Hurrying from a Hurricane

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A quick goodbye, dear friends, for I must hurry. I live in Southwest Louisiana, which means we are right in Hurricane Gustav's path. I woke up to hear from my parents that electricity will be cut off some time today, so the order to evacuate will probably follow.
Last night everyone was scurrying around, trying to pack. My mom woke up at four, and was very angry I was awake, but now with so little time, I'm glad I stayed up to get my things together.

I was going through all my writings and scribbling, which are my dearest possessions, books nearly even, but still a second compared to my writings. Books can be replaced, but my writing would be lost forever as a great deal of it is on paper.

I quickly decided which papers I couldn't leave behind (half of the rest was typed up on the computer, and a quarter were song lyrics I had printed out from the web), and put them in to one of those plastic school folder. I tried to put two or three pages in each plastic sheet thingy. I managed to get most of it in there, which is a relief. I picked which clothes I'll be taking - two soft, goucho's (scrunchy, loose flowing bottoms), one like this in gray, one black, oh, and my brown one.

I always wear them when we have to drive in the car, I call them my "traveling pants". I'll have six shirts, one jacket/sweater, two skirts, and I think that's it.

Last night, I cooked a whole chicken to keep it from going bad. I ended up making smashed potatoes with cheddar cheese, rice, Caesar salad, and homemade rolls. It was so good. I felt like I was at a restaurant, and I cooked! My farewell dinner to Louisiana.. :)

I have to rush off now, because I'm going to work. My parents are going to try and sell as much chicken as they can before everything closes.

If you don't hear from me for a while, you know why. I'll try and get to a computer. Please pray!

Much love,


Oh My Word

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I walked in after being dropped off from youth group by a girlfriend, and the first words out of my soon-to-be-eleven brother's mouth are, "Can you cook something?"

I feel proud and then amused that he is staring at me desperately and and most incredibly, is asking nicely.

So I tossed aside my purse, rolled up my sleeves and made dinner. His birthday's tomorrow, so I really wanted to do this for him. Even though we are the only two kids in the family that fight all the time, he's annoyingly and obnoxiously my brother, and deep, deep down I love him. My mom drives us both crazy by saying we're twins,which kills both of us. ;)

I made chicken and rice, and I think I'll try to make yummy cheesecake for tomorrow, only I don't have the dang recipe at the moment. *sighs* Oh well. And on top of that, Blogger is acting up... a little note in red is popping up by the Save Now button: Could not contact Saving and publishing may fail. Retrying...

I had Sprite the other day for the first time in... ages. I don't like Sprite. It's way too sugary. Too sweet for me (which is saying something; I think my entire mouth is full of sweet teeth). I just don't like my drinks that sugary.

As I stop to think this over I realise I have no problem chugging down a Icee, but I can't drink white soda. Well, I drink it when it's put in punch or something. You know, that big bowl of fizzy punch that shows up at showers and dances?

But Sonic sprite I can drink. I like the Sprite from Sonic, I probably even love it. I love Sonic's ice which is crumbly and soft and perfect for crunching. :D

Oh my goodness. I just nearly had a heart attack. I was typing that last sentence when I paused suddenly and then heard a unbelievably loud crash. My little sister was screaming in the garage. I ran to the garage and threw open the door to see the heavy 7/8 ft. metal locker/shelf thrown across our bikes. Fey (eight) was screaming my name in terror, beneath it.

I ran to it and lifted it up, so she could climb out. Thankfully she wasn't hurt at all, she had only been trapped beneath it, in a hollow, thanks to the many bikes and stuff around the locker. I hurriedly got the Little Man (my three yrd brother) and Precious (my youngest sister, six) out of the garage feeling weak, and hugged Fey as tightly as I could.

I know her Guardian Angel protected her and saved her life. I was truly afraid I would lift up the locker to find her bleeding, but she doesn't even have a scratch. We knelt and prayed, thanking God for keeping her safe. My heart still can't slow down.

Aaahhh! I just caught my little brother dancing with a cord, innocently wrapping it around his neck. *mutters* I feel close to collasption. Prayers, please, dear friends and readers.

In Which She Feels Horrible For Being Absent

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I just now received a comment from ever-awesome Judi, who kindly wrote "Um....Update....Please?" I know, I know. It's been a while. And I always promised myself I wouldn't be one of those people that never updated.

I haven't been able to get to the computer lately because it has been logged off. Only my parents know the password, so I can't always just get on when I want to. I have to hunt and track either my dad or mom down, make sure my chores are all done and then ask them, very nicely if they could log on, please. It a delicate parent-child dance that takes two to tango. ;)

So at the moment I am on, frantically checking my favorite blogs, reading some fics on and typing this. I went to the library a few weeks ago and came home with a armload of books which have now all been read.

The Tale of Despereaux
The Thief
The Queen if Attolia
The Goose Girl
Enna Burning
I, Juan de Pareja
The Thief Lord
Ottoline and the Yellow Cat
Two of Hard Boys books*
The Wind in the Willows
A is for Abigail
Stardust :P **
Calico Captive *
Spellbound: Fantasy Stories
Tunnels **
Frightful's Mountain

And I'm sure there was more... I plan to review each of them very soon.

I loved the Thief, Queen of Attolia and King of Attolia by Megan Turner Wheeler. At first I was flicking through the beginning pages getting bored. I had been reading Stephanie Meyer all day, so I was feeling irritated, because Megan wrote in a somewhat similar vein, but I didn't think it was as good as Stephanie's style.

I quickly found myself getting pulled in, however. I laughed at Gen's wisecracks and became found of the magus. Then I got to the surprise ending, and just...fell harder. She is definitely my new favorite author, and Gen is.... Well, let's just say I'm in love... :)

I've also fallen for Finn from Enna Burning by Shannon Hale, and pretty much everything in Breaking Dawn. Yes, I finished it! And I loved every moment! Yes, I proudly admit I love the Twilight series.

I put a * next to each book I didn't like and don't reccomend, and two ** next to Stardust and Tunnels which I urge you to never read. Stardust was coarse with iffy stuff in it, but Tunnels...that book creeped me out. It was horrible. Reviews coming soon!

It's really frightening to realize that in a matter of days September will be here, bringing with it the cool crisp winds of fall. Where did June and July go? The 4 of July seems only a few weeks ago, and now the end of the year is drawing near. Before I know it, it'll be All Saints Day, and then Thanksgiving, Advent and then... Christmas. Wow.

January and February will soon follow and I will be sixteen. That's.... something I feel I'm not ready for. Eeeh, I don't know. Sixteen? Legally able to drive? Will I grow? Will I still be me? Silly fears, I know, but ones that present themselves. Hmm...

I am soothed by Sondre Lerche's voice, though. Nothing like gorgeous Norwegian pop to sooth the soul. ;)

Isn't he cute? A few more for good measure...

One of his younger pictures. He's twenty six now, I believe, with a lovely wife. :)

Autumn seems to have already crept in quietly. It's very windy today, the sky is grey and clouded and our backyard looks like England. We haven't really touched it so it is large, green and lush. Definitely my kind of garden. :)


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tonight... there is quiet. The Our Father seems all the more beautiful, as it is said softly, fingers moving over luminous pale pink pearl beads of the Rosary clasped in my hand.

Dinner simmers softly on the stove, chicken and vermicelli, a old Mexican dish from my mother's childhood. Baby Christopher is nestled in my arms, and Dario Marianelli's music in Pride and Prejudice plays from Jo's nook.

Deep within a beloved dark wooden chair, I write this, and contemplate on how much I feel at this moment, caught between Heaven and Earth. This is when one looks around at the children clustered together quietly, the husband is writing; and the wife smiles while her heart sings a song of joy and peace. This is why it's all worth it. These are the moments when we stop long enough to see God.

Tonight, I am thankful for... My mother, because it is in these moments that I realize how difficult and heartbreaking her role is, as a mother. To watch her children balk, and yearn to stretch their wings without help; to look in to the future and treasure the moments she know will pass all too swiftly.

For being my best friend on earth, and knowing me as well as she does. For installing in me a deep love for Jesus and spending time in His Presence. For saying the Rosary every night while I do the same in my room.

For reading to me while she was pregnant with me, before I was even born, and thus raising a biblophile as a daughter. For her unending love, which like God's, never runs dry. There is always more in her heart with each year.

te quiero mamá. I love you, Mom.

For my father... who is the only man in life, and will remain, unless God wills it otherwise. For always holding my little hand in his, and allowing me to cling to his ear with one hand and suck my thumb with the other, whenever he held me as a little girl. :)

For taking me to Mass on the days we make it. For God's grace in bringing my daddy to Him, and giving me the sweet gift of receiving my First Holy Communion on the same day he did, together receiving Our Lord for the first time. For being a role model for my future husband ( if he lives!), in everything.

Thank you Daddy for being my hero, and letting me be your little girl.

For my Guardian Angel, whispering these words in my ear, and granting me sweet peace. For always staying, watching and guarding. For fighting for my soul. For being my dearest, best heavenly friend.

For all the crazy and comforting conversations I've had with Paul. They are filled with laughter, silliness and moments of seriousness: about our Faith, our beliefs and our burdens we carry each day. He's like the older brother I never had (nor met). ;)

For all my friends here in the blogsphere....I love you guys so much. Thanks for making my day when you post, and being the lovelys you are.


A moment of music...

I was browsing on Myspace (quite accidentally) and decided to check Donovan's page (a boy I know, who is a family friend and also my co-worker).

He usually has pretty good music playing, and as I was checking his song history I saw with a thrum of pleasure, he'd had Boston by Augustana at one point. This is one of my favorite songs and I hadn't heard it for the longest time. I listened to it, and was suddenly struck with a urge to share it.... :)

I love long hair on guys. When I say long, I mean the length of the lead singer's hair. Did I also mention brown hair is very nice too? ;)

This is such a lovely video to watch. It just makes me feel so good. There's something so soft about it: the pianos, the muted shades of the band's clothes, the sky and the water itself...

Thoughts, Randomness and Rambling

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's been a hard day's work and
I've been working like a dog
It's been a hard day's work,
I should be sleeping like a log.

1. The Beatles knew what they were singing.

Today, I worked at my job, at my parents' store. So I'm 'dog'-tired, but in a good way as I remarked on the comments box to Delaney and Mamma Rose. :) Nothing like a good hard day of labour to make you truly appreciate, enjoy and be thankful for Sunday, the day of rest.

2. I went to Mass today (well, no, yesterday), which I am very happy about. I have now attended Mass on the First Friday (in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) and the First Saturday (in honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, especially as it is August, the month honoring Her Immaculate Heart). So I have eight more months for Our Lord's Heart, and four for Our Lady's Heart.

When I arrived at Mass, I was running late from said work, but thankfully my dad and I made it before Communion. We remained inside to pray quietly afterwards and then went home to my mom and siblings who hadn't managed to make it.

Yesterday (Friday), after Mass I was standing in the parking lot, talking to my friend from youth group, when a white fifteen-passenger van pulled up to the front doors, and seven or eight guys proceeded to step out standing upright, dressed in black pants and white jacket/tux jacket-thing-y. (Think Wedding Singer.)

The hilarious thing was they just stepped straight out like they were walking through a doorway. It was one of those things you hear described in books and see only in movies: You know, a little car pulls up and ten guys just step out, straightening their outfits.

Turns out there was a wedding, so that was the beginning of the wedding party. As we drove out of the parking lot, the bridesmaids had arrived, looking lovely in blue dresses, and I caught a glimpse of the bride, resplendent in white.

3. Went to Wal-Mart to take advantage of the tax-free day. Got two bags of flour so I can finally bake, and make bread. Yay! Gasped at the sight of Breaking Dawn (it's out!!!) and clutched at Eclipse to try and finish it...and was disappointed by Bella's 'demand', contrasting Edward's of marriage. Yuck. She needs to talk to a good priest. ;)

4. The computer hard drive is back! Which means I have Internet again! *hugs computer*

5. I have started a new blog, Operation Cupcake. Yes, Delaney. It is what you think it is. I am working on the first post which will hopefully be up soon.

6. I am hoping to go to the library tomorrow and check out the Importance of Being Earnest. I saw the film with Colin Firth and Reese Witherspoon first, then saw the first twenty minuets of another filmed production but didn't get to finish it! Pooh.

It's simply hilarious, but I had forgotten about it until yesterday, when I was at the library with no usable card. I grabbed a book called Scenes for a Actor or something along the lines. (Correction: The Book of Scenes for Acting Practice by Marshall Cassady.) The copy I have from the library is a wee bit (okay, a lot) more tattered and used, but that only gives it character.

The storyline is simple. Jack Worthing, a gentleman who lives in the country has invented a "younger brother" named Ernest, so that he may go to town and amuse himself. While in town he assumes Ernest's identity. His close friend, a young man by the name of Algernon Moncrieff, who lives in town is quite innocent of Ernest's real name. Algy's cousin, Gwendolen, is in love with 'Ernest' who loves her in return. Algy discovers his friend's real name and learnsJack has a young, pretty ward named Cecily. Having made up his mind to meet Cecily, he travels to the country unknown to Jack and introduces himself as Ernest. He and Cecily fall in love, but things are complicated as Gwendolen arrives. She and Cecily are surprised to learn they are both engaged to 'Ernest Worthing', and the plot thickens. :)

Jack: Good morning! (Alergnon, from the other room, strikes up the Wedding March. Jack looks perfectly furious, and goes to the door.) For goodness' sake don't play that ghastly tune, Agly! How idiotic you are!

(The music stops and Alergnon enters cheerily.)

Algernon: Didn't it go off all right, old boy? You don't mean to say Gwendolen has refused you? I know it is a way she has. She is always refusing people. I think it is most ill-natured of her.

Jack: Oh, Gwendolen is as right as a rivet. As far as she is concerned, we are engaged. Her mother is perfectly unbearable. Never met such a Gorgon. . . . I don't really know what a Gorgon is like, but I am quite sure that Lady Bracknell is one. In any case she is a monster, without being a myth, which is rather unfair. . . . I beg your pardon, Algy, I suppose I shouldn't talk about your own aunt in that way before you.

Algernon: My dear boy, I love hearing my relations abused. It is the only thing that makes me put up with them at all. Relations are simply a tedious pack of people, who haven't got the remotest knowledge of how to live, nor the smallest instinct of when to die.

Jack: Oh, that is nonsense!

Algernon: It isn't!

Jack: Well, I won't argue about the matter. You always want to argue about things.

Algernon: That is exactly what things were originally made for.

Jack: Upon my word if I thought that, I'd shoot myself....(a pause.) You don't think there's any chance of Gwendolen becoming like her mother in about a hundred and fifty years, do you, Algy?
Algernon: All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That's his.

Jack: Is that clever?

Algernon: It's perfectly phrased! and quite as true as any observation in civilized life should be.

Jack: I am sick to death of cleverness. Everybody is clever now-a-days. You can't go anywhere without meeting clever people. The thing has become a absolute public niusance. I wish to goodness we had a few fools left.

Algernon: We have.

Jack: I should extremely like to meet them. What do they talk about?

Algernon: The fools? Oh! about the clever people, of course.

Jack: What fools!

Algernon: By the way, did you tell Gwendolen the truth about your being Ernest in town and Jack in the country?

Jack: (in a very patronising manner). My dear fellow, the truth isn't the sort of thing one tells to a nice, refined girl. What extraordinary ideas you have about the way to behave to a woman!

Algernon: The only way to behave to a woman is to make love to her if she is pretty, and someone else if she is plain.

Jack: Oh, that is nonsense.

Algernon: What about your brother? What about the profligate Ernest?

Jack: Oh, before the end of the week I shall have to get rid of him. I'll say he died in Paris of apoplexy. Lots of people die apoplexy, quite suddenly, don't they?

Algernon: Yes, but it's hereditary, my dear fellow. It's the sort of thing that runs in families. You had much better say a severe chill.

Jack:You are sure a severe chill isn't hereditary, or anything of that kind?

Algernon: Of course it isn't!

Jack: Very well, then. My poor brother Ernest is carried off suddenly in Paris, by a severe chill. That gets rid of him.

Algernon: But I thought you said that....Miss Cardew was a little too much interested in your poor brother Ernest? Won't she feel his loss a good deal?

Jack: Oh, that is all right. Cecily is not a silly, romantic girl, I am glad to say. She has got a capital appetite, goes for long walks, and pays no attention at all to her lessons.

Algernon: I would rather like to see Cecily.

Jack: I will take very good care you never do. She is excessively pretty, and she is only just eighteen.

Algernon: Have you told Gwendolen yet that you have a excessively pretty ward who is only just eighteen?

Jack: Oh! one doesn't blurt these things out to people. Cecily and Gwendolen are perfectly certain to be extremely good friends. I'll bet you anything you like that a half hour after they have met, they will be calling each other sister.

Algernon: Women only do that when they have called each other a lot of other things first. Now, my dear boy, if we want to get a good table at Willis's, we really must go and dress. Do you know it is nearly seven?

Jack: (irritably). Oh! it is always nearly seven.

Algernon: Well, I'm hungry.

Jack: I never knew you when you weren't....

Algernon: What shall we do after dinner? Go to a theatre?

Jack: Oh, no! I loathe listening.

Algernon: Well, let us go to the Club?

Jack: Oh, no! I hate talking.

Algernon: Well, we might trot round to the Empire at ten?

Jack: Oh, no! can't bear looking at things. It is so silly.

Algernon: Well, what shall we do?

Jack: Nothing!

Algernon: It is awfully hard work doing nothing. However, I don't mind hard work where there is no definite object of any kind.

A scene from The Importance of Being Earnest - 1952

In this scene, Gwendolen arrives with her mother, Algy's Aunt, Augusta. "Good heavens! Why are there no cucumber sandwiches?" Haha...I love that line; Algy too. ;) He has such a delightfully dry and witty humor!

I know the lighting and quality is very apologies. I tried unsuccessfully to find part one but this was the only long clip I could find of the 1952 version.

Aunt Augusta interrogating "Ernest" as a potential husband. Fun, fun, fun.

This post, I am sorry to say, was written on Saturday and Sunday. How very sad...

Thanks and News

Friday, August 1, 2008

I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the advice and best wishes from everyone.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't be trying out for Annie after all. I emailed a friend of mine who had been in a previous production, the Sound of Music, with the same theater and director. She wrote back:

First of all, I would advise you not to audition. Yes, our family did audition and get parts for Sound of Music there, but our experience was quite unpleasant.

The director was very rude (to adults and children alike), the building itself is ill kept (fire regulations were not followed, there is no air conditioning backstage, men and women do not have separate dressing rooms, costumes are not washed, backstage is so filthy rats were found, there are no bathrooms backstage to use during shows), then adults smoke and curse openly in front of the children.

Also, there are many hidden unnecessary “fees” put upon the volunteer actors. Ex: they are expected to pay for their own scripts, costumes (even ones we made ourselves. Go figure.), etc. which is quite unprofessional on their part. On the set construction days they let 10-15 yr old kids handle table saws and heavy duty equipment without supervision or eye protection.

Finally, it is in a very dangerous neighborhood with barbed wire surrounding and hobos wandering the neighborhood.

Frankly, we didn’t find it to be child friendly, or adult friendly for that matter.

So.... My parents have decided no, and I find myself agreeing with them. I also find myself thanking Our Lady, because as I read my friend's advice and realized my parents decision, and that I would not be auditioning, I felt a great weight lift off me. I didn't realized just how frantic and worried I felt about the whole thing until after I knew it would not happen.

Now, I know some of you might think, 'yes, but you'll still be nervous when the next play or musical comes along.' I know I will be nervous, but I will have time to prepare, and most helpful, my friends (her and her sister) will probably be auditioning with me. :)

After cautioning me, Chickadee, (don't ask. ;)) mentioned that this fall, auditions will be held for You Are A Good Man Charlie Brown at a different (and better) theater, and auditioning-wise: You wouldn’t need to prepare anything for Little Theater. They give you a script upon arrival and you read from it the part they would consider you for.

As for general advice on auditioning, just be yourself (or, rather, the person they consider you for) and have fun with it! The best way to learn about auditioning is to actually do it over, and over, and over! ….and everyone get nervous auditioning and being on stage…everyone.

So hopefully, I will try out for that. That is if it doesn't coincide with the FT get-together!

Once more, thank you so much for all your kind words! It's so nice knowing I have a blogging 'family' to fall back on for advice and help! :)

Relived and content,