Yesterday I met a Dragon Rider and a Hobbit

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I arrived at the library late yesterday afternoon in search and hopes of my first Chesterton. Hopping out of the car, I saw through the dark sliding glass doors, a cut out standee of Eragon. Full sized.

I eagerly scuttled inside going, "Eragon!!", bounced up to him and stood there rocking on my feet looking for a sign declaring there was to be a autograph signing or a meet-and-greet. No such luck.

After gazing rapturously at him and having fully admired his leather waistcoat thing-y, I left him with a sigh, and followed my dad inside so he could get me a new library card. Apparently since I got my last two library cards, they changed the limit of how old you could be, to get a card without an adult with you, to eighteen. Pft. Or so said the guy at the counter who didn't look but four or five years older then me. Double pft...

While my dad was writing down how much we owe in fees (really; it's surprising how $52, $19, and $10-something add up!), I looked around, my attention span already moving on, when I saw - gasp- Frodo!
They had a cut out of him too!

Squeaking excitedly, I bobbed over to where he was and halted before him, hands behind my back as I indulged in his Hobbit-ness freely. Interrupting my ogling, my dad came up and said he didn't want to get in to the whole fee thing, at least, not without a bank statement; so with a backward glance longingly, I heaved a sigh and allowed myself to be escorted out.
No Chesterton, but a Dragon Rider and a Hobbit? Yes.
These events are real and did happen, but are slightly exaggerated for humorous benefit. ;)


  1. i have seen both of those cutouts before.. they are awesome.. a good site i have found to get cutouts on your own is lifesize custom cutouts or for those cool ones of charachters with the faces missing to stand behind check out Stock cutout

    these sites are really fun

  2. As a child/teenish-one I learned restrictive lending practices (children couldn't check out "Adult" books like "The Great Gatsby" or Shakespeare without a parental note -- UGH!), lax parents (who didn't read a jot, I might add), and a steady stream of new addressses (we moved LOTS and LOTS -- no military association, however) propelled me in the direction of book ownership. Very limited funds demanded the books be of a "Used" nature. Ultimate irony: MANY of my current library volumes came from the very libraries that restricted access. ANYWAY ... I am here to confess I have books everywhere and more on my list. It is a disease of the most delightful nature. Surely a card from a lending intstitution would lighten your load, but possibly crimp your spontaneous seizing on a bound friend sorely needed at just that moment. Buy, borrow, even keep 'til overdue (just never steal) -- books! I must have books! Clearly we are kindreds. Glad to meet you Miss Raewyn. I shall walk through to your world often; I have marked your world with a favored lamppost. : ) Good luck with the new library card.

  3. Thanks!

    Thank you Debbie, for your kind words. I'm glad to have found a kindred spirit!

    Yes, I love books so much. They build up the walls of my world; indeed, they make up the walls of my world! Over here is Jane Eyre; there, Rebecca; up there, near the tiny crink of bright blue sky is Little Women; Narnia is here also, with Shakespeare, the Yearling, my beloved Lord of the Rings, and my newest, and sweetest addition to my little world, the Phantom Tollbooth... How I loved playing with Milo, Tock and the Humbug.

    Books, books, and more books. Piles and heaps and mountains, pots and towers of books. I must write a post on my dear friends soon; and then of course, one alone for each of them. It would not do to make them feel lonely, or neglected!


  4. I just love your depiction of every-day life, Raewyn; your words and creative perception of Life are so inspiring. Marvelous post! I never leave here disappointed. ;-)

  5. Have you read any Chesterton yet? I recommend The Return of Don Quixotte