometimes i get a scarf or something and wrap it round my neck and pretend to choke. She just looks away dramatically with a horrified look on her face... *sigh* I love my mum.

    Anyway, the point of this comment is to say that you have been given an award. Come see my blog for the details.

    God bless,

  8. Hi, it's a bit offtopic, but I just wanted to say how much I like the playlist you put up! I really like some of those songs : )! ~ Olivia

  9. Edge, HA! You're right...we did hit it off so well. :D

    *snickers, then sighs* Yes, I have two little sisters and three younger brothers. I think the term 'you have your hands full' is a bit of a understatement. ;)

    Lol..guess what? I was in Houston yesterday! I typed out a comment on your blog saying I hoped (wishful thinking) we might bump in to each other...but I guess it didn't go through. *tear* Hee hee.

    We went to the Galleria. I was in Heaven. All the shops...La Madeline's....Starbucks...the last Mocha frap I had was on July 5. Isn't that sad? Nearly two whole months without Starbucks.

    It would have been really cool to meet you. :)

    Aww..thanks, Judi! Yeah, they need prayers! Lol. I'm just really glad and thankful she's not hurt.

    Hahaha...I hope your arms aren't hurting anymore? Looove long comments, so thanks!

    Yay! Thank you! I had a blast! And a splitting headache, but that's beside the point... ;) I'm back, I'm back, *flexes and stretchs her arms*

    *hugs her back* :)

    That is so clever of you, Leigha...lol. My younger sisters do something along the same lines with the Jonas Brothers, Orlando Bloom, ect. *muses* Hm, I need to show them Mr Darcy. They haven't met him yet.

    Liz, *coughs too* Yes...my Guardian Angel has quite a bit of trouble with that....forget demons, it's Guys he has to -er, keep me 'safe' from. Especially film and book characters! ;)

    Oh, thank you. :) I'm so very glad she's okay too.

    Ahaha, I love that! Your mum sounds so cool! And you sound like so much fun! I act out stuff like that all the time. I can be alone in the kitchen, cooking and I'll suddenly gasp and bend over pretending to be choking...I'm such a drama queen! I do that all the time! I'll pretend someone suddenly jerked my head up and threatening me like Jack did to Elizabeth. :D

    AAHHHH!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! THANK YOU!!! *humps up and down* My first award! *hugs her*

    Thanks, Olivia! I finally went ahead and got music... Which songs do you like? :)

    I'm glad you're back. :)
    I missed you. :(

  11. Oh my goodness! What a day you all had, but I'm so glad everyone is ok! :-)

  12. Now I know why my oldest sister (Jean, who was twenty when I was born) said being the oldest girl was exhausting. :)