In Which She Feels Horrible For Being Absent

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I just now received a comment from ever-awesome Judi, who kindly wrote "Um....Update....Please?" I know, I know. It's been a while. And I always promised myself I wouldn't be one of those people that never updated.

I haven't been able to get to the computer lately because it has been logged off. Only my parents know the password, so I can't always just get on when I want to. I have to hunt and track either my dad or mom down, make sure my chores are all done and then ask them, very nicely if they could log on, please. It a delicate parent-child dance that takes two to tango. ;)

So at the moment I am on, frantically checking my favorite blogs, reading some fics on and typing this. I went to the library a few weeks ago and came home with a armload of books which have now all been read.

The Tale of Despereaux
The Thief
The Queen if Attolia
The Goose Girl
Enna Burning
I, Juan de Pareja
The Thief Lord
Ottoline and the Yellow Cat
Two of Hard Boys books*
The Wind in the Willows
A is for Abigail
Stardust :P **
Calico Captive *
Spellbound: Fantasy Stories
Tunnels **
Frightful's Mountain

And I'm sure there was more... I plan to review each of them very soon.

I loved the Thief, Queen of Attolia and King of Attolia by Megan Turner Wheeler. At first I was flicking through the beginning pages getting bored. I had been reading Stephanie Meyer all day, so I was feeling irritated, because Megan wrote in a somewhat similar vein, but I didn't think it was as good as Stephanie's style.

I quickly found myself getting pulled in, however. I laughed at Gen's wisecracks and became found of the magus. Then I got to the surprise ending, and just...fell harder. She is definitely my new favorite author, and Gen is.... Well, let's just say I'm in love... :)

I've also fallen for Finn from Enna Burning by Shannon Hale, and pretty much everything in Breaking Dawn. Yes, I finished it! And I loved every moment! Yes, I proudly admit I love the Twilight series.

I put a * next to each book I didn't like and don't reccomend, and two ** next to Stardust and Tunnels which I urge you to never read. Stardust was coarse with iffy stuff in it, but Tunnels...that book creeped me out. It was horrible. Reviews coming soon!

It's really frightening to realize that in a matter of days September will be here, bringing with it the cool crisp winds of fall. Where did June and July go? The 4 of July seems only a few weeks ago, and now the end of the year is drawing near. Before I know it, it'll be All Saints Day, and then Thanksgiving, Advent and then... Christmas. Wow.

January and February will soon follow and I will be sixteen. That's.... something I feel I'm not ready for. Eeeh, I don't know. Sixteen? Legally able to drive? Will I grow? Will I still be me? Silly fears, I know, but ones that present themselves. Hmm...

I am soothed by Sondre Lerche's voice, though. Nothing like gorgeous Norwegian pop to sooth the soul. ;)

Isn't he cute? A few more for good measure...

One of his younger pictures. He's twenty six now, I believe, with a lovely wife. :)

Autumn seems to have already crept in quietly. It's very windy today, the sky is grey and clouded and our backyard looks like England. We haven't really touched it so it is large, green and lush. Definitely my kind of garden. :)


  1. I'm sooooo glad you updated

    *jumps out of chair and claps her hands*

    Ahem. I checked your blog just this morning and it didn't have this new post up...*scratches her head.*

    So...first off...I think I might've commented on your last post again..after the update one. :D

    Second of all..I haven't read any of those books that were on your list..the last time i went to the library..I checked out three shakespeare plays..and i still haven't cracked them open yet, because I was a little preoccupied with reading Ted Dekker's Thr3e. Awesome book...even though I don't think it ended right.

    Third of all...I turned 16 this May, it hasn't been a bad year so far. Considering last year. Only one thing bad happened this year that I don't think I'm going to discuss at the moment. :) So...I'll be getting my learner's permit pretty soon, I'm quite ecstatic about that. :D

    And...whoever that dude is up on your blog in this post..I don't think he's that good looking... Daniel Radcliffe is way better. But, that's just my opinion.... :D
    Who is that guy anyway? A singer?


  2. I am totally in love with Gen, too. :)

  3. Grace, I've missed you! :) I'm so glad you liked The Thief and The Queen of Attolia. Those are such brilliant, wonderful books. Try to get your hands on The King of Attolia, that one is great as well. :D

    How was Stardust? What did you think of Calico Captive and The Thief Lord? Can't wait for the reviews. :)

  4. *feels so very loved* ;)

    I'm going to go ahead and reply to everyone's comments on their blogs. I figure it's easier that way..

  5. Awww...but I wanted to know the answer to the Stardust question too!

    And BREAKING DAWN! Will you do a review? Have you read mine? Ooooh...I wrote up a questionaire thing about Twilight that you might find interesting. It's on my blog. So far MJ is the only one to respond to it. You might find it interesting to answer!

  6. Right... what did you think of 'The Tale of Desperaux'? I read it a couple of years ago and thought it was one of the most boring, not want to read it again books that i had ever wasted my time on. But that's just my opinion right. I like Eloise Jarvis McGraw, J.K. Rowling, Tamora Pierce and Jane Austen. I just put 9 new rosaries up. come see...

    God bless,

  7. okay...
    #1: If I had checked your blog before I updated the story, I would've put you in're my next dedication. :D

    #2: I'm glad you liked the sister's bugging me to write more on it or just finish it, but I don't know what I want to do with it yet..

    #3: You read my Gabe story???

    #4: It's a Christian writer's group that is open to any Christian writer. If you would like to join, tell me in a comment on my blog, and I'll tell you how to join. It's a really fun group. I've been a member for about a year now, and they do little challenges like that sometimes for a monthly story thing..which are a lot of fun, and you can get some pretty awesome replys if you post them on the group. So, let me know if you want to join.
    I gotta go...there's a gnat flying around the computer screen and I'm about to go insane. :)

    PS: I look forward to that longer comment. :D

  8. Hey Judi! Lol...yes, I am very glad I updated too! It's not normal for me to go that long; I usually type so much and so often. Which is why most of posts are loooong. ;)

    Okay, I'm going to go back and put a little start next to all the books I DON'T reccomend. I feel the need to warn other readers away from those nasty little buggers.

    Ooh! Shakespeare! Love him. What plays did you check out? The first one I ever read was Romeo and Juliet which I loved. I read A MIdsummer's Night Dream next because my Co-op Shakespeare class was putting on a 20/30 minute performance of it.

    I got to be Titania which, frankly, rocked! I ended up having the coolest costume and makeup. I have amazing memories of my first real performance, and the amazing friends I made.

    In fact, we're doing it again for the Fall Co-op. *whispers* I think we're going to do Much Ado About Nothing...and I might be Hero! *squeals*

    The Taming of the Shrew which I enjoyed very much came next, and so far that's all I've read. I tried twice to get into Othello, but I couldn't. Donno why.

    A tip however, for any fellow aspiring Shakespeare readers. I found the plays came alive for when I watched the movies first.

    With Midsummer, however, I had the script of our play. So when I read the actual play that Shakespeare wrote I reconised certain phrases and sentances. It left me with a deep respect for Robin, our writer/person who had adapted the script, because she'd had a lot to work with.

    But...anyways...I'm going to be doing a Shakespeare post soon...too. I seem to have a lot of future posts to do...

    Cool, Judi...I'll have to check Thr3e out. I don't think I've ever heard of Ted Dekker...but his name sounds familar...

    I don't know what came over me. I was competely fine and then I started thinking, "It'll be my birthday before I know it" and I started mini panicing. I can't wait to get my permit (but I have to learn how to drive first).

    I guess its just....fifteen is me, and it's comfortable. But I will enjoy telling people I'm sixteen and seeing them choke with shock (I know a guy who still insists that I look like I'm seven or eleven...ha!)

    Soemthing bad happened? Uh oh. I hope it...passed. :)

    Yessss....I find myself agreeing with you (although I was having second thoughts before I posted it). He looks cuter in his music videos, but Youtube would let me post them. :(

    Haha...well, if I can find some good pictures of Daniel I might post them, just for you! :D *coughs* But..uh...personally... *looks around and whispers* I'm a Snape girl. :D Well, actually I'm really a Draco Malfoy girl. Snape is my favorite 'older' character, but give me Tom Felton any day!

    Yes, he's a Norwegian singer with the cutest accent.

    Erin ~ Me too! :D

    Aww, thanks Delaney! I've missed you too! Yes, I read the King of Attolia and I loved it. I was upset when I finished the Queen, because I wanted Gen to end up with Eddis! But then I read the King, and just competely fell in love.

    I loved the scene where he got sliced in the side and everyone was making a big fuss and he was bawling, "I'M DYING!" and just being hilarious...and then *She* fainted...loved, loved that scene.

    Okay. Stardust. Do NOT read it. I saw the film and liked it, but there were a few iffy parts because it is made clear that two seperate pairs of characters sleep together. First Tristian's father and the slave-girl, and the Tristian himself and Yviane (sp). :P

    I was hoping it was just a Hollywood thing that they had put it into the movie. No such luck. In fact, Hollywood made it cleaner, which is hard to believe I know, but it is true.

    DO NOT READ IT. I stopped and put the book down as soon as I realised what was going on. The author was very coarse, even mention someone...passing air... Yuck. I was disgusted and put off.

    I do not reccomend it at all. My advice: if you still are interested, see the movie, but don't read the book.

    Elena~ YES! AAAHH, I LOVED IT! Lol...I'm calm now. Yes, I saw the questions. I can't believe MJ was the only one! I'll do it as soon as I can. oh yes. I read your review. Before I read Breaking Dawn! I didn't think/realise you were going to spill all the major plots.

    I was so horrified I actually started screaming/yelling! I was stomping around the house, going "AAAHH! I can't believe she told me!!!! I can't believe Bella-" Hee dad and little sister were freaked out.

    But even though BD was spoiled, I have to thank you. I had no idea that Twilight meant so much to me...I was surprise by how shocked I was. I had kind of been dancing about with Eclipse, going "Eeeeh" about the whole thing, just kind of annoyed. Then I finished it, read BD and loved it all. So thanks, Elena, because now I now know that I am a huge fan of Twilight. :D


    I liked it and thought it was a sweet book overall. Wasn't too crazy about Miggetity (or whatever her name) and the rat...

    I liked the beginning...I though Despereaux mother was hilarious, she was probably my favorite character. I mean how can you not love a female mouse who just after giving birth, is gazing in a mirror worriedly?

    "Me? Why is it always the fault of moi? He is the son of you too!"

    That's...not a direct quote btw. I can't remember what she eaxactly said, but I loved her. She's so French! :D

    *gasp* I LOVE Eloise Jarvis McGraw! Mara, Daughter of the Nile is one of my favorite books...I love Harry Potter and Jane Austen too. :)

    Ooh! Rosaries! *scurries off*

  9. I love The Tale of Despereaux - it's such a sweet book, with lovely writing and thoughts about stories and light and darkness. Very lovely. The cartoon movie being made just looks... um... stupid.

    Ok, thanks, I'll stay away from Stardust. Yes, I love Gen. **SPOILERS** I kind of wanted Gen and Eddis to be together too, but only if he HAD to end up with someone, because they are cousins. I was not prepared for his proposal to Attolia... ok, I take that back, I was totally prepared because of the back of the book ("must steal something the queen might have sacrificed long ago") but I was still rather shocked. That's one of the craziest matches ever made.

  10. OH dear... I've been absent from blogging a long time too! I must read King of Attolia...everyone's talking about it and I've never read it. *sniffs*

  11. was a realllly long comment...let me see if I can answer all those....

    I type a lot, too..and I type really fast because I'm a writer and I'm used to it..I can update my blog pretty quickly.

    Stars would really be that way I know what to check out. :)

    Yeah, okay..let me think..I'm almost done with The Taming of the Shrew, and I'm halfway done with Julius Ceaser..which, I like much better than The Taming of the Shrew, and I watched the movie or Romeo and Juliet..and then I checked out Othello and A MidSummer's Night Drem, but I haven't started on those yet. Thr3e caused me to stop everything it's a really edge-of-your-seat kind of book. Ted Dekker has co-written books with Frank Perretti..that might be where you've heard him from. He's an awesome writer, but I must warn you that the ending really sucks, okay?

    It's really awesome that you're in plays. I kind of wanted to be in skits that they do at my church, but I don't have any guts at all. *smiles sheepishly*

    I want to read Much Ado About Nothing, but I couldn't find it at the library. :(

    You do have a lot of future posts to do!!! I love your's really cool. And, feel free to post pictures of Daniel on your blog...I think he's cute. :D

    Yeah, the thought of turning 16 really freaked me out...I'm serious, I just kind of stopped and said "OH NO!! I'M GROWING UP!"
    Yeah, everything's least for now, if the problem doesn't pop up again. :D

    You like SNAPE!!! Okay, i admit that i kind of liked him once I found out that he was good..but, still..he was a jerk to Harry. That was just cold..and I don't like Draco Malfoy either..he's worse than Snape...After Harry, my favorite guy was Cedric, then he had to die...that was you watch the movies??

    A Norwegian singer?? That's probably why I've never heard of him...I don't listen to music that I can't spell off of the top of my head.

    Yeah, it was 57 questions...horribly long...I didn't know how to answer some of them without sounding like I had a big head...

    The best song in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is Perfect by Simple Plan..if you haven't heard that song before, listen to it on my blog.

    Dirty Little Secret and The Future has Arrived are the best songs that they came out with...this could be because I've only heard like three other songs by them. :D're a total romantic, right?? I think that's what you said on Edge's blog..that's what prompted me to visit your blog..I'm a romantic...I want to go to Paris someday..and all that other stuff -SIGH-

    I don't think I ever saw the video for Dirty Little Secret..I'll have to look it up... ;)

    Did you ever hear Weird Al Yankovic's parody of Complicated?? Hysterically funny...

    I LOVE MUSIC!! It's like my passion. I'd buy it all if I could..I want an Ipod, too..*Sob* but, mom says it's not happening..
    she says she'll buy me the one that holds 250 songs..but, i need 20,000..believe me. :D I'm glad you liked the story with the was a character sketch of me. I happen to LOVE Mat Kearney!!

    I love He Had It Coming...that's the third best song ever recorded. I want to get that soundtrack...
    It was one awesome movie..and I LOVE Richard of my faves.

    My comments can get pretty oughta see some of them. :D're about to see this one...

    I love Zac Efron's songs, and Vanessa Hudgens' songs, but I can't stand either one of them as an actor..but, I really like Ashley Tisdale as an actress and a singer...I liked her in the show "Suite Life of Zack and Cody"

    One of my favorite bands is the Jonas Brothers..especially Nick..he's soooo cute...I know a guy from my church who looks like him and it always throws me off when I see him.

    Officer Krupke is hysterical..I know most of the lyrics..and i can sing them if I have anyone gives me the confidence..I've never seen the movie in full, though. I want to but, it's like reallllllly long. Longer than some Harry Potter movies.

    Yeah, I love the movie Mulan..but Lady and the Tramp..was my favorite Disney cute. And the Little Mermaid. And the Aristocats.

    You started in May!! You have like a bajillion more posts than I you'd better get cracking. ;)

    PS: My comment is longer than yours. :D

  12. An extatic Mamma RoseAugust 26, 2008

    GRAAAACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're back!!!!! *sobs hysterically* I missed you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! What did you write about? *reads*
    What is the Tale of Desperaux about?
    I think I've read the Juan book... I've read Calico Captive... and didn't like it as much as I thought I would. Did you like Frightful's Mountain? That was one of my childhood favorites.. and I've met Jon Wood before! It was soo neat!

    Time for Mass. :( :) I shall write a longer comment when I return dear one!

  13. Long comments... *sigh* Hey Rae, would you consider sending some of your wonderful commenters my way?
    *flutters eyelashes*